Vampire Savior: advanced link combos & important notes


I?ve gone through all the VS threads, looking for as much technical/in depth stuff(link combos, traps, useful character properties),? thanks to all the people who already shared what they knew(big thnx to Bizm)? I?m still missing a lot of stuff? here it is(I added stuff from all the recent VS vids that have come out)

so far, this thread is broken into 3 primary posts.
1&2. Character combos & notes/strategory(updated 11/17/08 thanks to Magnetomaniac, Skankingarbage)
3. General character strategies
4+. In depth characters

How to use this post(in particular) this part of the thread contains most of the quirks and fancy things to do w/ each character. BUT**** some combos were taken from skillsmith… does that make them unpractical?.. YES. in most cases. how do u use them though? create your rushdown w/ character XXX, and apply a part of w/e crazy combo is there. There are plenty of bnb’s listed & not listed here though. so keep an open mind.

  • ES?s are souped up specials; here, (EX?s are the souped up specials in 3s)
  • EX?s are the supers(capcom should?ve just stuck w/ one system?)

*I use prefixes for my notation? just incase bitchy people come accusing me of writing it all down as a;slkjdfa;slkdjfasdf+super
s. = standing ___
j. = jumping ____
d. = dashing ____
c. = crouching __
D,F,B,U+_ =do that direction w/ the attack(i.ei, U+hp for iron man)-is a direction, as oppose to a character state(crouching, jumping, etc?)
AttackA/attackB/attackC= you have the choice between these attacks while doing the combo

WRR= wash rinse repeat…tho its become obsolete after time. anything in this case(even things that arent infinities) are now in this notation:

where xN means the combo can be done infinitly(for those unfamiliar)

-link combos(assumed that they are all linked, unless a + is stated? where in that case, the rest of that combo is chained, and that part is linked)

-gamefaqs contains movelists for each character. select characters & movelists have been described below/in the wiki

Donovan, Phobos, Pyron, Oboro B.:
They?re mainly not in VS, but SS vids have combos of ?probably from VC. I?ll put the critical ones up later, after the important stuff is done?
For oboro? I?m pretty sure hes banned in tournies, so I?m gunna hold off on him too.


  • dash, +c.lp dashing distance combo. starts low.

  • chain combo that keeps good distance for normals to hit. use
    after overhead or to punish something.

  • c.lp, + c.lp, (+s.lp) the +s.lp is optional if you started out very close.
    it gives more red and white damage which is cool. you can also use the to avoid GC’s at
    a distance, so you have time to stop and punish accordingly during links.

s.lp,, +s.lp,, +s.lp, c.rk
*can start w/, and end the main link w/ instead

offensive push:
[d.lp(or lk), +s.lp,, +s.lp]
-I cant rushdown with this particular string effectively yet, but realize the power in it. if you can do it consistently(when you want to… and yes, you shouldn’t do it every time) then you can eyeball when to finish the combo, and go for knockdown->mixup. (i’ll replace eyeball with that term… i’m having a brainfart…)

*a safe chain ender seems to be the frame recovery still seems to have anak at a disadvantage, but it’s signifigantly safer than his other moves.(so you can do,[assuming the mp hits] & be relatively safe)

Ghetto throw setup:
blocked c/s.lps->ES throw.
-difficult to tell when the lps are stopping, & when the throw will come out.


  • dash mp, +c.lp one of his dashing link combos. c.lp is easiest to link
    after a dash mp, can be replaced with or, but i choose for range. to knock them down at the end and mix up.

  • dash lp, +c.lp don’t press unless you confirmed the dash lp, c.lp for
    a rushing benefit. this is an easier version of the next one i will list.

  • dash lp, +c.lp, +c.lp with this one you have a chance at avoiding GC’s if your
    body is out of the way. the amount of c.lp’s you can fit depend on how close you are, but
    when you push them back far enough just either or just after the lp’s, both
    work good.

  • jump in lk hp (or hp hk on tall characters) hits) (or 1 hit
    this chain combo specifically puts you at a perfect distance for another bubble trap/mixup
    loop. use it after near poison hits.

  • poison gas, dash hk.

  • near sonic wave, normal or ES, dash close then cancel and chain combo.

  • bubble, sonic wave, dash back kick. simple special combo.

  • bubble, water gyser, ES sonic wave, hcf 2k. damaging special combo, not recommended, but
    it’s fancy.

Jab rush: [d.lp, s.lp, c.lp]xN
(effective, except against a good guard canceller)

HOD juggles- Can be rotated between sonic waves? can be thrown into the bubble trap

?Bubble trap/loop?- Corner knockdown, bubble, apply pressure, (they get grabbed), short gas, jump in->knockdown, WRR(can be countered)
[-The bubble trap may require meter, but with proper play, getting meter should be easy]
-imo this makes him top tier

Backward dash hops for 3 times(gives 3 options for his AA)

BB hood

  •,, xx qcb p: the combo timing changes. the link from the is very
    different from the link from to the best advice i can give for it is look at some-
    one who can do it, and then press the buttons by the sound of it. her links pretty fast,
    while you have to delay her for some weird reason.

  • jump in mp mk, land xx qcb p: basic jump in combo.

  • chicken guard mp, xx qcb p: easy chicken guard combo.

  •, +c.lp, +s.lp, +dash lp, +s.lp, xx qcb p: one of her easier dashing link combos.
    the +s.lp after the +dash lp is optional, you can go from the dash lp to the xx qcb p
    to make it easier.

  • infinite 1 (very hard) c.lp, +s.lp, +dash lp, [c.lp, +s.lp, +dash lp, +dash lp]. you can
    start it out the way out of the brackets, but you need the commands in the bracket to get
    closer and not let them slip away. the main thing you want is 1 dash lp’s to get closer. i
    don’t recommend going for this or practicing it too much, it’s not very practical to get too
    much more damage than her basic combos.

  • infinite 2 (very hard) c.lp +s.lp, [+dash mp, +s.lp +s.lp] : an even stricter timing than
    dash lp infiniting. again, not practical and not recommended, but can be used once in a while
    in casuals i suppose.

  • infinite 3 (very hard) on demitri or taller characters, [j.lp mp mk hp land +dash lp, +dash
    lp]: infinite with style, but not too practical either.

-infinities have ~2 frame window for links., c.lp,, +c.mpXXshyness strike

c.mpXX shyness strike

d.lp, c.mpXX shyness strike, c.lp, s.lp, dashXXlp, +c.mpXX mp shyness strike (rdp+mp),,, shyness strike, lp,lp ,[lp, lp, lp, dashXX]x(2-3), [(optional),,, ], s.lp,, shyness strike, apple for you(untested, but seen)

Preferred dash in: s,mp,, s.lp(only hits high on some characters though)


  •, +c.lp, xx charge slash or ES spirit: note that the hp spirit will not combo, needs to be ES. this is the easiest way of linking sword normals into a special, while still getting good damage.

  • xx hp spirit: your good low meaty combo. it combos and you can hayate after without them mashing out of spirit in time. if far then pull them back and dp. thanks to ihira for this tip -> on the number pad on player 1 side, 412 mk 36 hp will give you the xx spirit shortcut. me personally, i go to neutral then hcf hp since i was used to it that way.

  • jump in mk hk, xx ES or hp spirit: to be on the safe side use ES spirit. sometimes the
    jump in combo pushes the opponent too far for a hp spirit. but if you’re close go for it.

