V-Sagat = top tier?

Is V-Sagat considered in japan top tier (on a3)?

Cause in recent japanese vids and tourneys he seems to be present quite often.

Yeah, but I’ve no idea what they’d say his position is. Top 5 almost certainly, maybe top 3? For some reason I doubt it, but I don’t really keep up with Japan A3.

New vids up at a-cho, btw.

Somehow I fail to see how he would be better then Sak/Akuma/Gief or Sim. Maybe 5th at best.

Upper mid

Recent a-cho vids show why he’s good, but not enough advs as the aforementioned beasts

from the looks of things he seems to be top tier…how stupid can it get from tiger uppercut, activate, juggle to corner, crouch cancel jump mp all day, get your bar back for the next round…

basically if sagat touches you, you die…sounds pretty top tier to me (don’t mind me though, i know nothing about a3).

I use v sagat quite a bit, he’s definently one of the easiest V characters to use, and yeah if you can nail the infinent he definently is a threat even if you cannot land the infinent you’re still gonna take well over 65%.

My main problm with vs sagat is that I find him to be rather limited, of course i’m pretty much a zero3 newbie but from what i seen and can do he seems pretty one dimensonal, also without any bar i tend to find that v sagat tends to get hurt ( or at least my v sagat) but definently a threat in the right situation and in the right hands, i just wish it was my hands HAHA

that’s just my thoughts on v sagat

Just cause he appears a lot doesn’t mean he’s top tier… I mean sodom appears a bunch in a-cho vids >_>. On the tier lists I’ve seen here he’s always been mid/upper-mid

I’ve gotta disagree with anyone considering V-Sagat easy to use. To use him well, he is one of the more difficult characters to use correctly. What makes him good is his infinite, and it is actually one of the harder ones to setup and land in the game. If you want an easy char, use Gief or Chun. You’ll actually even go on rolls sometimes and beat top-level players in the US with Chun, although theoretically she really shouldn’t be winning. A3 is surprisingly balanced though.

The tier listings as of a few months ago before I totally gave up on the game was V-Sak/V-Akuma as the only top 2 chars, then under them you had V-Gief/V-Sagat/V-Sodom. The tier after that would be V-Ryu/V-Karin and maybe A or V-Sim, but Sim has dropped like a stone. The a-cho vids are awesome and usually have a new character in them each time, I remember seeing a vicous Juni or Juli and I know I’ve seen other chars being used. The problem is A3 and 2d games in general are dead…so theres no real point in watching the vids except entertainment now. Oh well, maybe there will be an impromptu A3 tourney at Evo.

I really have to disagree with your rankings. V-Sodom is nice but nowhere in the cate gory of sak/akuma/gief/sim (who you underrate). V-Ryu is most definitely below Sim even if you put Ryu up that high and only 1p Ryu is really up there

Btw, Sagat’s inf is crazy to set up. Once in corner:

st. fierce->whiff fb until appropriate, b+fierce x2, wait until shadow hits (either hits directly or as opponent tries to air recover) jump strong x n.

2p ryu is up there also. 1p ryu isn’t the only one that can set up the CC inf.

how come in choi’s feature about the ryu infinite he said that 2p ryu cant do it?

Someone found a way to do it using 2p, i saw it in a vid a while back.

Dude… his infinite is retarded easy to land. Just land your VC! ANYWHERE! It quickly brings them to corner, and AFAIK the infinite is inescapable. Unless you know something I don’t?

His VC is awesome IMO. Huge range with the knee, perfect AA, even half-safe if blocked because of the shadows.

Choi’s feature is most likely extremely old. The US stopped playing A3 years ago, I’d imagine Choi wrote that feature back then. The US never evolved past Sim being top, Japan only considers Sak and Akuma top. Again, nobody is on the same level as Sak and Akuma. Tier 2 had Gief and Sagat for sure, but I do not remember the third. Maybe V-Nash now that I think about it. Sim just is not that good. You overrate him probably because kaillera seems to be your main frame of reference.

2p V-Ryu has a setup for the infinite. Only the US never got there, in Japan it’s been used for quite awhile. I’m sure sabre or someone else can vouch for that.

V-Sodom is a popular choice because he is supposed to counter Sak or something. As I said, outside of the first 4 chars I mentioned, I am not 100% sure of the order. I know Karin, Vega, Sodom, Nash, Ryu, Sim are all viable however, and I’m certain atleast 1 of those chars is ranked higher than Sim, while the rest or most of the others are on the same tier.

How are you hitting the VC with Sagat in the first place? He doesn’t pressure as well as other chars, certainly not as easily as Sak and Akuma. I would write more but my kb is broken and it’s a pain typing.

I remember sometime last year V-sodom being pretty high in the tiering also. But for the past 2 years, V-sagat has become insanely popular in japan, easy vc off of AA or a throw in the corner:rofl:, decent ground game and controls space verywell.

Do I really? You sure talk a lot for someone who seems to think they knows everything and assumes you know how other people think. If I based everything on Kal then Gief would be the undisputed champ and I would think V-akuma sucks since i’ve never seen an OTG online. And I also wouldn’t know that Gat VC to infinite is ridiculously easy, but I wouldn’t know that because all I know about is Kal :rolleyes:

Anyhow V-Sodom seems to be a good counter to Gief actually. b+fierce owns any Gief air stupidity.

How you figure Sim is not top 3?

You’re not even sure of the tiers, how can you argue them?

I would like to know why Sim is not considered top 3.

I get the feeling Serpent doesnt know A3 too well and is completely talking out of his ass…

Sim is really good, but he’s really hard to win with now at a high level cause good playersl rush him the fuck down. I don’t think he’s on the same level as Sakura or Akuma either. Also against really good players (depends on the character though,) sim’s teleport out of vc juggles becomes useless.

<- after a few hours of sitting down and playing kindevu/bas in a3.

id still put him top3, top 5 at worst, but then after sakura and akuma the tiers become a little iffy.

No need for discounting others posts here really, im sure a large chunk of you werent around when a3 was still popular since it was an arcade only game.

Just play Rog like Apoc. :lol:

I used to think Rog sucked till I got complete schooled with him.