Valentines Day Project - Help A Street Fighter In Love!


I was making a SVC CHAOS Valentine for a girl I like then wanted to make more for a card. I made the Sakura one for fun but actually might put it on the card cover. They might be a bad idea so I’d like more feedback. She likes SF and Dhalsim.

So in the name of love, fighting, and cheesy lines, I bring you these:

Eew… Take a look at these.

lol that shitty balrog one made me laugh

the shosho show thing is cute though :]

haha scariest chun ever!
i agree about sakura. i’d stick with that one.

Reminds me of Ralph Wiggums Choo choo choose card.

Yeah, that’s where the idea came from. That and [media=youtube]gO3DaIb4GO0[/media]

Ralph Wiggums choo choo choose card can be downloaded and printed for free:

Pimpin, lol

i thought of the A-Groove thing the whole time haha

So…how’d it end up going, cripwalker?

It was pretty cool but she said she can’t commit. :sad:

Late but hey. Thanks for the laughs.

I think the Sakura one would be much more effective without the hearts. It looks simpler and less tacky that way.

The Guile one is funny Ide go with it.

LOL i used to subscribe to gamepro mag back when streetfighterII: ww came out. my first mag had a two pg spread about ken which detailed his bio, height, weight, fighting style etc (i’m a sucker for that kinda stuff) as well as a thumbnail for each of his normals and specials. i found it so awesome i begged my parents to buy it, which in turn led to a subscription which lasted many years after. iirc i still have a ton of gamepro mags tucked away in a box somewhere. the link in your first post brought back many memories and i just wanted to post “HAH I WAS RIGHT! I &$%^$& KNEW THE ART WAS TERRIBLE!!!” i’ve had that building up for years! i always hated the illustrations in the old gamepro mags and on more than one occasion the illustrator actually did the cover art. the worst part is somebody out there actually found those illustrations appealing. they were always great for a good laugh thought LOL.

anywho the sak one gets my vote.

haha i saved some of those, imma try to use it next year haha. i like the bison one though.