Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection for PS2


Does anyone know if this collection is any good? I wanted to give them a try after hearing about Darkstalkers 4 and seeing some videos of the games around YouTube. Looks good, anyone know?


Good, if you can play import NTSC-J PS2 titles.


I can. So are they arcade perfect?


No, they aren’t, but they are pretty close.

The most “Arcade perfect” thing on consoles is the Saturn port of Vampire Hunter, as far as i know there are any “arcade perfect” Darkstalkers games on consoles or handhelds.


You can make your judgment by hoping on GGPO and see if you like Vampire Savior.


Actually, the vampire ps2 collection only suffers extra input lag.
As for the Saturn vampire hunter arcade perfect was only in mirror matches with the 4meg ram cart.


The PS2 collection is generally considered the most accurate port available.


Its the best console port to get a feeling of what Darkstalkers is about.


get it.


What kind of input lag?
Play impossible?
By the way that a re-Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection (CapKore) 12/14/06? What is the difference?


There is only one type of input lag (Shit is just delayed). The lag is noticeable but not impossible to play.
Capkore version is just a reprint just different art on the cover.


And so it is not fixed a? poorly


Not good at testing these kinds of things but the info came from Japanese players stating that their is frame delay of about 1 frame for (not sure) p1 or p2 side in vsav. Not sure about the other game ports (vampire 1, hunter 1, savior 2, and hunter 2) they seem pretty solid to me. TBH, I can’t feel the lag myself and this version is the most complete version coming with multiple games and all the characters so you can’t really go wrong with this version.


It’s probably the best you’re doing to do without a supergun.


This is one of the most accurate ports for the whole series. Get it!


Maybe because of the chip’s input lag PS2? Defective Modbo xD
Would you recommend buying this collection? We want to remember with your friends and make a home-type tournament for one TV. That was the time =)


[LEFT]It’s the closest thing you can get besides getting a supergun. I had audio issues when playing. Some of the music cuts out.[/LEFT]


so as far as accuracy and input lag for this versus playing MAME or FBA on PC, which will be closer?


Well you should already know that MAME has more input lag vs. FBA, so FBA?


well I mean Darkstalkers Collection vs any of the emulators. they’re saying PS2 has input lag, but of course MAME and FBA will too in varying degrees so curious how they compare.