  • dash lp, +f+lp f+mp, xx ES spirit: note that you don’t have to do f+lp then f+mp. you
    can just hold the forward from f+lp., .lp,,,, low charge slash(B->F+k)

-c.lp,, +c.mpXX(charge)b->f+ HK., +c.lp,, +c.mpXX ES Fireball, into QCF+P move,into D,D,+2P ES move

-[, +s.lp,]xN

-d.lkXX lk chargeslash, +c.lpXX ES fireball
***Bishamon also has an unblockable ES Fireball which revolves around hitting an opponent at a certain distance with a
Dashing RH (doesn?t matter if it’s blocked) and doing an ES Fireball immediately after.


  •, a good chai ncombo that avoids GC’s at a distance.
    gives you enough time to react and stop if a GC comes out. his deceivingly whiffs DP
    GCs at times.

  • max distance his chain at a max distance when you want to meaty, the most
    common situation to use this is if the opponent techs your throw and you want to follow up
    and meaty after.

  • close s.hp a close chain to easily meaty with and get decent damage off of.

  • from max distance alone can whiff GC’s, it has a good animation. can
    punish a GC if it has already been out long enough. this chain is used when in need of range
    after a whiffed pursuit.

  • j. lp mp mk hp, land s.lp or GC: this is a mixup i really liked to use. i put it in the
    basic chains and B&B section because it’s an air chain. but here’s how it works. do the lp mp
    mk hp at a good fast but smooth pace. if you do this right, you will get j.lp, mk when you
    whiff the lp. if it hits, you will get lp mp mk. and then the hp at the end for extra block-
    stun. if they stayed on the ground, you will get jump in early lp whiff, mk hp which you can
    combo from cleanly. and if they jump and tried to chicken guard, they get the full chain in
    which you can GC their chicken, or s.lp unblockable them.

-ES. Batdrill, lp, +lpXXES bat fireball, ES batdrill, million bat super
*in general, you can combo most things off a connected ES batdrill

-s.hp, ES Chaos Flare(firebat), +s.mpXX (ES) Demon Cradle(uppercut)
*corner only

-(I personally think hes shallow combo wise? hes just keepaway, uppercut, keepaway, uppercut? boring imo? except for Midnight bliss)


  • c.lp, xx ES roll: her most damaging combo. not too damaging but it does make the
    opponent feel uncomfortable.

  • dash mp, +ES roll: time to time the ES roll while she’s still in the air, then press the
    punches as soon as you se her recover on land.

  • after reset or opponent’s wake up, meaty late dash mk, xx ES roll.

  • c.lp her most damaging normal chain combo that reaches far. if you’re too
    far after a few ticks just go with c.lp

  • c.lp, two chains here connected. this is for smaller crouch characters
    that whiff the other chain combo. like gallon, q-bee.

  • simple meaty chain if you’re having trouble with wakeup timings.

  • jump in or neutral jump punish with (j.lp), land xx ES roll: use this if you
    jumped with a neutral for mixup or are jumping in and know you will land a hit.

-d.fp,, lp hopslash/mp rollingbuckler, +c.mkXXES rolling buckler

-c.lp,, +c.mpXXDancing flash

-c.mkXXplease help me(lk+mk)
*make sure you know how PHM works w/ the distancing of the buttons you press.
*works only w/ your back to the corner

-DF, [s.mkXXlp hopslash&lt;catmidget hits&gt;]xN, rolling buckler

-DF, [+c.lp,,<cat midget hits>, walk forward]xN, Dancing flash near end

-DF, [c.lkXXmp hopslash]xN, Finisher
*the cat midget is suppose to combo after the lk? doesn?t work for me? I?ll haflta practice on the dc to make sure it works.

**someone test this: for both DF combos, close ES delta kicks can be thrown in when close(close so that you hit them on the way up)


  • s.hp: a damaging chain that leaves the opponent neutral

  • c.lp this chain avoids GC’s at the far range of c.lp, which you can
    react to.

  • his normals do good damage, this is usually used after some ticks and stuff to
    early anti air/poke string and combo wtih.

  • c.hp easy meaty and decent damage.

