Valencia XvSF 10/5 Results


1st - John Lee (wolverine, sabretooth, ryu)
2nd - Freddy Gomez (charlie, ryu, juggs)
3rd - Bori Kim (wolverine, chun li, storm)
4th - Jamaal Bowie (wolverine, charlie)
5th - Eric (cyclops, chun li, sabretooth)
5th - Danny S. (magneto, chun li)

crazy ass tourney. i was really dissapointed i lost too early. stupid juggs cant do shit against sabretooth. john lee is crazy he went through the winners bracket wit out doin ifinites. until tha grand finals he was getting worried cuz he lost tha first set and went to infinites. it was over when he used infinites, shit wasnt even funny. where was david lee? i wanna c david lee go agianst john lee. maybe next time he’ll come. neways i was really surprised on tha turnout. thanx to tha family fun crew for comin down. next tourney will be in a month or maybe sooner.


:bluu: Left side sucked. :bluu:

jared fixed the stick the next day, he found out what was wrong with it.


Mad props to my boy John Lee. He rocks the house on XvSF. But where was Cammy!?

And to Bori too, since his Storm is sick.




I had lotsa fun at the tourney. I was impressed by the skill of all the players that showed up. I was glad that there were people who gave a good challenge ^^. I even got scared when Freddy started beating me in the finals. I refrained from infiniting because x-men vs streetfighter is kinda gay when all you do infinite and nothing else. However, it is part of the game and since it there were no rules agaisnt infiniting (it would of been very hard to draw the line for inifiniting in XvSf anyways) i just took the safer path. As for the characters i choose, wolverine and sabertooth are my main characters so i felt most comfortable using them. Plus wolverine has super easy infinite capability and so just in case some bastard tried to infinite me i could infinite him back ^^. Sabertooth just does too much damage not to use. Many Ryu tricks i used, i learned from Vic (thanks bro!). Cammy i wasn’t confident enough to use in a tourney situation. I’ll be sure to practice her though cause i know she can kick some ass ^^. Well i’m looking foward to another XvSf tourney. :cool:

John Lee