V for Vendetta/Lord Sauron av request

Hi, I’d like an avatar with V’s face from V for Vendetta on one side (wearing the guy fawkes mask) and Sauron’s face from the lord of the rings movies on the other side (like say for instance the shot from fellowship of the ring,during the war at the beginning right before isildur is about to cut off his finger,and it shows a close-up of his face with his hand outstretched–or something to that extent as long as it is a nice frontal shot of his face and helmet).And just have it say ‘#6 with Cheese’ at the bottom or something.Thanks in advance,and anyone that can do this for me is the man :wgrin:

dunno if this is what you had in mind, but use it if you want to…

Yo you know what man,that just might work.One thing though,could you just reword ‘#6 with cheese’ like horizontally at the bottom in like crimson-red color and make the style of the letters kind of gothic-looking if possible.Other than that thanks alot and that was a fast response!! -----sorry I posted under ‘saisyu kusanagi’…this is still ‘#6 with cheese’

try this one

awesome man thanks alot I definitely like it,good shit.btw ur av is rather…tasty.:wgrin: