Val's Arcade Stick Build Thread


So with SF4 being released recently I finally have an excuse to use all the parts I had sitting in my closet for a MAME cabinet and build myself a real arcade stick.

So far I’m planning the following for my hardware:
HAPP Perfect 360 Optical Joystick
HAPP Competition Buttons x8
Wireless XBox 360 Controller

The Perfect 360 poses a bit of a problem. Since it uses +5v to run the optical sensors that means I can’t just wire it directly to the 360 controller. I ended up building a simple controller from a Analog Switch(MAX4610) and Inverter(MM74HC4049N). I got the MAX4610 chip as a sample from Maxim and ordered the inverter from Digikey.

Here’s the assembled circut below, the inverter is needed because the P360 is +5v by default and goes to 0 when “contact” is made.

It’s a little hard to make out the circut from the photo but it’s pretty simple. If anyone is interested in a diagram I could probably whip one up quickly.

Next I decided to build a bit of a mock-up to make sure all my parts would fit and that it would be comfortable to play with. I ended up getting some foam board along with 1/2" hardwood for reinforcement.

I’m probably going to move the buttons over half an inch or so but otherwise I’m really happy with it. Feels really solid on your lap and with a bit more weight/padding on the bottom it shouldn’t go anywhere. There’s a slight upward angle on it(1" from front to back).

Here’s the preliminary layout for the inside.

Since this is only the mock-up I plan on building the real box with wood. Right now I’m thinking 5/8" Pine for the box. The top will be 1/2" MDF with a quilted maple veneer stained a dark blue(think guitar top) and plexiglass over that.

Next step right now is finishing up some of the soldering for the controller. The DPad connections can be a downright pain to get right.