v.joe combos

didn’t want to make a new thread, but i didn’t see anywhere else appropriate to post this so…

new v.joe combo in TvC UAS:

combo into 3C -> j.B x2 -> mash B move (basically just mash B as soon as you leave the ground) -> land -> 3C relaunch -> j.B j.C (2 hits) mash C

gets about 21B, no BBQ/assist/super bar

  • new properties of the mashy move in TvC UAS make this possible
  • it’s possible to get a 2nd relaunch in a few ways (assists, BBQs etc.), but hitstun scaling will cause your 3rd rep of mashy move to uncombo somewhere in the middle
  • the launcher after his rushy super sends the opponent much higher, so i can’t seem to find a good way to get the opponent back down to the ground in a combo-able state. using the super with v.joe actually leads to less damage
  • adding a 10% BBQ and a ryu assist to extend the ground chains before the launcher gets you roughly 25B damage