Valentine's Day Chun li

How do you delete a thread?

I quote Millhouse:

I fear to watch, yet I cannot turn away.

Is that a bad thing?

ROFL man did you use a random budy builder’s legs as your source? this is wrong very wrong.

No I looked at anatomy books for the muscle placement.

I’ll admit. Those do look exactly like a bull’s legs.

WHAT. THE. FUCK. Is that a tranny on roids?

I disapprove of this on many levels.

other than that, good to send to your ex, I guess.

Even on roids, I can tell you that a tranny would make some sort of attempt to look feminine. Unless it’s a female-to-male…so I guess that might actually be a tranny on roids.

Chun Li has huge muscly legs in the games. Just look at SF4.

Hahaha looks like a wild tranny to me.

She’ll break you in half with those thighs. And then break something else.

Hah in all seriousness, the top half looks very nice. However the random line placement you have on her clothes and legs make it look like she has a lot of cellulite. That is some serious ghetto booty. Not a bad thing for some, but highly unusual. I would definitely be careful with your asses and legs. Cut back on the extra lines for females and you’ll be much better off.

A brief image of Onatopp in Goldeneye flashed before my eyes.

She needs to put those chocolates down. Gotta fight those calories.

I like her face.

Oh, wait?

It’s not supposed to be comical?

I thought all the chocolate was going straight to her thighs, literally…

good crit in this post that you might want to take note of.

I agree that the top half is pretty nicely done though. It’s just that the bottom half really catches our attention :slight_smile:

post up more art. I wanna see more of your stuff.

I did have two other fan-arts on this forum that got much better reactions lol But yeah I will post more soon and next time do a much better Chun Li drawing, she is my favorite so it sucks that I didn’t do her any justice. Next time I will perfect her.

Obviously we all know she has huge legs but no one ever thought she was tranny until your pic.

being a chun fan and yes i understand her legs are big but honestly and sincerly that has to be one of the most horrifying things i have ever seen…i dont think i can get into heaven after lookin at that pic man :sweat: