Valdosta Ga Thread - Living marvel 1 tri-jump at a time

What up, if anybody wants to get down on some Marvel, Cvs2, or any fighting games for that matter in Valdosta. Post up here.

Yeah, were looking for new booty to get in any fighting game you play. We know you’re out there.

The scene right now consist of…

Charles(Cable3858)-Cool dude, just don’t stand behind him after he eats.

Mike(Megaman)-The coolest fucking dude I’ve ever met in my life. he stands about 5’2" and has sideburns like Elvis when he died. Has the coolest hobbies ever. Really, ask him about it.

D’(Random nickname)-Second in coolness only to Mike. You’ll spot him by the poses from video games he does when he wins. Tall dude with braids and a pink wristband.

Sharod and his brother Kevin-Cool dudes who can play any game at a high level. I think Kevin is autistic though so he doesn’t count.

Brad-Cool guy who is learning fast.

There are others I can’t remember right now, but you new people can catch us randomly in the Fun Factory. We don’t play ther much anymore because the machines are seriously fucked, but we get together on Sundays to play at Charles’ house. Post to get down!

Sup everyone? We getting down this sunday or do we have some Chan action goin on? :rock:

If you guys wanna get up any play thats fine. But yes, unfortunately I will be occupied this weekend.

So will I. I’ll be at the Florida Classic and won’t be back until late Sunday. We might get together Monday afternoon, though.

Games at my house Monday 4PM. I’m gonna try and get mike and D to come. I’m also going to be getting perfects on people. So yall be ready.

oh snap, did I hear perfects? I wish i had my own working car and I’d be there on monday to prevent this… :karate:

:confused: :wow:

Bring it! Get your dads truck, and bring brad. 4PM

:tup: :clap:

Bring it don’t sing it. :nunchuck: :arazz:

I’m gonna bring Tekken 4 and Tag so we can throw down at that too. :tup:

I’ll be there. You must be talking to those other dudes about perfects, 'cause you won’t be getting any on me, guaranteed with a 100,000 mile warranty. :nunchuck:

Imma ocv u guys with cyclops :clap:

AND perfect each one of you :pleased:

Come to gainesville sometime! :party:

Hey guys this is Brian, just registered. I’m Charles’ brother, and I’m from Valdosta also. I’ve already met some of you guys, and for those I haven’t met, I’m looking forward to some more good comp. I’ll see you guys monday, probably be a little late though.

Sup Mike. I’m looking forward to it. And I’m sure you can haha. I’ll post up in your thread sometime in December and me and a few of the guys will come down. We’ve gotten alot better since you’ve last played us. But it would be great to learn some more from you.

Hmmmmm im origionally from Valdosta… dirty south for life how about you OCV me with cyclops??? I would pay lots to see that hahahaha :clap: but on the real i’ll see you and gainesville in december :badboy: I’ll see what i can do to improve your view of Valdosta :clap:

I have BEEN waiting for that money match homie, i’ve seen you play already, you’ll get the magnus, 100$ first to ten.


Looks like there is gonna be broken mag helmets everyhwere :clap: P.S. iv seen you play too :slight_smile: $100 is to much im hella poor $20 is better 4 outa 7 plane ticket went up GGPO

sounds good, lemme know some specifics :clap:

Hey I’m gonna be down for this I want to watch. Then I want to be OCVed by mixup’s cyclops. Maybe you educate me in the way of cyclops cause I just dont see how he is effective on point.

I’m only ok with cyclops, Jon however with cyc/sent/cap vs magnus. :clap: