Valley/Southbay/OC - People Who Are Not Going To EVO - READ!

Sup people. I wanted to try and get a feel and possible headcount from people from the Valley/Southbay/OC who are not going to EVO this year. Reason being, I’m trying to get people together who aren’t going to EVO this weekend. I know some people aren’t going so I thought it would be kinda cool if we had a BBQ and some games at my house in the Southbay. I’m talking mainly to the people who are planning to go to Japan and not EVO but doesn’t exclude people from showing up. So let me know if you’re interested. I’ve got some TVs, just need people to bring consoles and controllers. I’ll get most of the food and drinks/beer(beer for the people I know only and are of age) but if people want extra food, donations would be appreciated or bring something. I don’t mind it being a all day thing. BBQ for lunch and dinner and into the night for all I care.

Date - Saturday - 8/9/08

Time - TBD

I won’t be going to Evo :sad:

Me either, I was going to go but can’t due to a last minute appointment at the end of the week that can’t get moved so hopefully we can get some people together. I guess will have to wait and see if people respond so I can try to get this BBQ going.

I’m just a broke ass mofo. Damn you SDCC and school tuition! :shakes fist:

If I can’t get enough people by Wednesday to respond, no BBQ on Saturday. So until Wednesday.

Marvel head form the SFV here. I’m not going either, stuff I gotta get done.

Yea same here, just paid a gnarly Bill and have only $40 to my name…(Sigh)
so where and when is ur kixbax gonna happen zero?

Well if we get a few more people, it’ll happen on saturday after I wake up, which is usually after 10 or so. I live in the Southbay near the Los Angeles airport. So wait until then and I’ll confirm with a post late tonight. Sound good?

Sorry not enough people. No BBQ!!!

Hahahahaha no shit. what you actually expect?:looney: