V Sagat strategy and tactics

Hey guys. I just got a3 and it’s kinda late to learnt the game but i need something rather than just playing mvc2. Any strategy, tactic, v isms, watever it is. If it’s about sagat just post it.

I’ll start of my asking how useful his c.fierce is in this game?

to be honest, his c.fierce is more useful in this game than it is in cvs2. its very fast. its weakness is s.jabs that are straight. so it’ll lose to a s.jab footsie game. but its still amazingly deadly. his s.forward hits high on most crouched characters unlike in a2/cvs2. it only hits big characters while crouched. of course his vc’s are good and his cc. s.strong, s.fierce, c.fierce is good distant anti air. dp is best bet upclose. s.short is also pretty good for footsies too, atleast for me it is…

yeah i agree. He has amazing priority with his c.fierce in this game. His anit-air v ism is really good too. I have another question though. I was playing my friend today and he was kicking my ass with vega. I just don’t have the reach that he has. What can I do againts vega. Also, does he have any onther useful v isms and how can I set it up.

well IMO, vega just flat out kills him with speed. you gotta stay on that fool, once vega is let loose, its hard to catch him. i use j.fierce and sometimes j.strong to catch vega air to air into a cc combo.

his best vc startups are aa with jab dp, and his ground you can start with low forward xx rh tiger knee, s.fierce, wiff tiger knee etc… or if you wanna blow through fireballs, just activate and use rh tiger knee. works great

you should learn his infinite (crouch cancel jump strong). Bas was telling me how at one of the last big z3 tournaments - the top vakuma and vsagat played a best of 20 and vsagat won like 18-2. You can start the infinite from his vc and during the infinite you build up enough meter to do it next round. hella dangerous.

derek daniels

V-Sagat is prolly one of the easiest V-ism characters to get used to. His VC’s are very easy and are also easy to modify during VC if someone is falling in a way you didnt expect.

jumping SK is such a sneaky crossup. But most of the time youll be trying to poke with crouching fierce. If someone starts beating the fierce then the crouching strong has slightly higher priority.

standing FK has a bit of lag attached to it so dont be predictable with it.

for antiair I usually do standing JP into JP tiger uppercut.

Otherwise everything else posted here is good.

Yeah his v-ism anti air is easy. I also try to set up his v-ism by crossing up with the tiger knee when i trip them. You guys have any other ways of setting this up??

3 kicks throw does more damage then PPP for some reason. good to know I guess.

Speaking of jump strong, Sagat’s jump strong does mad dizzy(19 points). (ch)Jump rh-> [cc jump strong] x 2 is an instant dizzy vs 95% of the cast. Always include them in yr cc combos.