  • xx qcf p, up-forward+p: regular beast cannon combo, if they block don’t go diagonal
    up, go backwards. the up-forward combos if you hit.

  • xx ES beast cannon, u/f, u/b, u/f, down: mid screen beast cannon combo on middle
    weight and heavy weight characters which is the majority of the cast.

  • xx ES beast cannon, up, forward, up, forward: mif screen beast cannon combo on light
    weight characters.

  • xx ES beast cannon, u/f, u/f, u/f, down: basic beast cannon combo on middle and
    heavy weight characters.

  • xx ES beast cannon, up, forward, up, down: basic beast cannon combo on light weight

  1. Chain combos:
  • C.Lp -> C.Lk -> C.Mp -> C.Mk

This is Talbain’s longest range combo, because C.Mk actually reaches longer than his S.Hp. This sets you up really well do any random thing you want, too, because you’re in range for a dash/jump-in/BC shenanigans, while being out of the range of most characters’ normals.

  1. Damaging B&Bs:
  • Crossup J.Lk / C.Lp (-> C.Mp) XX Moment Slice

This is the only reliable way to land Moment Slice. Theoretically, you could land it without crossing up if you do a jump in and then omit the C.Mp, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth when you can just do BC bullshit for more damage. Only do this when you’re crossing up, and DON’T use it on Q-Bee, cos the Moment Slice will whiff.

  • Air BC / ES Climb Razor

This is a ghetto combo, and it does 39% damage to a character with average Vitality. Air BCs are not the safest thing to have blocked, so make sure that it hits them when you’re very close to the ground. Also, don’t try the Climb Razor if you hit the target airborne - you’re just begging to waste meter like that.

  1. Dash Combos:
  • D.Lk OR D.Mk / C.Lp -> S.Mk -> S.Hp

This is the standard short hop combo. The chain I’ve written is the strongest chain you can follow up with that doesn’t frequently whiff. It’s theoretically possible to do just about any chain after a Short Hop, but you’re likely to be pushed out of range if you do a 4-hit chain, so just do the one I listed. For Q-Bee, substitute S.Mk for C.Mk.

As an added note, D.Lk can cross up pretty easily against shorter characters (Morrigan, Lilith, BB Hood, Q-Bee, Talbain).

  • D.Lk, D.Lp / C.Lp -> S.Mk -> S.Hp

This is a dash link combo. The advantage of Dash Links is that they’re much easier to hit-confirm than Short Hops, but they don’t work on every character.

This Dash Link is most important when you have an opponent cornered. You can use it mid-screen, but you’re likely to go flying over your opponent - not a good situation. This Dash Link will whiff shorter characters during their crouch, so you might as well forget it.

  • D.Mk, D.Lk / C.Lp -> S.Mk -> S.Hp

This Dash Link is more effective mid-screen, because you can start it from far enough away that you won’t fly over your opponent. The catch, however, is that it doesn’t work on as many characters. This Dash Link only works on Bishamon, Demitri, Anakaris, Victor, Jedah, and Rikuo.

  1. Beast Cannon variations (aka what Mag actually wanted me to post, lol)


  • Forward -> U/F -> U/B -> U/F -> Down, OR Forward -> U/B -> U/F -> U/B -> Down

This is the common BC juggle. This one will maintain your position on the screen, and allows for a pursuit afterwards. The second variation is mainly for if you activate the BC too close to your opponent - you can just fly past them and start the zig zag from behind them.

Finally, as a variation against heavier characters, you can sub the Down with a D/B or D/F. The diagonal will pretty much guarantee landing all five hits. You probably won’t be able to land the pursuit afterwards, but who cares? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Forward -> Up -> Forward -> Up -> Foward

This is a good juggle, because for one, it’s slightly easier than the zig-zag in my opinion, but more importantly, you can put your opponent in the corner very easily with this one (as if he needs ANOTHER way to do that, right?). You can very rarely land the pursuit afterwards, but in my opinion, you shouldn’t bother.


