Valle + buktooth money match station in the BYOC

me and Valle are gonna have a station set up where we’ll be taking money matches. there’s gonna be a sign and everything. show up whenever and challenge us! it would be better if people reserved matches here in the thread though…

money will be discussed at the time of the match

for most people, we’ll even let you pick our characters to an extent. see below

here’s what we’re down for:

2 on 2 teams, elimination-style in CvS2, 3s and AE

for singles,

buktooth will take matches in:

CvS2, using any of the following characters:
n-groove, any combination of

c-groove joe yun kim
k-groove kyo rock geese

3s, using

AE, using
ST chun
HF ryu

HSFA, using
CE ryu
CE ken
CE sagat
a1 bison
a1 ken
a2 chun
a2 ken
a2 ryu
a3 v-sim

Alex Valle is down for:

3s, using

CvS2, using c-ryu ken sagat

AE, using
hella different ryus
CE bison

HSFA, using
hella shit

buk i wanna play your K team.

Loser buys beer.

Will ANY bets be denied? Are “free wins” the only bets to be taken? How many times can one bet if they are winning? Do you have to have a team?

You both are killing yourselves if you only have ST chun, Ryus and CE bison. I suppose Valle and Bison are the ace in the whole but, have you thought out the AE bets? Am I reading correctly? I can pick my bet?

Wow. Is there some sort of OG rule? I just see 10 OGs taking your money in AE since they can pick their opponent.

So, there should be a set bet per player. Deciding at Evo is kind of fixing things. You can refuse anyone that you know will beat you or only accept weak bets. Pretty shady. I hope that isn’t the case and the bet is just honest. So, how about a fair bet for all?

damn, you bitches getting crazy.

You fellas have a bet! :tup:

for some reason I can see a lot bets being denied. Munchkins know all about that.

think this through. if i was only accepting “free” matches i definitely wouldn’t be taking matches in AE 3s or HSFA. i barely even play any of those games. i also wouldn’t be taking matches with all those wacky characters in cvs2

i don’t think there’s gonna be any match we’re just gonna straight up refuse. japanese people, justin, whoever wants to take our money can step up and play. the bets may be small, but we’ll still take them

and how is this shady? all we’re doing is encouraging people to play us by having a station open and a sign up. if TheGrape1 were to start a thread saying “money match me” and i were to challenge him with a $500 cvs2 match, would he be shady for turning that down?

chill out, there’s nothing different about these money matches than any other ones you see on these boards

ill take cvs2 and 3s for both of you for 20$ each pick whatever you want

ill play you both in cvs2, prolly 10 apiece. this should be fun + educational! :tup:

Ill do the same as skisonic on cvs2… should be fun :slight_smile:

you guys seem very well organized…can i cap some of this?

I’m in. $10 a piece on CvS2, friendly matches, pick whoever you want.

–Jay Snyder

uh-oh. LOL this guy still thinks he knows the story. O_O

I like how you don’t get at your fellow EC that refused to play me for money.

Also, I would leave the trolling to Vercette. He is already king of following me everywhere.


I’m in.

5$ per match in cvs2. Use whoever you guys want.

@@!@!!!@@#~Practice Up Kids!!@@!@@#@!!@@@!

Awww, Valle. I wanted to play your Chipp at GGXX Slash. :smiley: No money required, just for fun if you wanted. Or we can put some cash in on it.

I never assumed that anything was shady. I said that I hope that it isn’t because lots of these bets turn out to be. You know, scrub walks up and you bet 20. Choi walks up and you bet 1. I’m just saying that you’re the house and can control the wins and losses from the monetary side.

I mean, what’s a small bet? Chill out? Do you mean I shouldn’t ask questions? I’m not heated. I’m just trying to get the scoop on what looks stupid. I couldn’t understand why you would give your money away like that.

I love the booth idea though.

we dont control anything. just like the hypothetical situation of us only betting 1 against choi, the scrub can opt to only bet 1 against us. money matches are a two way thing; its not like we’re forcing anybody to do anything. also most people know who we are (or else they wouldn’t be money matching us), so it’s not like we’re tricking anybody either

if anything, we have the disadvantage since people get to pick our characters (to an extent)

on that note, i take it you’d like some AE money matches? :tup:

I’ll mirror Campbell with the C-groove team…for a white russian. Just…
…don’t let Kim anywhere near it.

Mr. Valle, I’m looking forward to playing your ST Ryu!! :tup: