[okay i know this is last minute but i had to figure out my schedule]


Captain: Joe Dubbs

Where: Destructive’s pad [check the sf4 valley resurrection thread or pm me for directions]
When: 3/19/10 Friday 6pm [call if ur going to be late]
How much??: $5
Format:: 2/3 double elimination. when we reach a top 8, it will be round robin.

as of right now there aren’t enough players in the valley letting me kno they’re alive or whatever so hopefully you can get people knowing about this shit so we can get this shit pappin son!

i mean shit, i got from glendale to calabasas to oxnard to simi valley to valencia in my region and i cant get more than 10 people interested?!

… cmon son… get the f-ck up outta here with that bullsh*t, i know u fools are out there somewhere so come through and besides, im filling up 4 spots so there’s definitely a chance to flex nuts and snatch a spot.

i need a head count so just post in this thread and let me kno wuts good and ill put ur name down. thanks.:smokin:

c’mon son… you already know I want that spot… im in

Joe you need to add more detail to the post. But the quals will start PROMPTLY at 6 pm, unless we get a good reason from someone to hold of for an hour or so, cause I have to be up early saturday. Please let either myself, or Joe know that you’ll be attending the quals on friday

Me, Pyro, Vinny and Ty are in.

You do know this is for SF4 right kobe?

Mr. Dubbz. I will be attending :tup:

i kinda already said that exact same thing. it starts at 6. call if ur gonna be late. only people i expect calling me are people who are buttfuck far making a serious MISH out to our part of the valley.

The second part wasn’t directed toward you joe, I was merely reitterating the fact that the qualifier will be starting promptly, cause I can’t wait for fools to show up at 11 when I have to be up at 6 am.
I also think this thread needs to be moved to the tourney/events section too. I can help you edit the first post when you come over later, or if you want to now…
-The Date of the quals
-The city of the quals
those 3 things are supposed to be in the title, and probably a little more detail about the round robin (if you’re planning on doing it danisen style, or what not)


real shit, to those who havent been to destructives. i suggest just browsing out the first post of the valley resurrection thread.

its mad chill and comfy, just dont be a slob.

Good Stuff on making an official post Joe. You know I’ll be there for sure. I also told four local Valley players about the qualifiers so they’ll try and make it out if they can.

Thanks for the heads up today Joes Dubbs you know RoTb will be there in full effect!!! We aiming for those 4 spots!!! RoTb Represent and Santa Maria Valley Represent lol

good shit. u homies have been coming through to support the denjin ranbats and now this?! ur loyalty is godlike

Haha I thought somebody would say something considering Joey forgot to mention that this is for SF4.

I’ll be able to bring 3s for other people if they are interested but no sf3 tourney.

Was a joke, but I guess no one got it except you. Not even Joseph.


BTW, you can take my joke in many different ways, maybe I’m dead serious about us trying out for the team.

no seriously. qualifiers are cancelled. im using my power as captain of the ship to just select my team and its gonna be yi, vinny, pyro, and ty. sorry about this thread. but thanks for showing support…

… oh and the game is going to be 3s. LOL

[to everyone else: its a joke]

We can win in SF4.

agreed, we should start PROMPTLY at 6, no bullshit. (some of us got wifey time later that night… :smokin:)

i shall attend mr. dubz…sorry i wasnt giving you a straight answer last night, i was tired as fuck, i had been up for 24 hours by the end of the night, barely made it home dude, it was like there were weights taped to my eyes:zzz: . but now that ive had a good 6 hours of sleep, my head is clear and i can tell you that yea ill be there dude.