Va C3 "Road to SB4 tourney" 10/3 Sat


C3 Cyber Club
44710 Cape Court #118
Ashburn, VA 20147


Registration opens @ 5:00 pm & tournament begins @ 6:00 pm!

$10 Venue Fee

$10 per player for single tourneys

And this tourney will be one of our last big gathering’s for MD/VA before we go wreck shop at Season Beating’s and try to take that fool Daigo out before Jwong lol…so please everyone show up and level up so we can better our chances @ SB4!

We will not be having a tourney during Sept due to David being booked every weekend this month, probably due to kids going back to school and he has weekend/after school programs that start up @ C3 during the school year…so we might be moving to the first/second weekend of every month. (I will keep you updated on this change)

Ok so for Oct the line up is looking like this:

Sf4 singles and 3v3 team tourney

HDR singles

MVC2 singles

TVC singles


-all Xbox tourney
-each match is 2/3 (2 rounds per game) and losers/winners/grand finals 3/5
-every character allowed in SF4
-no game breaking glitches in mvc2
-Akuma is banned in HDR


OK we have permission from Chillen to throw a lock-in @ his house located in Alexandria, he is charging 5 a head and he will have drinks and food for sale there as well…if you have not ever been there for one of his tourneys you can pm me for the addy and I can give it to you…SF4/TVC/MVC2 $5 tourneys will be held at the lock-in, just a warm-up for C3!!!

Take care

Special thanks to Chillen for making this possible!


I will be there, gonna be fun! More wait= more hype woot woot! XD

I wish I could go to SB’s… I wanna see Daigo… in ohio. :rofl:"


Finally, the “Real Man’s Game” makes a come back! I’ll be there for HDR!!


1st post


AHAHAAHAH crazy kid :looney:!

Hit me up today good sir :angel:!

Also HDR might become a permanent addition to the monthly, T6 has a guaranteed spot in the C3 monthly line up once it is released!

Some feedback would be great!

Best Blanka/Balrog in NOVA signing out…


more systems with all of the characters please

more MvC2, period.

more hard gay

more rips


I’m coming this time. If anyone wants dual mods done, I’ll be there. Don’t know if I’ll be going to Season Beatings, though I am interested.


How much? PS3 to 360.

Another thing my dad would want to know, how long would it take?


$75 and 1 hour


That would be cool. Maybe a team tourney would be good for next time so curious folks can try it out.

Anyway, I’m in. Is there enough time to run all these tourneys though? Or are we back on the 6-2am schedule?


Awesome, I will ask my dad if its cool. Of course its my dad so your not getting an answer for awhile.

He will probably say yes though.


damn, 6:00pm AGAIN?:wtf:

also,im assuming the “cannot have the same character twice on same team” thing doesnt apply to marvel,right?RIGHT?!?!:rofl::sweat:


Last month it dident, so I dont think soooo… yeah.

Hopefully comebackking can make it. Were prob just going to do singles though.


you can pick M/S/P x 5


teach that kid how to pushblock.:tup: and thanks for confirming.
if you do teams,ill team with you if you want.

quartz movement > pixies…:wonder:


teach yourself how to do the orb super instead of the dash super.


isn’t the dash better than orbs? :wonder:


this please, i cant get any warmup and it takes forever to get to my matches(and everyone else’s in general) because theres only one setup with all chars


see you at the lockin

ps SF4 blows


No worries Akuma-san!

Also does KOF 12 really suck that bad?