  • Foward -> Up -> Up -> Down -> Up

This is the most surefire way to land all hits in the corner. There are some easier ones, like Fwd -> U/F x3 -> Down, but it doesn’t work on every character. I don’t actually know every character it whiffs, but for sure it whiffs Demitri and L.Rapter. So, my best advice is to just make a habit of that one. Be sure to do the ‘Up Up’ really fast, or your opponent will fall too low by the time you do the ‘Down’.


  • Forward -> U/F -> Down -> U/F OR Forward -> Up (when opponent is cornered)

The trick is to be really high over your opponent on the ‘Down’, and quickly change to the ‘U/F or Forward’. This works because the game thinks that your opponent is blocking something both in front of and behind your opponent. Most people know about this and will not let you try. Do not try this against someone with a good GC, and be prepared for opponents to try and jump out of it after the second attack.

Also, random trivial info: I’m not sure how many people know this, but you can actually do the unblockable at mid-screen; however, the timing and spacing is way too strict for it to be practical, and let’s be honest - no one is gonna let you get away with trying, anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

** beast cannon will be abbreviated as "bc"
j.mkXXj.bc, /, ES uppercut
*this combo displays 2 things that people forget/dont see
-aerial moves are bufferable
-ES moves juggle(I thought it was ES-> special, but in this case, its special->es…Ill explain if pple catch this comment, and dont understand)

jump/dash in, lp, lk, lp, ES Uppercut, d.hp, s.lp,, +s.lp, uppercut kick

DF- [jumpin],, short hop(d,d+PPP), lp, mp, forward, lk, mk(last 5 inputs were his ?raging demon super?)?pursuit, or turn off DF

<corner>[, d.hp]xN, finisher-ES nunchuks(sp? don?t kill me)

-many combos ending w/ ES wolf cannon, can combo into an ES wolf uppercut

-I think, if you?re not attacking(which you should be), or are at a critical point in the match(near death), dp beast cannonXXaway+punch, does a decent job of building meter

-short hop= D+3K is a really short hop…
(*Notesome of its frames are invincible. I had an instance the other day, where my friend did ES soul fist, and I hopped through it… I was amazed)


  • basic close range damaging combo.

  • it’s important to mix up with this since it hits low 3 times. is
    also an option for hitting low and early anti airing at the same time, with good range!

  •, +c.lp his best far range combo after dash mp’s and such. not so much good
    damage but it adds up after being stacked.

  • c.hp: this is ok if you’re out of the first combo’s range.

  • jump in mp hp, dash mp, c.hp: this is a good jump in combo. i like his jump in
    because it hits from full screen. so if Bishamon tries to spirit you can punish him with
    this. you can also dash hp before dash mp for some extra hits and damage.

  • dash over crossup hk, this is good against small characters.

  • dash mk, good air to ground combo.

  • dash hp: this is an infinite, but it’s very hard to keep this going for a long time. timing
    is strict, and it isn’t recommended. but if you’re going to use this, use it on victor and
    bishamon since they can get infinited while crouching.,,

*try setting up the ES spin scythe(his bigass projectile) to keep em on the ground? follow w/ unblockable super? WRR

DF: [F+[LP, LK, MP, HP]]xN
*need to be hovering barely off the ground

*jedah?s attacks lunge after wiffing a move in a a dash. So you can do,, and the mp will gain signifigant range. Groundash backward will make him lunge backwards

Magman’s written guide:

Lei Lei(Hsien ko)

  •,, +s.lp c.hp this chain is to avoid GC’s at a distance on reaction. it
    also strings with early anti air with s.lp. the at the end is to recover her c.hp sweep

  • c.hp her main chain combo after an IAD or to hit with.

