"Vagina" is banned in US Congress



Apparently a House representative was banned from speaking on the floor for a day because she said the highly offensive word, vagina.

During an abortion debate.

Here’s the context.

The US is so fucked :frowning:


just needed an excuse to send her to the kitchen


I’m interested in her vagina tbh.


GoP doing it’s thing yet again.



God bless America.


lol. wheres the daily show…i feel john stewart would have a field day.


Michigan House of Representatives, not US House of Representatives.

Michigan been fucked.


well yes, but

are you saying the US isn’t fucked?


The US House would not toss someone for saying vagina during an abortion debate, at least.




I can’t help but somehow feel that using the word cunt would have been more appropriate. I could be wrong though. Naah.


I wonder if they would have been any more offended if she said genitalia would have been any more offended.


Also, no one was even one iota offended in that video. WTF

Looks like our culture still likes to perpetuate the myth that vaginas don’t exist, yet somehow the typical 'Merican rhetoric also claims buttsex and oral is also not viable.

I guess the stork really is real, huh.


If you’re not allowed to use the scientific name for it then…?


The preferred term is va jay jay, I believe.

Twat only when your doing cartwheels or spinning on your head, this is sadly an ironic comparison to how the law works.


When the GOP is there, any “scientific” name of anything is banned!


I, for one, am glad that my elected officials are dedicating their time and talents to getting this whole mess sorted out. After all, we don’t have any other problems that are in desperate need of solving at the moment.


:rofl: I knew someone would beat me to it.



“Finally, Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no,’” Brown said Wednesday.
[LEFT]Well I applaud her for the classy usage but honestly not surprised, politicians have all sorts of issues and little intricacies about everything, im pretty sure they have to say “female reproductive organ” normally.[/LEFT]



they banned va



Idiots, it isn’t that she said Vagina, but the fact she sexually harassed everyone by saying “I Know you are all interested in my Vagina”. Anyway it isn’t the Republicans, but the Democrats who took action against someone for saying the even wore word “liar” when talking about OilBama.