V-Sync or not?


Hello all,

I want less input delay on my 120Hz monitor,of course I can turn off v-sync but is this optimal? as I go to local events on ps4 and play cross platform as well and of course the ps4 has v-sync as well. So is there any point turning v-sync on PC? I want to have the same experiance across all platforms.


then play on a ps4. Nothings gonna be the same as your home set up. You’ll be playing on 60hz monitors as well. So it doesn’t even matter. Just turn it off.


PS4 has more lag than PC without Vysynch by a lot. 122ms of Lag on PS4 with no way around it. The PS4 Input Lag > http://www.displaylag.com/video-game-input-lag-database/
I removed Vysynch last night on PC and the game feels about twice as responsive with it off, its a big difference, but it’s still by far the laggiest game in the current generation. I noticed no tearing after it was off on my 120hz Benq and it is a big improvement, but i’ve still dropped the game. I got matches on PS3 Ultra SF4 faster today than the matching making in SF5 can provide. Had more fun and it had way less laggy and loading times even on PS3 PSN, with that being the laggiest and slowest version of USF4. SF5 is a laggy, mashy disaster. They nerfed players ability to react properly with this massive input lag, gg’s Capcom.


If that’s your ultimate goal, you should keep v-sync enabled and play using a controller that doesn’t rely on 3rd party software for X/D-input translation (I can’t remember if the upcoming patch is supposed to resolve this nonsense).

I keep seeing that displaylag.com link in almost every thread I click on. The input lag difference between USFIV and SFV is somewhere between 1 to 2 frames depending on the platforms being compared. Is that really so significant – especially given that the average human reaction time is around 15 frames to start with anyway?


Does x-padder add input lag?

Does http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-ScpToolkit-XInput-Wrapper-aka-ScpServer-Reloaded add input lag?

These are the important questions!


That’s a link to the first post of a 169 page long thread. If there was anything specific in that thread that you wanted to point out, then please quote it or provide a direct link to the post.


The thread is essentially the “website” for the application.

I’m not pointing out anything in particular, its just where you grab the program.


perfect,thanks for the response guys! Will just keep it v-synced at 60Hz for now as I dont own a PS4 but I do play on them weekly at our local meet up


Sorry, I misunderstood your post when I originally read it.

I’m also curious about how x-padder performs just because some of the training mode shortcuts are impossible on my hitbox and x-padder would probably fix that problem. Mainly, not having a training mode reset button is really sucking the life out of me.


PS4 lag input ; 122ms /7.3 frames
PC vsync on : 137ms/8.2 frames
PC vsync off : 82ms/ 4.9frames
16.6ms =1f

sources : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYCW0Dfixv4 http://www.displaylag.com/video-game-input-lag-database/

If you want to have the same experience as the PS4 on PC, you should leave it on. There’s only approximatly 1f difference of input lag between the two machines, in a game like SFV it won’t matter at all. If you just want the lowest input lag possible remove it.


The controls are not the same in the above numbers. You have to test on the same monitor w/ the same methodology/equipment. You can’t take DisplayLag’s PS4 number and directly compare it to the YT dude’s PC number.


Hm, how do you disable V-Sync on SF5, again? I know Capcom was nice enough to not immediately provide such an option right off the bat.



Don’t force your monitor to 60hz as that will just make things choppier on screen. Just play in full screen mode on your 120hz+ monitor. You’ll still get the refresh rate to see things more clearly, just the in game frames will be capped at 60. Also if you play in windowed mode on your monitor that will de sync the game from the monitor basically making it act like v-sync is off, which will save you a frame or two of input delay but will screw you up when you play on PS4. Took me like 10 games of getting rekt to figure out the reduced input delay from v-sync off in windowed mode was causing me to hit buttons a frame or two late based on visual cues compared to that on the PS4. Once I switched to full screen mode the difference was far less noticeable. It’s great to have less input delay to react, but when the tournament standard is different it actually hurts you.


SF5 so bad people recommend playing it with as much input lag as possible smh. Ironic as input lag was seen as unacceptable in SF4 and hence the 360 version was preferred. Game feels terrible with all the input lag, Sony exclusive means the game will have an inferior standard apparently.


SFIV had the inferior standard for a very long time.


yeah i really don’t get it. I can’t adjust at all on ps4, vsync on or off for me on my pc feels fine. I think it’s mostly monitors not sure.


Games with crossplay they should go the extra step to make PC and Console(s) all the same input lag, it’s a shame finding out how off they are to each other.


I believe that is what they tried to do by not allowing us to disable v-sync by default on PC. I’m assuming PS4 doesn’t have the ability to disable v-sync or display faster than 60hz so they probably tried to match it on PC by forcing frame rates and v-sync across the board. It’s got to be difficult considering all the different setups that are out there. After seeing the tests I’m kind of surprised it wasn’t off more.


I don’t believe Capcom didn’t include v-sync out of a desire to keep parity with PS4.

This is the manual for UE4: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Performance/Scalability/ScalabilityReference/index.html#postprocessing-sgstoppostprocessquality

If you look at SF5’s .ini presets for graphic options they haven’t been touched at all…

This explains why they have overkill motion blur mixed in with several graphics options on one “Post-Process” option. All the graphics options and the way they are configurable in-game are literally the default settings on UE4. Does it make sense for a fighting game (any game really…) to just so happen to be optimal with the general UE4 presets? The more likely scenario here is that they were either out of their element with UE4 or the budget was too low to custom-tailor the settings for this game.

Let me explain again. The reason they have the graphics options in the game the way they are is because they are literally the default presets on UE4. lmao…

And this affects PS4, too. They just used the medium UE4 presets and called it a day. What are the chances that these quality settings are going to be optimal straight-out of the gate on a fixed machine?

So no. I don’t believe a toggle-able v-sync option was willfully not placed in out of any “design decisions” but rather because it wasn’t a default setting in UE4.

The default graphics presets are bad, too. 16xAF is literally free on every PC title out there and no one uses any lower but you have to manually go and configure the .ini to enable it since none of the presets exceed 8xAF. lol…