Valve announces Counter-strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) [PSN/XBLA/Steam, Early 2012]


some early impressions of the beta = )



hopefully it becomes something 1.6 players and source players can agree on

im going in on it either way…play the REAL FPS


Adds CS:GO on PSN/XBLA to the list of: Shit Valve should have done years ago.


Took them 5 1/2 years lol I remember when CSS was rumored to be released on XBLA & PSN 3 years ago.


CS has occupied me more than any other game ever created. I haven’t played in a while because my PC is dying, but I’m not looking forward to the release of this game. God help me.


Yeah because it worked out so well on console the first time, lol.


actually it did work out quite well on original xbox. When Counter-Strike came out and throughout its lifespan it was in the top 10 list of games played on xbox, until Microsoft shut down the servers for all the games.

aslo Counter-Strike was the # 2 game played on xbox when Microsoft shut everything down.

( so unless all those people playing it were wrong, lol - I would say the port was really good actually, especially for a console :slight_smile: )


that xbox port they had of CS was possible one of the worst games I have ever played lol


Just because a ton of people played it doesn’t mean it was good, Hustle. Like Magnet just said, the console port of CS was ASS. It’s just the kind of game that doesn’t translate well to consoles, unless they take the console bat to it like they do with Call of Duty. And if they do that, it really won’t be CS anymore.


Yeah, Valve should have concentrated on CS on Live instead of wasting so much time on the HL2 OG XBox port in '05-what a colossal waste of time that was. Release Half Life 2 on XBox. 7 days before the 360 launches:shake:.

Still, CSS XBLA game should have been a no brainer for them…


health bars?



I agree with those changes being requested for AK and M4. In the hands of someone good at tapping, those were plain godlike. Sniper on the ledge in de_dust? A couple of well aimed AK rounds was all you needed.

Just as long as they don’t regenerate.


I gotta admit, before that ps3 port of The Orange Box I didn’t know or care about Valve…now I’m interested, but I’ll wait before getting pc games (not used to that, owning a console and all). I will be watching to see what all the hype is about, though. Valve does some slick-ass graphics and physics.


wouldn’t be so quick to write off the console ports, especially now that valve themselves are actually working on them. Remember, the CS port on Xbox was handled by Turtle Rock (The fine folks that later gave us L4D1, as well as The Sacrifice DLC) I’d venture to guess, the PS3 version will most likely be superior to the Xbox version due to the inclusion of Steamworks on PS3. So it’ll get far more updates (same as PC version) than the xbox version (which will be massive bundles of updates compiled into one. Every so often, Valve Time.)

Its all really a preference and/or what you have at this point.


Just curious, but you do mean that your computer is a POS right? TF2 has been free for awhile now. You are free to try it and have your mind blown whenever.


In before CoD clone with regenerating health after being shot in the face 4 times. Just wait for that tomato juice to fall off the screen.


No. It just means that outside of The Orange Box and Portal 2, I didn’t know. I don’t keep up with pc games since I don’t game on pc, not having a pc able to do so until I built a quad core that’s pretty damn good (able to run sf4 at around 55+fps on max settings according to the benchmark tool) around sept last year, and I haven’t bought any games for it since it’s the first high-powered pc I ever had, and I’m not used to that kinda thing. I just used to have pcs for going online, playing emus and watching avi’s on, and that’s pretty much what I’m using this one for in addition to video software for changing formats and such and recording tv shows. So Tf2 (a version that gets updates and all) is free? I kinda liked the ps3 version. Kinda. Where do I get it from? Steam?

Edit: nvm, dling now.


Yup. Valve created Steam so it’s highly likely that CS:GO will be released on it as well. Install Steam, and from there you can install the “Free 2 Play” TF2.

There is an in-game store now, so Valve gets profits from whatever aesthetically pleasing item the user wants (hats are like Klondike bars to us)

Post your Steam ID and I’ll send you an invite to the SRK steam group! :smiley:


I’ll try…but it’s been showing “Steam working: creating account” since I edited my post.