Vambat - Summer 2007

So, a month has gone by, and summer is here at the end of this month.

i’ll fish for the old rules later, but there is one change, regarding points decay. it was originally 10 percent, but this session I believe i will bump it up to 20%.

further rules regarding desynchs will be clarified… but thats for another day.

what I need to know is what times/days are good for pples to play, while still having a life.

For sure, this has to happen again, Saturday for the win.

If anyone wants in on an open discussion about the ranbats, please join our IRC channel, it’s in my sig.

Either Friday evening or Saturday evening would be great for me. My school has ended though; so even sunday I can come.

We need more feedback on this people, if you are still interested!

Saturday evening is the best for me if I want in on this.

I’m interested of course. Not sure what’s a good day/time though.

I am still down for this.
I need to start getting back into the irc channel more often it seems. >_>

I would like to start playing again. Saturday or Sunday would be best for me.

Moar Vambats for the love of God, yes.

For sure, it’s gonna happen soon, just need to find out more of “what people want”.