V2013 Akuma Vortex Nerf suggestion



We all know the vortex nerf is incoming. I got a suggestion to make it work:

The general consensus seems to be unblockables and constant re-vortexing is the major issue, not only with Akuma but with Cammy and Seth aswell.

My suggestion is kinda simple; reduce vortex to the demon flip.


With so many (current) options, all characters will have to learn each setup and the correct answer to each setup, depending on their characters. Likewise, Akuma has to learn which setups work for which characters.
–This is a problem, because the vast number of setups completely stomps anyone who doesn’t know the answer to one of them - and some characters don’t have good answers to them.

My suggestion, lies in removing LK Tatsu > Sweep from all characters.
On the other hand, let Demon Flip Palm stuff DPs - but gets many -frames on block.

Bam, now the vast majority of matchups makes sense:

Palm stuffs DPs

Blocked Palm is punishable.

Block is throwable (also while crouching).

If you block the wrong side, or do a bad move, I kick you for combo punish damage.



LK Tatsu > Sweep removed
Palm beats DP, is punishable on block
Demon Flip Throw grabs crouching opponents

Cammy should be ranked #1 character in street fighter, this is why

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. There wouldn’t be a vortex at all if that happened. If DF Palm is punishable on block and Akuma’s only option, why wouldn’t I just block it and then punish? It wouldn’t matter if it can stuff every SRK on the planet, nobody would be dumb enough to try to counter it. All you would have to do is block and then punish.

SF4 is a vortex game. Akuma has a good vortex. People should learn to accept it by now. He at least requires tons of precision to play, unlike Cammy. He’s a real glass cannon, people just whine about the wrong things. You want him to exist without a vortex? Ok. Give his DP’s 100% invincibility and buff his ground fireball.

But then people will bitch about him chucking 2,000 fireballs a match.


How is DF Palm Akuma’ only option, when he can just throw if he knows they’ll block?

If nobody wants to try and counter the demon-flip - you can throw them all day.


Such a bad troll, besides there’s already more than one thread about v2013 in the Akuma forums, no need to create a whole new one for your GENIUS ideas.

Also, DF throw already catches crouched opponents, you’re obviously the person to ask for suggestions when it comes to Akuma with all your knowledge.


So I have the choice of eating a DF grab and getting KD, or Taking 1/3 of Akuma’s life… hm hard to choose.
yeah, If you guess wrong in 2012 you lose 1/3 life, In 2013 you suggest even more gambling and more way to lose health.
Good luck timing those DF to get ambiguous and better bets than any char’s usual safe jump HK.


This is retarded. For one you clearly don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Two, nothing about Akuma needs nerfing. His matchups are dominated by 5/5’s with 6/4’s and 4/6’s. He doesn’t dominate anybody nor does he get dominated. Most matchups will come down to player skill. It would be very difficult to have a more balanced character. People need to start accepting that somethings should just be good and useful instead of hoping that things are nerfed into uselessness. In fact what needs to happen is leave the top 10 characters in this game alone, tweak the 10-20 spots characters and give significant buffs to the bottom cast.


Terrible and obvious alt-account troll.


Akuma has the worst vortex in the game…having a ft10 set with a semi-decent player means that you vortex your way for 3-4 wins. If you are cunning enough maybe 5-6. The rest of the wins are ONLY by using footsies, MU knowledge, and player reads. Set ups become gimmicks after a couple of uses and you are only left with fundamentals. Which akuma cant really be used like ryu! Well the only way some people will start crying and bitching their crazy shit for other characters is only if capcom remove him from the SF series.


Worst Vortex? Lol?


smh…only thing worse than a bad troll is a bad tryhard troll. btw mods close this please


It’s not the worst, but it’s nowhere near as decent as it was before. Also, the main reason his vortex game stood out as much as it did, is because he was the first character played to actually have that tech implemented into their gameplay. Now, a large amount of characters are using a vortex style of gameplay. Yet because Akuma’s was used the longest, and because he was played by probably the best player in the world who actually created much of that style (if not all) and is still one of the best at using it, it’s “the best” as well as some people acting like he’s the only character that even has one. Your post essentially said “Hey, I think this character should be nerfed to the ground so that everyone that didn’t take the time to actually learn the matchup can win now!”

Jesus Christ some people are stupid.


Well technically I suppose he has a better vortex than Ryu, or Balrog or whoever. However out of the vortex specialist - Ibuki, Seth, Viper, Akuma’s is now the worst.




You realize that I wasn’t talking about only four characters right? Even if you can’t really truly call them vortex characters, many characters who never really bothered are going for knockdown setups now more than ever. If it makes you feel happy, I agree that out of the four you listed, Akuma’s is probably “the worst”. That doesn’t make it bad regardless. I’m not even really sure what the argument is either. I already said he isn’t the only character with a vortex, and that it wasn’t the best, only the most popular. I don’t even really disagree at all with what BoodDrencheD was saying either, except for the “worst in the game” comment, unless again you’re only focusing on four characters.

Does it even matter in the end though? “Akuma is one of the most balanced characters” is preached a lot around here. I’d rather be playing a more balanced character than one that relies on one specific playstyle to win.


No I didn’t realize that. It’s like saying Ryu has a better fireball game than Blanka. Well technically he does since Blanka doesn’t even have fireballs, but comparisons are generally made between characters that warrant such comparisons. If you’re rating vortex’s then you are going to rate them vs other characters who actually have a vortex.


Akuma players like playing with their brains turned off…OP should have expected the salt fueled backlash. Nice try tho.

cool story bro. you should tell it at musty yu gi oh gatherings. Sick stuff.


wow that was a blast !
There’s a new sherif in town I guess. What a comeback ! How original !


statistically… there has been 1 or 2 akumas in top 8 Evo every year out of a cast of a lot, different each year. He has 50 less health than other cast and has the best vortex in the game by a long shot, safe jump, left, right high low, air fireball, or throw mix up. A teleport most people can’t react to, a 3 frame hit confirm DP (no safe jumps), best sweep in game (fast/safe) footsie into vortex or ultra, standing HK eats half the cast. Even without unblockables and option selects, his vortex seems to be the strongest.

IDK what he needs to tone him down, just came here after watching an akuma change joke video.


We really need that “clueless tool” reaction here.


I bet this guy never played Akuma.