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Unique Attacks:

:f: + :mk: - Island Mirage
:f: + :hk:, :hk: - Satellite Moon Hot Plate Special
:d: + :lp:, :mk:, :d: + :hk:, :hk: - Rasteila to Circle Kick
:d: + :lp:, :mk:, :d: + :hk:, :lk: - Rasteila Chibata
:d: + :lp:, :mk:, :d: + :hk:, :mk: - Rasteila to Low Kick 2
:d: + :lp:, :mk:, :d: + :hk:, :mk:, :hk: - Rasteila to Heran Bago
:d: + :lp:, :mk:, :d: + :hk:, :mk:, :mk: - Thong Bikini to Low Kick 2
:d: + :lp:, :f: + :mk: - Negativa to Meia Lua Combo
:d: + :lp:, :mk: - Negativa to Armada Combo
:d: + :lp:, :mk:, :d: + :hk:, - Armada to Rasteila
:lp:, :f: + :mp: - One Two Elbows
(Far) :mp: :mk: - Gancho Chibata


:hcb: + :p: (EX) - Double Arm Stinger
:hcb: + :k: (EX) - Twister Sweep
[LEFT]--------------------------:f: - Twister Front Stinger[/LEFT]
[LEFT]:qcf: + :k: (EX) - Handstand[/LEFT]
[LEFT]--------------------------:p: - Helicopter[/LEFT]
[LEFT]--------------------------:k: - Batucada[/LEFT]
[LEFT]--------------------------:d: + :k: - Perch Flop Kick[/LEFT]
[LEFT]--------------------------:f: - Front Stinger[/LEFT]
:qcf: + :p: (EX)(CH) - Wheel Kicks

Super Art:

:qcf: + :3p: - Wheel Kicks Sao Paulo Special


Christie is a freaking boss so far… between her overhead mix ups, hand-stance, and ambiguous dash cancel she is really looking like a force to be reckoned with. Anyone find any interesting tech???


Damn, there wasnt a thread for Christie? no love for the Capoeira swag? =[

Anyways, anyone having issues with trial 17? i keep getting the c.LP~s.MK boost combo instead of her c.LP~ s.MK string, which is impossible to do unless you try to do 2 jabs beforehand (the combo in the trial) -_-

This makes no sense to me lol, was wondering if anyone else is having the same problem or is it just me doing something wrong >_>


Yeah man I have the same problem. I just assumed it was glitched because I do the combo it just doesn’t register the negativa for some reason. WTF?


You have to delay the sMK slightly for some reason, proabably a bug.


I was using her a lot, but didn’t make many notes. One thing for sure though, her c.MP is a kick-ass whiff punisher, specially if you have meter.

c.MP > s.HP xx QCF PP, c.LP s.MK (not sure if this chain is correct), HCB HP does over 400 damage if I recall correctly and can punish stuff from nearly halfscreen away.



oh okay. thanks man.


Hmmm… keep me posted. I love me some girl characters – obviously.


Shit i thought it was just me for trial 17. I can sometimes get it by delaying it, but often it doesn’t work. eff that.

Heres the deal. I find her suffering from the viper complex. She starts off being really difficult to learn due to her awkwardness. However, as more and more people play her you will widdle her down until you understand her goals and what she excels at. Example…look at Xaioyu. Players really took that character and said “okay, this is what’s good about her so we should be doing this” rather than trying to use EVERYTHING under the sun all the time.

I really wish we had frame data for her.

Edit: I found it a lot easier when I slowed the WHOLE combo down. Hit the two jabs as late as you can, and treat the d.lp xx as a d.lp > You can time it all almost the same rhythm.


HA! I saws what you dids there.


What is this ambiguous dash cancel that you speak of?


So what are people’s damage counts so far? I’ve managed to get up to about 562 damage with three meters with Christie, and about 434 with one bar.


Does it make a difference if you hold fwd during the two jabs beforehand or not? Strangely enough whenever the combo is blocked/dropped the d.lp, comes out just perfectly…makes no sense to me.


Demon: Not sure if Christie was built to deal big damages. She has very good pokes to punish, to poke and apply pressure on the opponent, getting counterhits.
Her is awesome(kind of like Yun’s sf4), a shame the range is not bigger(though, it would be too much godlike).
When I started to train with her, I thought she was kind of low tier, but now, I don’t know. Could be really good with a proper partner. I’m playing kuma so the team’s synergy is not that good, but that’s ok.
Don’t really figured any usefulness to her stance, though. HQF is so good for pressure I don’t want to use anything else.
Can’t wait to see her frame data.


I spent some time with Christie in trials/training mode, the range on her normals is insane! Do you guys know that her St.Mk is so good? It was being Ryu’s Cr.Mk with great ease!


So, what finishing combos does she have after a launcher from her partner, I can’t really figure this one out.


Didn’t experiment much with post-launcher combos, but I was doing c.:lp:, :mk: xx Stinger


I thought I would main Alisa but after fooling around with Christie a bit in training mode I think I’ll play her instead with Yoshimitsu. :smiley: She’s easy to use, does great damage and has good reset potential. Plus she seems to have good air to air normals. Only thing is I wish her forward dash was a little faster and that she had some crumple or bounce properties on some counter hits. Also, I really wish she could Launcher after her ground bounces.

Anyway, I found some nasty setups with my team that are going to make a few people rage I can feel it. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to try them out online.

st.hp (2 hits) xx HP Stinger does more damage btw.


At least from what I remember from my tests on the hacked version, c.:hp: doesn’t let you combo into her heavy Stinger but the chain does. Heavy Stinger did more damage, doing more damage overall.

However, when comboing into her super, c.:hp: is way better.


Sorry it’s standing fierce. You get the 2 hits then combo into HP Stinger. Yoshi doesn’t even launch that high and I can do it consistently.