Hey I wanted to get really good in this game iwth v-ryu can i get osme tipes and strats plz.

ummm v-ryu specific things would be to use his axekick (b+hk) alot because it has alot of range, comes out really quick and takes off a chunk of their guard meter

as for vc’s most people save their meter until they get into the corner with v-ryu, if you want you can use do like j.hp,c.mp xx roundhouse hurricane, since the hurricane has massive dizzy potential

if theyre in the corner already, substitute the mp for a crouching or standing hp, and its a dizzy combo

his easiest would just be repeated fbs, and usually works well because alot people for some reason stand there blocking the fbs without crouching, and you can pretty quickly just cancel one of them into a low mk to hit them, then continue with the fbs

the most well known would be lp+lk then [fb,c.mk,fb,hopkick]
its a bit confusing at first, but after awhile its easy

when you meter gets low you can do a red fb,whiffed.hopkick and the shadow of the hopkick should hit them into the air and then you can just go to crouch canceled jumping mps until you get bored

you could also cancel one of the c.mk into his overhead (f+mp) if you want to, the timing is a bit tight in terms of getting the hits to combo but it works well if the opponent is good at blocking

also another note is i always use mp for the corner vc, just seems to feel better that way and lets you hit mk easier because mp is directly above it

he has a midscreen which i think goes something like vc2 lp.srk [fb,hopkick] until corner then hp, whiffed fb,hp etc

it doesnt do much damage so save till corner, i think thats most of it

Thanks a bunch I’ll try to apply that to my game play.

Yup, but c.SK, c.SK into the hurricane kick is also nice after a cross up FK. Also remember that you can follow the RH hurricane kick up in the corner with another d+SP into RH hurricane …

Well like tolkien said, safe the meter for the corner VC dezmu. As a beginner it may be easier to just throw qcf+FP to get a feeling for the speed. You could later extend it with the f+FK and other stuff. Of course, if you could end a match with an aa VC go for it …

As 2P you can’t use Ryu’s inf, so end the VC in a sweep.

In a blocked Hadourave in the corner also use a sweep or b+RH as ender. If you want to you could also go and PP throw the opponent, like TS once mentioned in the big A3 thread … If the opponent flips you can do a qcf+P (whiff), FP VC and end it with a dp+FP or some CC series. Btw, for me was it at first easier to do in a corner juggle VC b+FP into whiffing Hados. It felt more real for my hands this way. Maybe try that way first to get the timing down and practise later the normal FP one, which does a bit more damage.

The c.SP and b+RH beat out lots of moves, so use them often.

The c.SK, c.SK into Hadoken or c.FK into a Hadoken are really usefull and Ryu’s main poking tools together with the f+FK.

For the dp use …, the dp+JP one is a good anti air and nice for psychic use, but often loses to lows. The SP and FP versions beat lows too and do a bit more damage. But they are more unsafe. However, the SP dp pushes the opponent furthest away from you on hit but can be flipped out of after the hit. The FP version can’t be flipped out of after a hit and so got some use, too.

Do that c.lk then forward s.mp am i sapose ot be doing a fire ball? because thats all that comes out.

Do c.lk…neutral…f.mp