V-ism type modes what do you think(no poll)

Even Kof2k3,CVS2 and SF3TS are guilty of this imo

I hate them even though I’m guilty of using them every now and then, but then again being old school… they just seem like a super saiyan type crap imho and it doesn’t really sit well with me.

What do you think.

Where’s the poll?

I hate them. Well, in Alpha I hate them. Alpha 2 would be the best oldschoolish SF if it didn’t have CC’s IMO.

I don’t play CVS2 or A3, but to my knowledge high level play revolves around V-ism and A groove to a large extent.

In 3s it’s not so bad. Only two characters have them and IMO they aren’t broke or anything … well Yun’s is pretty broke cause he can land 50% off of one tiny super bar … but even still it’s not invincible on startup or other such retardedness so it’s fair IMO…

the big difference between Genei Jin and any other custom combo engine is that GJ stays even when Yun gets hit, allowing him to be pretty aggressive with it.

as far as favorites go i’ll take A3’s V-ism any day. shadow tricks and confusion VCs are fun. CvS2’s CC system kinda broke things with the mash FP/RK and the shosho/paintpaint types look kinda wack (aesthetically) as well as being so much different in style to CCs in previous engines.

well, Marvel is full of Visms and never ending V-isms. So yeah. I like them.

V-ISM in Alpha 3 for me, because they were much cooler in this game, then anywere else. I just say Gouki OTG stuff, which also need some skill to execute. I also liked the thing with the longinvincibility start up (blow through VC’s :)) and the different VC options (VC1, VC2 and VC3).

I personally like A groove better.

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Btw really good post ParryAll :lovin: my fav so far in this topic

You are also forgetting another 3 HUGE DIFFERENCES between V-Ism and Genei-Jin…(I have literally written differences out and studied them yes I know quite the nerd lol)

1)In Genei-JIN you can block/PARRY, in V-ism YOU CANNOT.
2) Upon activating V-Ism you have instant invincibility Frames (great for setups and CH traps) while in Genei-JIN you do not upon activation (Ever seen someone activate with Yun and then get SWEEPED??? LOL)
3) Genei-JIN is the same length for the super bar EVERYTIME, and it takes the same amount to fill it up EVERYTIME. V-Ism can be activated frmo 50% or full bar. Can you imagine if Yun could activate Genei-JIN FROM 50%??? HAHAHAHAA!!!)

Now if you wanna talk SNK style(KOF 2k2 BC Activation, NeoWave REINVENTED SC-CANCEL ENGINE and 2k3 GENEI-DUO AND GENEI-ASH AND SHEN’S ACTIVATION LDM) thats a whole different story I could go on about that…all you gotta do is ask…

The old timer fighting game generation has changed into a 'Custom Combo Generation

So Dark do you like it or not?

yeah 1 just makes Yun a bitch, coupled with the fact that getting hit doesn’t deactiveate Genei Jin. and no invincibility doesn’t hurt him so much when you realize he can buffer into it… how many A3 characters would be that much stronger if you could buffer into a VC?

i don’t think the 3rd point’s that important… just think of Yun’s bar as a permanent half-bar.

I love them both…it would be great if Genei-Jin has V-Ism properties…but man…it aint…and both games at high levels of play exploit what I have just talked about.

Love them both though…love all create a combo, bc then off all those you always get beefed priority on your moves and its good for block strings and getting people to block this way/that way etc
Oh my God…man if you could buffer invinc in A3 my God it would be quite broken even more…buffer into VC Hurricane Kick with V-Ryu to CC Infinite…hahaha


Man I just thought of something…in MAX (SFA for PSP) it has Tag, could you imagine if Yun (who is in the game) has Genei Jin and does a juggle, tags in V-Ryu, then V-Ryu finishes with a CC Infinite??? Too good.

