V-Sak vs X-Adon


I am super beginner level (scrub) Alpha player, and my buddy is killing me with X-Adon. He uses a combination of run away and poke that gets me pretty bad - I’m walking into the air kicks / wall move or whiffing AAs (usually they’re getting stuffed, not sure I’m AA’ing him right) / VCs and punished. He runs away all day and I can’t really catch him. Tips appreciated. Thanks.

Charles can’t be beat. Air jaguar tooth all day son!

i main adon, and have basically gotten how to use him down pretty decently. you have to be aware that i have long pokes, a pretty reliable way to escape, and a way to keep you blocking. you also can’t punish my super in A/X. those things in mind, you can get through any of said shenanigans with a VC activation, and you can try and bait a short rising jag most the time. X-adons air kicks are punishable, and the priority is less than you’d think. walking backwards and forwards can really throw my jag kicks and jag tooths off (moreso in A/V though, which i’m pretty sure your friend will pull out on ya after you get better). how good are you may i ask?

You know you’re about a year too late to answer this, right? Lol.

it’s cool dude. you never effing know, guy might still be in the dark. xD