Valley Community College / Cal State SB


Hello peeps. Anyone interested or need help starting casuals at CSUSB? We have em at Valley, why can’t you guys have some lol…


Yea I definitely wanna get something going at CSUSB. What day/times do you guys have yours at Valley? I’m gonna look into reserving rooms in student union building so we don’t to pay the stupid fee in the “gamers lounge”


WTF?! I was living off of College ave! Now I’m in redlands with a 3bdrm apt by myself.
I would of loved to have you guys kick it. But I’m still at CSUSB. keep us updated or hell my place once in awhile is cool.


Oh yeah. Starting the 17th of January we are going to have Casuals for Brawl & Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 from 12pm to 5pm Monday - Thursday at our Cyber Lounge in front of Student Book Store. But we only have two TV’s.

@Rumble82: WHAT THE FUDGE!!! DUDE!!! I live off of College/Citadel. xDDD


Heck yeah go for it lol. Starting the 17th I will be open Monday - Friday after 12pm, I usually go to the lounge right after class or I might even go up to CSUSB to help you guys if you host it there.


Hmm been looking for some casuals near by me hope I can come to this…


So how’s the turn out for this?

Edit: Also, is this the valley thats infront of the Swap Meet?


I’m sure it is. So what’s up fellas?


Is there anything at valley this week?


Brawl? Are you fu***** kidding? Not melee huh? Anyways I’m just trying to see if these still go on??? Trying to get some AE games in


No one seems to reply anymore. I tried pming king but no reply.


That’s dissapointing :\ oh well I’ll probably be at UCR on Fri. or my boy Lak’s house for some casuals(if he throws them this weekend) I only throw casuals at my house every once and a while. PM me if you want more details.


Why what’s wrong with brawl?


What isnt wrong with brawl? Just kidding.


Oh geez come on are we really going to get into this? Look this isn’t another mindless bashing on Smash, I should know, I used to be part of that community way back in the melee days, and I knew how to play both games well, and any true Smash player will tell you that Brawl single-handily killed the community.


Well okay, but I like brawl better

  • noted :wink:


Anything going on anymore?