V2012 Evil Ryu Punish Charts



Hey everyone. Im a 13k+ bp Evil Ryu on XBL. I have quite a bit of matches under my belt with Evil Ryu and wanted to share some numbers with you guys. All numbers on this chart will soon be associated w/ an explanatory video I hope to upload onto Youtube soon. In the meantime, please enjoy my creation and look forward to more characters coming soon!

Please checkout the Hi-Res version on my DeviantArt site @:


Pretty cool. I think you can break 800 stun, though. Think it’s with a jump in, though.


If you include the cl mk combos on certain characters. You can do more. Also you can do 582 with U2 from a jumpin. I don’t think jumpins were counted though.


Yea sorry, I meant to put that onto the chart. No jumpins were counted, except for the 2 combos charted w/ a crown. That was w/ a jumpin counterhit.

The highest damage combo I found w/ refill super/ultra was jumpin counterhit fierce, cl.fp, ex fb > FADC cl. fp, ex tatsu, u1. Kept away from scaling the most which seems to be Evil Ryu’s achilles heel


On a fierce counterhit with U2 it goes over 600.

Jumpin fierce, cl fp, ex fireball fadc U2 does over 600 as well. Good stuff though and thanks for the chart. Looking forward to the vid.


Thanks BigDaddy, I knew I’d forget something along the way!

I’ll go ahead and say despite the damage and stun, Evil Ryu’s strength is really in his reset abilities. I seldom end my BnB w/ a SRK unless I’m going to FADC it into a hard axe kick, but I’ll most definitely post up the vid for that. Stay tuned!


Yea, you’re completely right. And we’re here to help. I am sure you have great advice.

And yea. People don’t realize the power of resets. You’re better off doing a cr mp into an ex axe kick. It is a hard knockdown and you’ll be doing close to 500 damage. Nobody ever guards it. It’s very rare. That or you cross them up in the corner. I had been saying this for a long time. When people are getting hit by an Evil Ryu combo, the first thing they do is get nervous and db after a reset. Hit them with an ex axe (you’ve gained a meter from the combo), or start the combo over. You can pretty much kill a character off of one of them. Naruo did it on a Seth and won a match from a full bar.

Good stuff. I’m glad we have new tech.


Yea…in normal situations he tops out around 400-450. Resets are the way to really pile on damage. Especially in the corner where you can go to overhead, low, crossup low, or fake crossup low.


If you can reset into another combo that pretty much always spells the round right then and there, the power is devastating.