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The hampton roads (sova) thread version 9!

it’s about time…good shit Ryan


Ditto good first post


Well done, sir. Here is to it staying fresh and kept up :tup:


it really is pretty. you know what this needs? some trolling.

but I do have this question. For the NC tourney is anyone just going for the day? like Saturday only?

and how far is it is it from us?


Your talking a 4 hour drive to Greensboro.

I even remember on the way back we couldn’t find an open gas station at all when we left Tony Majors place at 3am or so.


probably 5 hours from where you live. i still haven’t made up my mind about the timeframe of my trip down there. i may just be going for the tourney and coming right back, but idk yet. depends on the people going with me.


Let’s see how long this lasts…


you are aware of the fact that it ended with your post…right?

anyway, in an effort to salvage this thread on page one… :stuck_out_tongue:

who all is looking to attend the RVA tournament? a.k.a. who got the money, but don’t got the wheels?..i’m not 100% confirmed, but i’ll drive if i don’t have to work and i got people rolling with.


if you do that. Im down.


if i don’t post up my intentions between now and a week from the 5th…remind me to tell you what i’m up to. i should know before then, but just in case.


will do. hopefully I can get that day off.


1st post, Good shit


you forgot someone in the player registry.


Nice post, Ryan. Looks very decent and respectable. I hope this new thread stays decent and respectable, as well.


who? you? then post your info fool…


For the NC tourney, I’m leaving Friday night. And then coming back after the tourney is over on Saturday.


Name: Andrew Cudnik
SRK Handle: 1iquid5nake
Location: Chesapeake, VA
Games: Trying to learn everything except BB, VF, and Tekken
Phone: 405-Cudnik A (Yes, that’s my phone. Long distances fees don’t apply to cell phones, but do to land lines)

It wasn’t on the first page, so I didn’t expect you to go digging through 50 or 100 pages to find my info.


:NoVA represent. here’s to having a decent thread without those marylanders :smile:


good luck to everyone going to richmond, c3, and nc this month!