  • xx tenraiha: not easy at all to execute, but it’s worth it to practice. it’s
    practical with practice and super dexterity, so if you’re maining LeiLei go for it. in the
    corner you can loop traps with qcf hp, c.hp chain to hit low all the time, then
    cancel the c.hp with tenraiha (not as hard to execute) and the spikes will OTG you again for
    another one.

  • dash or alone: this is used in dash mixups mainly, but it can early
    anti air, and it’s a chain you can use to confirm a sweep with.

  • f+mp this far poke avoids GC’s, and recovers her spike ball faster. it’s not used
    much for a combo though, just to zone and poke with.

LeiLei’s tricks aren’t in her combos, she only has a few useful ones.

iadATCK, s.lp,, s.rk, mp, mp, UP
*the 2 mp’s cancel the rk into heaven spike super

Dizzy opponent, hp projectile, iad.rk,(projectile hits), iad.rh, cont w/ ground combo

-2nd projectile after the shrunken(star?sry for sp) is always a dizzy projectile

-a sort of ?double jump? is done when properly releasing the air pendulum(by pressing K after lei lei begins to go up during the initial part)

-the spike balls on Heavenly spikes(lk, rk, mp, mp, up) can otg

Skillionaire fighting 5 results
So im not sure where to post... (GGPO)
Vampire Community Thread: GGPO Hitbox Overlay. Dustloop Tutorial #2 and Why You Lose To Me?
Quick Link thread: Newly updated 03-16-2013! Links to other sub-forums too!
Vampire Community Thread: GGPO Hitbox Overlay. Dustloop Tutorial #2 and Why You Lose To Me?

I see 68 people viewed the thread but no contributions? Hmmm. I guess that gbursine got everything covered…



Either that or no one plays it. I’m guessing the latter. But I do give you credit for doing something like this. Even if it’s for a dead game. Cheers!



  • c.lp illusion: her easiest illusion combo is this. c.lp x 2 fast enough so that only
    1 comes out on contact (2 fast ones will whiff if it doesn’t contact, use this to see if
    you’re doing it right) then go from down to downforward, lk~hp. after a few tries it’s easy
    to get down.

  • c.hp illusion: this is her most damaging corner illusion combo. the
    execution may be hard at first but it’s easy once you get it down and are used to it. the
    only tips i have are just press lp lp as quick as you can like a chain from the hp and then
    f lk hp right after you did TWO lp’s. i think this is where most people mess it up is press-
    ing forward after just one lp.

  • there’s no confirming this one, so just go for it. same thing as the c.hp ending
    chain combo, except the timing for the combo is a little tighter, dont’ go for this until
    you mastered the 2nd combo. this is her best mid screen illusion combo though. c.hp is
    an alternative but it isn’t reliable since the illusion whiffs sometimes at a far distance.

  • her combo without meter. if you’re too far for a sweep use her c.hp

  • dash hp xx illusion: it can meaty good and combo into illusion for big damage. close or far
    version both work well.

  • jump in hp xx illusion: it can tick for mixups or it can actually combo if the opponent was
    standing and got hit.

  • dash close lp, c.lp illusion: use the first combo listed but with a dash lp before of
    it. make sure you get the close version of dash lp so you can get the frame advantage to link
    the combo. note on jedah, anakaris, and their type of crouching, that close s.lp hits them
    on crouch, but the far version won’t.

  • dash close lp, c.hp illusion: this is for if you hit with the dash lp with
    the opponent’s back near the corner.

  • jump in strings: empty; lp mk; hp hk (on tall characters); hp; mk hp. they all vary in
    timing for the opponent to block so mix it up.

~basic groundchain->DI variations~
-s/, s/, DI
a.-s/, s/, cr.sp, DI
b.- s/, s/, s/, DI
c.- s/, s/, s/, cr.sp, DI
d.-, cr.sp, DI

*Note-refer to morrigan for DI junk

-d.lp, c.lp?groundchain->DI.,, +c.mkXXsoulflash/merryturn/DI, +c.mkXXmerry turn(spinny wings)/soulflash

  • ES command throw, showtime/DI
    *They bounce off the wall, then get hit by the hat.

