Vambat - Spring 2007

Starting this month(w/ today’s impromptu tourney), Vambat’s will be held every thursday. the main place to meet is in the irc channel #srkvampire. I’m thinking to end it, the last week of may, or april. though, tenatively may for now.

show 9pm EST(Easter standard time, make sure to adjust accordingly for west-coast players plz.). there is a 5 minute window for entry call

rankings I believe are much akin to apex:

(number of players/your final placing)*100

with a 10% loss of points for every week.

if you can’t do the math, don’t worry, i probably will(not to sound like an ass).

if you do not have access to irc(or you do not know a site with java irc), post here, or aim message me/whomever decides to run it that day.

other rules:

have your mame internet setup tested out, and configured. an automatic dns goes should configuring be needed.

server to be played on is chosen between players
1 round check(if necessary) to see if the given server is playable
2/3 wins match, 3/5 for semis, 4/7 grand finals
no being an ass.
suspicious desynchs/disconnects will put you on vambat probation or w/e(i.e. play nice)
-when the outcome of a match is determine’d, use this as a sample example, when posting it on the irc chat:

Dai-go(bb) 4-1 gb(fel)

if you need abbreviations, dont worry… make them up, as long as we all understand them


April 19th Vanbat

7-keo, fmj, ROF (due to dnf)

Rankings(updated 4/19/07):

2855.88 gb
2283.75 jmin
981.9 kicks
882.75 wafflez
863.82 dai-go
764.82 hitaro
545.85 koh
515.52 aya
387.09 sdfjkln
386.7 rhythm1c
295.2 chibibobo
253.26 mstramado
180 BoringRyu
176.85 harem
128.5714286 keo
128.5714286 fmj
128.5714286 ROF
73.8 dandy_j
73.8 fadedsun
63.72 rushedown

latest feed(4/19/07):

Total time run:2.0 hrs

RR with 8 people

That went really quick for an impromptu online tournament. gg’s all

Usin’ my character GB?!!
I got a heaven spike with all ya’ll’s name on it!

come represent her :arazz:

ill play to rep my bish yo

You can count on it, my brutha! Thanks for putting this on BTW!

Nice structure, every occuring day of a month not a bad idea. I’ll try and participate next one.

i could join those ranbats if you’d make it 8pm, 9pm is a little late.

i really hate school sometimes.

Then go to bed a bit earlier Wednesday or Friday if you can’t stand the hour of sleep lost ;p

And just so we’re clear, I KNOW I’M FUCKING BAD (or whatever rank you want to give me.) I know that constantly falling for your simple stuff makes me an idiot, I know that different people will play a different style even though it’s crap, I know I lack control in almost everything I do, and I know all this beacause I THINK IT’S FUCKING OBVIOUS.

Jeez, do you know how fucking annoying/insulting it is when people tell you stuff that’s fucking obvious to you? I know nobody can read minds or anything like that, but I seriously think people think I’m a moron or something -.-

That felt good. Hopefully some people’ll read this.

dont feel stupid for falling for that shit… idiot :P… you’re not the first to get annoyed as shit by demitris

be patient, which seems like obvious advice, but you really get heated over the simple stuff when you shouldn’t (like against demitri & victor.) so cool down and take thing in stride plz.

Again, I know all of that. Demitri is the ST of VS. But most of what Ryu did was obvious, imo, but I still get hit and it pisses off.

I’m guessing that’s my teen angst; getting confused over simple shit and thinking that others think I’m retarted (intentional damnit)(though this is partly true; I was talking to a random girl at school about a guy who acts retardedly (he was a “really” retarded kid) and she told me “Well don’t you know how much of a retard you look like?”)

yo, then he was playing demitri right, if you were getting annoyed and careless. there are better things in life to get pissed at, like dumb bitches.

Next vambat I will do my best to make!

Gah -.-

Just be thankful you can air block in this game.

OMG hax

Of all days why thursday!?! :frowning:
I need to get up at 6:30 GMT+1 am on Fridays. And 9pm EST is like 2 or 3 am GMT+1. In other words. No way I could every make it, without a serious lack of sleep the next day. Any other day is fine for me though. But yeah, just see what you’ll do :stuck_out_tongue:

next season we will try tuesday @ 8:30 ^_^… mebbe earlier.

So, when is the next meet up? I want to get in. I started playing the game again and I want to refresh myself and get better.

We are always on the IRC Channel, I’ve been a bit busy lately but if you ask the others might play you.

SRKvampire on EFnet

rankings and whatnot updated.

note the new rule on being prepared before a match