Valentine Gift Idea For my hubby?


I’m not sure it is appropriate section. I just wanna ask for your advice here;
My husband is a is football geek, but has everything he wants, too! He usually buys his Christmas or B-day present online, and then will hand me the delivery box to wrap and say it’s “from” me. Makes it easy, I guess, but for once I’d like to surprise him. . . So I just wanna buy practical stuff say something related football for him as this V-day gift. Are shoes similar likethis pairnice? Any other good idea?


Give him a wall scroll version of this.


Man i was gonna suggest a bj but it feels inappropriate when op is waif asking for sincere help =(


I’m curious, why are you asking specifically on SRK if he’s not a gamer?


reads OP’s post history…



how about a customized jersey of his favorite player or his name on the jersey?!


Must be a bot thread. Check the post history.


Put a bow on your vagina.



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