Valiant's Zelda/Mario/Captain N comics: were there ever collections released?

Topic. Did Valiant ever compile them into collections?

To slightly digress a bit… does Valiant even exist anymore?

I vaguely remember reading collected editions or reprints of those comics waaaaaaaay back in the day, particularly the Mario comics… Like, back around the time those comics actually came out. If those collections still exist, they must be extremely tough to find. Did you try looking on eBay yet?

I believe Valiant still exists, but they don’t publish comics on any regular basis to my knowledge. Last thing I can remember they published was a hardcover collection of early issues of Harbinger. They don’t have the rights to many of the comics they used to publish in their heyday.

I’ve never seen collections for them. Not saying they do or don’t exist, just never seen them. The comics themselves used thicker paper for covers so every issue looked like a small TPB, but they weren’t.

I have some of the Zelda and Captain N ones. The artwork didn’t live up to either of the cartoons it was based on but the stories themselves were fun considering.

The Captain N one couldn’t use Simon Belmont or Mega Man, so they had Samus Aran from Metroid in their place who had a crush on Captain N lol! Mega Man was supposed to appear in a future issue but the comic was cancelled before then.

The stand out from Valiant has to be the Super Mario Bros. Gameboy comic. Because the main villain was the same bad guy from the first original SMB Gameboy game and not Bowser AKA King Koopa for once.

the “new” Valiant recently published hardcovers of Harbinger, X-O Manowar, and Archer & Armstrong.

Yes I have a full run of vh1 Magnus…one of the few floppies I still keep around

Heh, I remember the Zelda comic which unlike the cartoon took place after Zelda 2. The cartoon taking place before Zelda 2 made A LOT more sense. Since the comic still had Ganon with the Triforce of Power and Link still begging Zelda to kiss them, even though she already kissed him at the end of Zelda 2 oooh…

However, one of the coolest things about that was that Link’s shadow, the final boss of Zelda 2 appeared in at least one issue I read! :lovin: He looked EXACTLY like Link though LOL! He had lhis own evil castle and throne room and was dressed more like a king IIRC. He was sitting around thinking how he can thwart Link today HA HA! Good times! :smile:

Much thanks for the responses! I’ve had no luck finding collections at comic shops and Valiant’s site doesn’t list any (though it does list individual issues). I emailed Valiant about it but no response.

I’ve been on a “classic Nintendo cartoon” bender lately. :rofl: Last night I watched the four Captain N episodes that had Link and Zelda in them. The first was okay, the rest kinda bleh. What I really want is a true sequel to the original Zelda series. Anywho, hence my obsession with finding the comics.

Thanks again.