And dont say its not possible…they could adopt the CVS2 V/A-ism rule-being able to do a level one super from V/A-Ism or they could just let you pick the grooves…sounds too vicious for Yun…
Cant say the same for Ingrid though she would have a “Fake Roll Cancel” hahaa…

About the half-bar thing…yeah it is like a permanent half bar, but people complain enough that he charges too fast, imagine if he could do it with HALF OF THE HALF BAR…JESUS…that would be insanity!!!

Threads would be up (Using half-Genei-Jin vs. Full Genei-Jin LOL)

i love those type of super and modes and i always try to pick characters that has those mode.

why? because its pretty safe when missed or blocked, the momentum always swings to your favor and its pretty abusable.

rose soul illusion is the original genei jin. that would be tight if both yun and rose had their soul illusion and genei jin super in cfj but that game sucks anyways.

I’ll take the GG juggle system anyday. Just cause of burst.

most of this has been said already but i do so like to talk

the way i always thought of it v-ism was when you had shadows that mimicked you, hence genei jin != v-ism, custom combos != v-ism, while seie-enbu (sp) was v-ism in because it had the same basic properties,

as far as v-ism (alpha 3 style) goes i dont really like it, maybe without the otg and crouch cancels i would but my alpha 3 experience is quite small so maybe thats what really makes the game for high level players

Personally, I have no problems with V-ism. It really depends on how the game engine is designed behind it. For example, V-ism type combos don’t seem anywhere near as powerful in Vampire Saviour (I’m talking shadow mimics ala Alpha 3) due to a number of reasons:
-juggling is a lot more limited
-there is recovery at the end of it
-the bar drains a lot faster

There are things that should make V-ism in VS more abusable, like the fact that you can block, it only takes one level of meter to activate and you still maintain your shadows if hit. However, it is actually very balanced. In Alpha 3, it would only take a few tweaks to make V-Ism a lot less powerful.

Yeah that’s how I think of it, but SE isn’t exactly v-ism cuz v-ism(in Alpha 3) allows for not normal cancels& juggles, SE allows for not normal links…they all have the same type of idea though, powerup where you input how the combo or mixup flows which is why I love it…I just got bored of traditional combos that’s why I like these so much.

I agree wit glass about CvS2 A groove being pretty whack(and CFE)…it’s not really a satisfying original combo and mainly mashing dp’s. I like how the V-Ism in Alpha 3 works but I hate how there’s air recoveries in that game:tdown:

I guess that’s why I’m stuck in 3rd Strike I have fun wit Yun’s GJ&Yang’s SE. I’m hoping they make a game with a blend of 3rd Strike and Alpha 3 where each character gets original combos of some sort but without the infinites and air flippin shit.

I’d argue that Yun basically gets to activate at 50% bar since he gets about 40% of it back after the super is over.

That’s fantastic, but we’re not talking about juggle systems.

I think the “SSJ” modes are a little weird, because no matter what the game, players will break them somehow. They add a little too MUCH flexibility to the system. And Capcoms never got the length of the bar right, it’s always too short. Or the damage scaling.

One thing that really bugs me is Shosho. I mean HOW DID THIS GET PAST THE TESTERS?
It’s one of the most obvious moves to spam in A-Groove, and it does the same damage blocked or hit. Bullshit.

Though I use them sometimes, or use characters with similar things sometimes, I generally do not like them in any way, shape, or form. Here’s why:

  1. A lot of characters in games are very good based almost entirely on their Custom Combos, which aren’t always difficult. I think the intention of the custom combos were to require some kind of technical mastery with that character, and a lot of practice; so, when you can do outrageous high-damage combos by just repeating one or two moves over and over again, that doesn’t take a lot of practice.

  2. Let’s say they did? I don’t agree with them. I might be on a minority side here, but I think that uber-technical mastery with a character should come second to being good at mental games, cos that’s the most important part of any fighting game to me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they’re cheap or anything, and I even use characters with them occasionally; however, I think that they’re not a very fun addition to the game, and they’re not really in the spirit of what I always believed to make a fighting game what it was.

AMEN :rock: