VA seven cites Thread: OH! OH! OH!

dont get scurred SON

yeah like i didnt take your money in poker also.

The question is why are we the ones that have to drive all the way down to Richmond?

I regards to Darik - he is been living here for the past year or so, and we keep in touch on a weekly basis, he will come if I ask him to.
Like I mentioned before there is a tournament this coming Sunday at Pablo’s house, come over and lets test those 3s skills, and since this is an MVC2 only tournament you an your people whom ever they are can test their skills as well.

I just spoke to Erik two hours ago, and he is coming, everyone knows he talks BS all the time but he is a really good player.

Come over this Sunday; get directions from the “shout out Northern VA. Skills up and coming” treat.

I want to play some 3S!!!

lol i’m from MD :badboy:

Eric Lee, who in the hell is that guy? I want to play him, I hear that he’s good competition and lives in VA.

*eric laughs while making this post and flexes.

flex them muscles

sadly, the capcom scene in sova is dead.

come to md ha

hard to be united in an area like this


You Nigras still alive?? dayum…like roaches. If sova got a place to play thats a decent distance from me…I may come outta retirement just for fun lol. Just too busy nowadays.

Hell yeah, I thought SoVA came and went…Eric and Arvelle? Wow…i need to just get in touch with you two. Everybody else…wow…it has been a minute…what the hell is everyone doin now?

OH NOES, Im awaiting a post from foomyjin and trent to seal the deal!!!

hahaaaa nova > sova <3 im a traitor

shawn, DJ, Im trying to revive the Street Fighter scene down here.

Me and Jermaine go to the weeklies at Play a Round (formally PUTT PUTT) every sunday

We tried getting 3rd S and Marvel but the old heads just stopped caring I guess

If you’re not to busy, please show up. We always down for some games


i would but im really in NoVA now :X

I dont play anymore, I kind of got over the game… I didnt play enough to really progress much…
the only reason I stuck with it so long was it was fun meeting new people and hanging out…
once all the drama got out of hand I just figured it wasnt worth it… too much stuff going on from people I considered close…

now I just play online games and hang out with people close to me…

dont want to say I grew out of it because I loved the game and the people… I just couldnt deal with all the nonsense going on…

I am still around… working a lot… just got back from DJing in Belize @ a club called the Jaguars Temple…
took a nice long 8 day cruise and just chilled out…

playing Final Fantasy online and meeting people from around the world…

still here… still gay and still as damn opinionated as ever…



Ive been concentrating on my artwork. About to make some moves so i can finally make some money from it. I dont play much anymore but I still got that competitive itch. I may show up soon.

The only reason i would come around would be if Trent and Eric were there. Those are the only two reasons i came out there. I knew i wasn’t great, but it was cool hanging with them and arvelle. Cy was the only other reason and he’s left the earth’s atmosphere. But yeah, you get them 2 there, i’m there. I know both of them are on FF or Poker…and I’m on socom 3 and madden. But good luck.

Sorry about jacking the thread, but does anyone in HR play on kaillera?

Lynnhaven Mall has MvC2. Me, Armando (cable/sent/cyclops), Teddy (Amdabes-MSS), and some guy named Chris (Spiral/Cable/Sent or Storm/Sent/CapCom) go over there and play sometimes. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is like the only Capcom game I like to play. At my house I also like playing Halo 2, Guilty Gear X (I don’t know the top tier really, I just play) , and Super Smash Brothers melee (what other gamecube game is even really worth buying!?..haha). If you’re interested in playing some MvC2 (I’m not really that great by the way), just email me at That’s my sidekick 2 email…since I carry it around almost everywhere I go, I’ll get your email.

I got a nova tournametn coming up.

I hope to see some players there