No 3s at my place friday. This shit’s already gonna take a while, and I can’t afford people getting distracted by other games. Plus, There’s not really gonna be any room for it

Hey i need directions for the tournament please

PM Destruct1ve for directions since its at his spot. if he dosent respond in time, PM me your number and Ill let him know. :slight_smile:

had anyone else planned on coming that didn’t speak with myself or Joe directly? If you haven’t and start pm’ing me tomorrow at 4pm, I’m going to ignore you. So please let Mr. Dubbington and myself know you’re interested in competing tomorrow. Have a fantastic day, its gorgeous outside!

one question is it ps3 or 360? so i know what sticks to bring

i’ll be rolling tonight, 'round 6…

pm address plz

best sagat in the wc might make an appearance

a reminder to all, The tournament will be starting promptly at 6pm. There is 1 person showing up at 630, I expect the rest of you here by 530 at the very latest (I suggest 4 to beat traffic, and get plenty of warm ups)

Everyone playing in the quals today is welcome to come over anytime between now and the start of the tournament for some casuals

hey i might be a little late as well its a 3hour drive for us but for sure latest 6:30 its 5 of us

send me a text for any info or updates my cell is 805-720-1171

Go Valley!

Go Valley!

on my way now fullpeice, check your thread for some shit ive been working on dawg!:cool: