Vampire Chronicles Thread


Ok this is the DC game that has all the diff types you can pick, hunter, vampire, savior, savior 2…

Any help with this game would be helpful.


great ‘forgotten’ gem.
VC is awesome but forget any real disussion lasting more than a few posts and the thread dies.

Personal favorite of mine is Raptor.
I wish his Hunter and Vampire type retained his original FP throw but they retained the toned down version from VS in all his incarnations.

Who are you playing and I’ll lend my advise.



lord rator is the man


i haven’t really choosen a chareacter this is my first darkstalkers type game…who would you reccomend? And what are the important techniques?


Anyone have a tier list for this game?


No one has a tier list for Vampire Chronicles, as far as I know… Just Vampire Savior arcade (without Donovan, Pyron, and Huitzil).

Vampire Chronicles is a nice game, but I actually have issues with it. For one, it’s not accurate. Many things that worked in the opriginal Vampire Savior does not work in Vampire Chronicles (Lilith’s Standing Roundhouse does not hit twice, her Dashing Jab can’t be Comboed after, Felicia’s Dashing Strong hits too slow, etc.). Not only that, but the graphics of Vampire Chronicles are awful. Okay, maybe not that bad, but they aren’t good. If you put on Vampire Savior on the Saturn and compare it side by side with Vampire Chronicles for DreamCast, you’ll see a huge difference. The DC version appears squished and “fuzzy”.

The same goes for Alpha 3 for DreamCast: things aren’t arcade perfect (like Adon no delay uppercut and broken VCs).

The reason for this, I suspect, is that the DC version of Vampire Chronicles and Alpha 3 were MOSTLY just ports from their PlayStation counterplarts (Alpha 3 and DarkStalkers 3). Those inaccuracies existed there and they have the same “look”. I mean, look at MvC2 and CvS2 compared to Vampire Chronicles… why do they look so clear and Vampire Chronicles looks so fuzzy?

But enough about complaining about it. It’s still good, though I will play the Saturn version over this one on any given day. The only thing you’re missing is the different “Grooves”, and IMO they don’t really add much to it outside of Vampire B.B.Hood (who is just plain sick, IMO… :D) and Vampire Hsien-Ko (Dashing Fierce is too fun!). Maybe a few other things here and there, but IMO, I’d rather play the Saturn Vampire Savior because it’s cleaner looking, more arcade accurate, and just a purer game overall.

I should play Chronicles more, though, to get a better feel for the alternate Grooves of the characters… and to justify the price I paid for that darned game. Grrrr…

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I payed $20 for mind when I was in Japan at a store called book box. Lucky me I guess. Yeah it’s a good game but if you played it on saturn first then you might have some complaints like the guy above me. I feel his pain. Yeah if you want help you have to be character specific. Personally I like Sasquatch, Galleon and Q.Bee. rushdown city.


Alright you guys know anything on demitri?


James Chensor is getting into “grooves” in a vampire game???:confused::confused::confused:


jchensor: are there any other differences between VC and VS? Me interested. :slight_smile:

Just wanting to know since most of the infinites and weird combos still seem to work in VC. But I just wanna know what I’m missing out on. I tend to see VC having less hitstun than VS, but I could be wrong.

And can Sas connect his qcf PP after an attack in arcade or SS VS? For some odd reason he could in the PS version, but not in VC. I dun have SS VS anymore so I can’t try out things. ;_;

About the other thread about why Sas is top tier, some reasons could be cuz he has good grabs (one that actually is a combo starter as well), great DF (the armor one) where you can do chain combos during dashes and into infinite until DF wears off, pretty quick rush down, easy links (not as easy as Bulleta’s though), etc.


I’d say Dmitiri, Lei Lei, Morrigan, and Lilith are top tier in the game…maybe Q-Bee.


Demitri’s a fairly simple character to figure out, and fairly menancing once you learn how to take advantage of moves and his dash.

In VC, I stick with the version found in the original Vampire Hunter. I tend to like the properties of his projectile, especially since it soaks up a bit more space on screen, especially the EX Chaos Flare. The VC version stuns your opponent for a very short time, but it’s benefits are negotiable when you consider the amount of time it takes Demitri to recover for another attack. The EX version has a longer stun window.

Demitri’s normals are all pretty useful. Although I do believe the range on FP and FK has been shortened over time, they still retain excellent reach. The s.MK works well as an anti-air. Spend some time getting comfortable with these.

The Bat Spin (d,db,b+K) is a great move, but it works best if used conservatively. It activates quickly and can be done anywhere on the screen, but since the opening frames telegraph the move (i.e. Demitri disappears in a puff of smoke and reappears in the air before he dives into the opponent) it’s easy to simply block and retaliate with a Guard Cancel. I’ve performed in the middle of an air chain, and managed to successfully avoid being countered. It comes down to timing and positioning with this move.

Interestingly enough, the Demon Cradle (uppercut/anti-air) is one very versatlile move. It can be performed vertically or–like its traditional counterparts–at an angle. The EX version registers more hits. If you dash backwards, the Demon Cradle will fly out at the same angle that it does during a forward dash. I’ve used that as bait to land the full EX from time to time.

More later.


There were a few more differences I found, but for now, I can’t remember them anymore. It was a while ago, when I was trying to make a Combo Video for Vampire Savior and was finding that some things worked for VS but not VC. I remember another character, for example, was given a much shorter delay on a Dashing attack, allowing for easier Combos, but I don’t remember which one. I remember this because they increased the delay on Lilith’s Dashing Jab, but shortened it for someone else. This presented problems for me in my Combo Video because I’d have to have a lot of commnts such as: “Works on VC only, not on VS” and stuff like that.

Unfortuantely, the COmbo Video was never completed anyhow. :frowning: So hard to find time these days… but maybe one of these days, as I’m in no danger of Vampire ever getting old. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was told by BAS it was mainly because of his Dashing Fierce (like a Low Jump Down + Fierce from Kyo) and his Special Throws. That’s odd to me, because, it sounds as if the character needs to be on the floor in order for this to work. Characters like Anakaris and Q.Bee and Jedah spend most of their time in the air, and characters like Demitri spends most of his time across the screen away from you. So I gotta wonder how effective it really can be…

I’d still like to see it for myself, truth be told.

And sorry for calling things “Grooves” (back during Alpha’s prime, I was calling them “Isms”… ^_^). I’m just too used to it. I dunno what else to call it at this point.

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allow me to strongly urge you to finish a combo vid for either VS or VC. All of your work is beyond exceptional so I know it will be worth the effort and find great appreciation from the Darkstalker community.

If nothing else send me a VHS tape of you playing.:cool:

I too would love to see some more of the Japanese players in action. I seem to remember on the last VS thread someone mentioned they have monthly VS tournaments in Shinjuku.
Too good.

Vampire is the Key



An exaggeration, if anything. ^^ My work is always good for the time, because I do everything before people find out the real stuff. ^^ Watching my old MvC2 videos, these days, make me want to hide under a rock, because they are so poor compared to anything people are putting out today like the Meikyousisui team put out for MvC2. Of course, people will argue, ‘For the TIME your stuff was great!’… I guess that is true, but I’m sad that I never follow through to match the level of the Japanese at Combos.

If I have time, I will put out the Vampire Savior Video. It wasn’t gonna be a Combo Video, per se, but more of a fun project for my own that had some cool Combos in it. :slight_smile: Now that I’ve all but completed Mario Sunshine (and have gotten some of my free time back), maybe I’ll pick up work on it again. :stuck_out_tongue:

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“for it’s time”?
hmm maybe so but then again I still loved your old Darkstalkers MvC2 combo vid

I’d love to see some Darkstalker stuff. I recently picked up a Gamest VS tape which has some very good high level play. I only wish the US had some scene going on even if it was a closet scene of players who would hook up once a year and play some 'stalkers. I know a few guys who play in Atlanta and met at least two guys from NYC but other than that I’ve barely played my VC or VS in a year.:bluu:



jchensor: Ah, doing a combo vid? Same as me. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m mainly stuck with VC since I don’t got a SS, so I’m not sure what works and what not. But I still got a lot of stuff that works in VC, and some with the olders “grooves/versions”.

So what stuff have ya discovered for VS so far? Combo-wise that is. :slight_smile:


More Demitri:

General Stuff:

Negative Stolen (360+P) not as useful damage wise as most other special throws in the game, and that motions doesn’t help matters much, either. If you’re very comfortable with 360 moves, then by all means use it. It’ll provide you with another weapon in your close game, and Demitri needs help there more than anywhere else.

Put Demitri’s dash to good use. You should already be using it to land the angled Demon Cradles, but its usage goes a bit further than that. I believe that you can perform specials at about any point in the dash. I don’t remember whether or not this is true, and even though I play the game often enough, I can’t quite remember where the dash becomes interruptable. If not, at some point near the very end it is definitely so. Use that period to break into Demon Cradle’s, Bat Spin’s, Chaos Flares, Negative Stolens (360+P), and supers, if you like.

Of all Demitri’s supers, I believe the Midnight Pleasure (LP,MP,F+MK,MK Level 2) is the easiest to land, if only for the fact that you can perform it in the middle of a jump-in combo; at the time of activation, unlike the Midnight Bliss (D,F,DF+PP) , the super activates and connects almost within an instant. The later super is given away by Demitri’s come hither pose, and his slow advance toward the opponent, a characteristic which gives you ample time to eat a ducking FK, Climb Razor, Shadow Blade, etc… Even at close range it’s still a fair risk, so watch where you place it. Again, you can use the dash to help you get into position.

The Demon Billion (F,D,DF+KK) works great as an anti-air, but the thing you’ll have to work on most with this super is landing all the hits: if you’re not careful, you’ll get some of the hits from the top level bats, but none from those below. It’s fast enough to punish missed attacks, but like every missed Demitri super, it’ll take a while to recover if you miss.

Use the Dark Force to get in some nasty combos, followed by an EX pursuit attack; provided you finish the combo with a ducking FK. I don’t use the DF as much as I would like to, but it’s another tool at your disposal.

That’s all for now.


cool thanks, what would be some good combos with him?


A Vampire Savior Gamest tape, eh? Actually, I’d be really curious to see that… Is there any way I could procure a copy of that from you, Ted?

Persona: Yes, I’ve seen some of your Combos before on the stuff. ^^ You’ll notice a Rikuo Combo I have in my “will-it-ever-be-released?” video very very similar to yours… but rest assured, I made it up long ago before I saw yours… so I’m not biting. ^^

Combo-wise, nothing in the game really comes out to be too fancy. I’m mostly working on doing some Links + Buffers and trying to get Dashes into Combos. I’ve got some other interesting stuff, but don’t want to spoil it for everyone. E-mail me at if you want to discuss privately. :slight_smile:

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