VagrantLest needs a partner for SSFIV

Putting this up because Matt has been asking and asking and asking and really wants to play in Season 2…so for those that haven’t found a partner yet. I’d hit Matt up asap.

Those who are hungry must be fed!

I know Ocedic is still looking for a partner - he’s an up and coming Seth player.

Can we just mash Ocedic and Vagrantlest together then? Get these two to talk to each other PM’s whatever way possible.

I say just put them as a team and If they find out they don’t wanna be a team, they wouldn’t have been playing anyway.

Alright, Just got off of work. Is Ocedic my partner?

It kind of fits because neither of you drive. Hah.

I enjoy the thrill of hitch hiking.

I don’t know who VagrantLest is, but I don’t have a partner either. I’m also OK with not entering Tournament Wars 2, but if you don’t have a partner yet, I’d be down man. I’m currently a Zangief player and I plan to play him in SSF4 if he is still top tier.

I have to say this…GROSS…I understanding wanting to win but still…

if not you can just switch to hawk, he’ll probably be too buff.

Matt make a choice and tell me who your partner is. I’ll be waiting for your response.

Oh. We DO have 40. [media=youtube]rS560roKtGE"[/media]

Shpongle freaks me out.

Definitely can happen. Face and embrace it, however, and ye shall be welcomed.

And by that I mean Nothing Lasts…but Nothing is Lost is the best psy-trance album made to date.

Come get tribal and shaman** down**: May 8th. XD