Vampire Darkstalkers Collection

Is this any good? The most I’ve played of Darkstalkers is with the characters in MvC2 and CFE, maybe a bit of Darkstalkers 1, 2, 3 or whatever on someone’s ps1 back in the day, essentially noobfests. I’ve been wanting to get into the series badly but everything confuses me. The omission of certain characters, game orders, systems, etc., but I tried to sort some of this out on wiki. All I know is I used to like the Talbain guy and in crossovers i sometimes play Felicia and BB Hood. Is this a worthy import?

there are threads for both hunter and savior (2&3)

Oh damn. I’m an idiot. I was searching and looking for “Darkstalkers”, thinking it was odd that I couldn’t find one here. I forgot the “Vampire” name. Sorry. Delete/close this thread please.