VA seven cites Thread: OH! OH! OH!

What up ppls…

Let get some 3rd Strike Weeklies at Play A Round. Free entry fee, pay for play on SUNDAYS…


Sorry for the extraneous post… Where is Play A Round located?

Play a Round is in Newport News Va.

89 Neslon Dr to be exact.

PaG is in SoVA… off I64 exit 258 towards CNU… good place to play, owner and workers are nice, and so are they players

If you want to play 3S, MIght as well drive an extra hour to play us here in Richmond. We actually have comp. :smiley:



There is no 3S comp in Richmond, What are you talking about?

considering we just had a 16 person tourney consisting of locals… I’d say we have a scene.

Yeah, 75% are kinda scrubby. But that’s better than anywhere else in VA.

Nova >>> Richmond in 3s

Considering Nova never actually really “PLAYS 3rd Strike” . It’s amazing you guys have any decent players at all. Whereas we in Richmond play all the time and get better. Cept for me, since I stunt my growth w/ Chun Li.

Tell me… who’s Nova’s 4 best players? Going by the last tourney here in Richmond, I’m seeing Ultradavid (imported), Ypei, PVFP, and… ?? Maybe victor with residual gametime skillz?

Unless Eric Lee or Khang all of a sudden moved to Nova.

But yeah, this sounds like it may be ripe for a friendly 4 on 4 competition between richmond and nova. Who is the best in the SF3 wasteland that is VA?

Up for it, big guy?

Eric Lee lives in NOVA(for the past five months or so), as you said UltraDavid, PVFP, Eric V, Victor, Darick, Xenozip. and me occasionally, and I think we have a couple more lurkers also.

I Bown You All! Bownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

You have everything completely wrong, the only players I see now, is Darick, and Erik, we all play 3s strike, and some times Estuardo who is still really good.

I think you are talking nonsense when it comes to your Richmond players, but any way there is a tournament that is going to be held at Pablo’s house a week from today, it is actually going to take place next Sunday.
All of you are welcome to come in and test your 3s skills as wells as some of your MVC2 skills.
I’ll make sure Darick, and Erik will be there.

For more details about the tournament please go to shout out Northern VA. skills up and comin

Wow, Darick, Erik, and EE still play? I’ve seen Valencia beasting up on some Marvel tourneys, and doing pretty well in CvS2, but i didn’t know he played 3S.

Of course Darick is really fucking good, but good luck if he ever comes out to a tourney. Apparently, he lived in Richmond for awhile, but I maybe saw him once or twice.

So, yeah, bringing some players back from the grave certainly gives the edge to Nova.

But if I threw a 3s tourney in Richmond, who’d actually show up???

That is the question.

Man, if I had a car, I would so be down.

Are you really gonna play 3s jm?

Just a few.

wtf is going on here

who in richmond thinks they are better than nova in 3s??

two words


as for khang - were even in money matches. one more fool for bragging rights

same two words


tired of this shit.

no one is going to richmond unless its a major. we would have to do it at nec or something

i like our “LURKERS” over richmond

who is richmonds top 4 players.

well use our bottom 4. rockmanx4 that means u.


roflmfao don’t make me take your petty $1. save it for poker, SON.