Vampire Hunter / NightWarriors: Darkstalker's Revenge


It’s time for it’s own thread. Ever since the first Darkstalker’s Combination Cup (which had both Savior and Hunter) there’s been a bit of a revival in Japan. Now there’s an influx of new vids on top of the older ones that have been around for awhile.

There’s tons of vids on Youtube thanks to ToyRobotTerror, Soh85 and some combo videos from Taikoubou. G.O.T. is also working on breaking up the GameST video into single character tutorials.

There’s information out there, but it’s also in Japanese:
Tier list -
Hunter data -
(use a translator like google and you can get a general idea of what’s written)

For people wondering about the overall differences between Hunter and Savior:
Slower, more of an old SF pace compared to Savior’s fast marvel-style pace.
No tech push, guard cancel command is different for every character.
Jumping attacks can be linked but not chained, and they can be whiff “cancelled” for meter building.
Standard round/health bar system.
No Dark Forces, but power up supers still have startup invincibility.
Character specfic move changes (moves added/removed and changed commands).

Quick Link thread: Newly updated 03-16-2013! Links to other sub-forums too!

Hunter > savior :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting this up.


My first time playing Vampire Hunter on 2-11-08:


This might be a noob question but when using donovans devil super move. How do you stop him from flying back?

Whenever I do it, Even if I try to hold forward as it starts, He always flies back. Thus I can never actually hit anybody with it as it always just gets blocked.
I want to be able to do what daigo does in this vid.

Being able to use it against wakeup would make it hella useful but I can never seem to stop him from flying back before getting him foward.
anybody know what is up with that?


Donovan always flies back when you perform the Change Immortal super unless it connects in its initial phase. I don’t know the frame data but I believe its invincible at startup.

In the vid Diago nails the Lei-Lei player twice at Change Immortal’s startup frames by first buffering the command with a whiffed regular attack and counter-hitting Lei-Lei.

Notice at both times the super is landed you hear her shriek implying she is starting an attack.


Ahhhh now I understand. Thanks :slight_smile:




Ive been trying tout this shit for awhile now and i like it alot. Phobos stuff please


Phobos seems like a mix of Sentinel and Storm, with some optic blasts thrown in for good measure. People use the bombs way more than the beams though since the beams are so slow. They’ll go through alot though.

His jump takes some getting used to, since if you hold up or let go, he’ll float. You have to guide him back down manually. This means you can jump back, then come down forwards again, or jump forward and come down back, etc. He can also air dash, and more than once during his jump. But it seems once you do 2 attacks or so, you start falling.

To IAD with him does take some getting used to, due to the speed of the game and perhaps a tiny delay in his jump. If it doesn’t work (UF, F or UB,B), you’ll just get a ground dash. is a good anti-air, but has more range, a little slower though. j.hp seems to make a good crossup. Popular tactics include-
-c.lp… (not chained) xx LK bomb
-Bomb on wakeup and pressure (watch for guard cancels)
-Your usual IAD fun, except you can usually get off 2 dashes. so IAD back + poke, airdash toward again and poke…etc.
-Jumpback, fall forward

His throws (command included) seem a little slow though. You’ll somtimes see or hear it start, then he either gets thrown himself or gets hit out of it.


Ok gentlenegroes and babes…

Around maybe 12’ish tonight or later on tomorrow morning after a good game of Smash Melee, I will upload Gallon and Sir Phobos…

So be on the look out for it. late.


I have it for Saturn, how arcade accurate is it?


hitboxes for all chars


Was wondering the same thing. Also, is there a lot of people that prefer this over savior?


Got any morrigan or donovan to upload yo?

I prefer it over savior. :open_mouth:


I do. The pacing is a lot friendlier for me, and there aren’t too many sub-systems.


oh yeah if i understood it correctly
Green is throw
Blue is where your charcter can get hit
Red is the hitbox for the move


Donovan is in already. Morrigan maybe later… ok so I procrastinate badly I’m sleepy.


Gallon tutorial


For those asking about the Saturn version as far as I can tell once you unlock the appendix and set the frames to full, it’s accurate.

Btw for info on the Appendix and Debug Mode (which lets you see the hitboxes), go to gamefaqs, look up the game under the Saturn version, and check KaoMegura’s FAQ. I can confirm that it works 100%


Is that the gamest vid? if so can you please not edit them. No offense but random music and stuff isnt that good