Vampire Chronicles for Matching Service Thread

Damn…this title is hard to find. I REALLY want it so if anyone knows how to obtain a copy for Dreamcast PM me. If you have a copy, post here how and when you got it and how much it cost (!)

try here…

but be warned, it’s 80 bucks, not really worth it since you could get a saturn with the game for that price and have a superior version, or mod your xbox and play em…[TOS Police]

later B.

Wha? I thought that they only released Vampire Chronicle for Dreamcast? I know they released Vampire Hunter and Vampire Saviour for Saturn, but did they have Chronicle too?

If you get them from Toys n Joys expect to wait

it was a month before I got my copy and I had to harass them

Yea i got it burned for dreamcast for free and i self boots so it works fine on my cast and its import original so if u want to see if u can get a copy hit me up also there selling the game on for about 89 to 100 bucks :lame: i know ight peace out guys