VA / NC gathering results


Okay guys…

1st: BLT
2nd: Foomyjin
3rd: slogan
4th: YieArKungFu
5th: Shamy
5th: Amdabes
7th: Gamma
7th: Francis
9th: Jinmasta
9th: MajinCable

1st MKL
2nd novice
3rd blackhwoarang
4th Jinmaster
5th Nick???

1st Blackhwoarang
2nd et2rustee
3rd jinmaster

1st Nick
2nd Steve
3rd Tim M

Wow, this was a lot of fun. I’m just glad things didn’t take any longer than I thought. Having read all the tourney results for other tourney’s, i promised myself I would run my first tournament smoother, faster, more efficiently. In the end, that was more than I could have hoped for. Sadly, the CVS2 tournament was never held due to lack of interest.

Nick: Man, you are a GGXX god in our eyes. KillerKy is gonna be your nickname from now on. Your skills in GGXX were way beyond my experience level.

Steve: Nice skillz in T4. Power to all Steve counter hits. Good games man and it was cool to hang out. I’ll leave the sweater you left with the Lynnhaven Aladdin’s Castle staff for you to pick up if you like. PM me or e-mail me about it.

darkfire: Good Williams skillz. Make sure you drag more NC players with you next time. Work on Miharu…serious potential…

Jinmaster: Nice job in TTT and T4. Better luck next time. I’ll visit during the week for some good practice matches and more match recording sessions.

Novice: Good job my friend. Glad you could take time out of your busy VT spring break schedule to own with the best. Good luck with the VT tourney…

MKL: Ownage…nothing more…You owned me in the T4 semifinals but I cling to my one match win. It was the first one (3 straight wins in my favor). Guess what folks…the only match not recorded… i wish you could rewind…

et2rustee: How could I forget a veteran player who’s still got the right stuff. You are welcome any time man. I STILL need help with TTT baek/hwoarang and one day I’ll sit down and let you teach me all the right strats.

Marvel scum: Thanx for showing. I can’t follow the seizure-inducing matches you guys subject yourselves to but I commend you all for doing it faithfully day after day. no way you guys were gonna steal my money…

BLT: sorry for confusion on entry fee. We never got around to yours, I guess.


Nah, not me. That was Steve. I got eliminated pretty early by MKL and then Steve himself.

Hunh? I thought I got 3rd. Otherwise, what did you give me $5 for? I think you even said “This is for Tekken 4” even though we hadn’t even played it just yet. et2rustee, you remember that happening, right? You said “He meant Tekken Tag…” :lol:

Appreciate you saying that, but I dunno just yet. Along with all the controversy (a.k.a. sh**-talking), I still don’t feel like I did as good as I could’ve. I may have done real good against everyone else in the room, but me and Steve had some uninteresting matches against eachother since we knew eachothers habits and reactions. I couldn’t really pull-off anything to stand out, so it wasn’t much of a finale (even if our gauges came-down to the wire). I’ll do my best in Blacksburg to see how good I really am, and hopefully I’ll get to play the same people as before so I can settle it for good.

Speaking of Blacksburg, I plan on hitting that place next. I’m lucky too; my aunt works there. I hope to see some of you there, too. Until then, later!

Dwayne, thanks to you and your bro for everything. It was a great event, and I appreciate you putting up with me and Steve bugging you the whole time just to get some food delivered to the place. I hope you do this again real soon, because I enjoyed hanging-out with all of you guys. Ya’ll take it easy, and keep your game up.


Damn…ya’ll can’t even post me as 4th in the GGXX tourney…that’s wrong:o . What’s in Blacksburg???


It’s got a lot of variety in it; so it’ll probably be big (hopefully). In any case, see ya there, 'Temkin.

Uh…does anybody know who “Beast of Fire” is? Was he at Dwayne’s house that day (and was he in the GGX2 tourney?)? Thanks.


Welcome to #0wned


rick mears “how you gonna lose to a sandwich”


How come no one ate the sandwitch? OMFG

And MKL… OWNAGE… Where was the MKDA tourny? haha


T4 results:

1st MKL
2nd novice
3rd blackhwoarang
4th Jinmaster
5th Steve
6th Mike M (bladerunner2000)
7th Foomyjin
8th Sly (ultratekken)
9th Nick
10th darkfire
11th BLT

TTT results:

1st blackhwoarang
2nd et2rustee
3rd nick
4th darkfire
5th Jinmaster


when i find the other half of the bracket I’ll post the whole results