Vampire Hunter


When playing Vampire Hunter/ Nightwarriors I can’t seem to do anything really interesting combo wise.

Aside from the basic chain combos, all I can do are simple two-in-ones with the ES moves.

Does anybody have any interesting/damaging/broken combos with any of the VH charas.

ps. Hello, im new to the boards.


My Demitri favorite’s

ES Bat Spin (d, db, b + 2K), ES Demon Cradle (f,d, df + 2P), ES Pursuit Attack (d +2P/2K)

Demon Blast (d,f,df + 2K), ES Pursuit Attack (d +2K/2P)

Demon Fury (d, f, df + 2P), ES Pursuit Attack (d + 2K/2P)

From Full-Screen, Bat Spin (d,db,b + K), standing close LP, crouching HP, HK

these are da only ones I can think up of the top of my head


Cool. Ill try some.