Value of issues?

I’ve noticed that a lot of comics that I’ve collected over the years have decreased in value substantially. Do you think it’s possible that eventually issues, like Avengers 20 (Not the original, the one that was the first appearnace of rogue), and other such issues will return to a higher value eventually? it went from about $45 to <$30. I have a lot of other, older issues, that went down as well.

Anything from the 90’s is worth crap. Mostly. The 90’s was an era of gimmicks and it almost marked the death of comic books. Anything predating the 80’s is where the market value is.

Alot of those issues go down in price because people lose interest in them and there isn’t a real purpose to collect them. Now take something like Spidey 3 for instance. It features Venom and the Sandman as it’s two major villains(Harry doesn’t count at the moment). Any of the issues pertaining to them(i.e. origin stories, most important stories, first appearances) will skyrocket in some sort of value. If you have Amazing Spiderman #300, then you’re in luck.

The secondary market is a tricky one considering it goes in phases. Take this as you will.

yeah, i gotcha on that.

What about Web of Spiderman #1? I have that, which is the begining of the symbiote suit. You think upon release of SM3, that might jump up a bit?

That depends. Is there ANYTHING important that happens in that issue? Anything major happening in the issue is the key to it raising in value. The symbiotes very first appearance in Secret Wars(I forget which issue) is what will fetch more value. Stuff like Venom’s first appearance as well will fetch value.

hmm… i see…

that fucking sucks… :’(

I’m collecting New Teen Titans at the moment, and there’s a lot in that age that are heating up…but there ain’t a whole lot after the 80s worth investing in…

you might see an upswing in certain first appearances (Gambit, Rogue) if something significant happens to the characters (Death, Resurrection, etc.), but for the most part, no interest = no value.

if the character isn’t doing anything, they’re not doing anything to direct interest into earlier appearances.

I bought Flash #92 (First appearance of Bart Allen) Just as Infinite Crisis was ending, because I’m a Big fan of Bart.

few weeks later, they announce the new Flash (Bart), and the thing skyrocketed 20 bucks overnight.

so, pray for Rogue to do something significant in the next few years, if you wanna see the value jump.

that sucks, mostly, because i feel that i wasted my allowance every week as a kid to buy comics that are now worthless. i think the two comics i mentioned, an autographed copy of scott/jean’s wedding, and spawn # 1 are my most valuable issues, which is sad, because out of 500+ books, that’s an awfully small number.

if you bought comics for their value, you bought them for the wrong reason.

read 'em.

even the most valuable comics I have ever owned (Several Golden Age Captain Marvels, and the first appearance of Wolverine) were read by me.

the most valuable comics I currently own (The first appearance of the New Teen Titans, The First Appearance of Impulse, and the issue where Speedy is revealed to be a heroin user) are still read by me on occasion (I read Flash #92, and DC Comics Presents #26 just today, actually.)

well, i read them as a kid… but i started getting into collecting them when i was from about 7-13, then grew out of them…

I ain’t tryin’ to rub salt in the wound, but you’re not the first to be burned by speculating in comics.

the market bottomed out around 1995…and is only now picking itself back up out of it…seriously, those were bad times, with horrible stories…

anything produced during the “Speculator’s Glut” of the early 90s is barely worth the paper its printed on, and considering some of the dreck that was churned out in those days, some of it ain’t worth that.

my advice?, if you don’t like READING comics, don’t bother BUYING Comics.

My 300 issues are worth pretty much by now. Won’t be selling though.

All my 80s issues were Dutch translations, otherwise I’d have a small fortune on my hands.

haven’t bought one since im’ 13 taichi… i’m 22 now. so yeah, i already got on that boat.

Like I said, I wasn’t jumping on your back, or trying to make things worse.

I do sympathise, a LOT of people got burned back then.

nono, i got that. i wasn’t accusing you of it… it’s just that i was stupid, young, and yeah… the money’s gone, i’m not worried about that… but i dunno. i just feel bad now though, cuz i haven’t touched them in years.

well, there’s a chance SOMETHING will be worth a bit…and I’m sure that your first appearances are worth more than you’ve put into 'em (provided you didn’t overpay in the first place.

but there ain’t never gonna be another comic as valuable as, say, Hulk 181, or Giant Size X-Men.

I had paid $8 for the first appearance of rogue and $1 for Spawn #1. I think I paid $22 for web of spiderman #1

Spawn is about $15, I think.

Avengers Annual #10 (First Rogue) can be about 100 bucks depending on condition.

You prolly got ripped on Web of Spiderman though.