-DF-ES soulflash, /, j.hp, [groundcombo->DI]/[ES uppercut, nakedsuper]

  • ES command throw, showtime/DI
    *They bounce off the wall, then get hit by the hat/lilith.


  • remember that you can play Morrigan without illusion combos. She
    doesn’t rely on illusion like Lilith does, and doesn’t get as much damage as Lilith does with
    hers. This is her close chain combo.

  •, used to avoid GC’s at a distance. if they GC’d the, the
    animation will go under the GC and make it whiff. the first can be used to fish GC’s,
    then the 2nd will go under and whiff and you can punish after.

  • dash mk, chain combo: you can pick any of the chain combos to do after you hit with the
    dash mk overhead. mk is the best because it gives you the least recovery time allowing you
    to combo.

  • dash hold a little longer mk, +lp, land chain combo. this is good against Bishamon and
    Victor since their crouch is like a Bulleta or Felicia standing up, and hits them high. this
    can work good to pressure standing characters when they get used to trying to block your dash
    mk overheads.

  • dash hold a little longer lp lk: the same thing as the previous one, not much differences.

  • c.hp illusion: her corner illusion combo. good for damage.

  • illusion: this is her mid screen illusion combo. i think it’s pointless to go for
    this. it’s hard to confirm consistently and loses momentum if hit. just go for the knockdown
    to mix up and get more damage opportunities. even the top Morrigans don’t go for this.

  • mk hp hk: see Demitri’s air chain.

-ground chain->DI(darkness illusion)>s.rk -is something variable to rely on, but useable nonethaless>hp -is best for midscreen DI connections, +c.lp

***NOTE-connecting the DI- Buktooth has a bloody awesome morrigan faq in the arcade section of cvs2 in… ya, cvs2… but either way his meathods of application for comboing DI are useable here too. Tho, one thing he didnt address that helped me alot, was the buffering of the forward in the [lp, lp, fwd, lk, hp] command set.

more often times than not you’ll be crouching… make sure, you’re either holding down or down back, so your inputs are gunna be something like:>c.hp[during hp animation quickly do (lp, lp, qcf, lk, hp)]

maybe he addressed it and I missed it ^_^… but either way, its good to know… any other problems you may have w/ the consistency of DI combos, just refer to his faq., +lp
*another link. that goes backwards in the air…

-DF, [+c.lp]xN,(near end of df) DI

-DF, [+c.mpxx mp.fireball], finisher near end
*I couldn?t reproduce thisone? the other character in SS was in df mode(likely modifier), also I think this combo is VERY depended on distance from enemy

-DI DF doesn?t cause knockback

-connected teleport super(hcb+k) can links to ground combo, though super is more useful when kick extension is not used(she maintains invincibility).

***Skillsmith vids seem more impractical for morrigan in rltime games


  • IAD lp c.lp xx ES bee stone super (hcf 2p, don’t know the name): this is her most damaging
    high/low combo and gives her a benefit of 50 50 looping. after the super is done throw a
    honey ball (dp 2p) then mix up high low with IAD, low poking, low baiting, float baiting,
    low stringing, etc. use one of these when the honey ball gets close. when they honey ball
    hits, then hcf 2p again and that’s the loop.

  • c.lp her basic chain for a post mixup. c.lp is optional, just go with
    and beyond when you’re a little far.

  • c.hp, this is a link if you accidentally don’t get a tech block.

  • if you IAD close and want to chain and knock down, this is good. a knock-
    down mixup is a lot more deadlier than a post mixup.

  • float mp mk: this is a great mixup to use and you can combo a chain off of it.

  • jump in mp mk: another mixup from a jump.

  • float around the opponent, airdash lk or mp: this is also a good mixup that you can combo
    after from. Q-bee isn’t much of the combo type.

-(,mk) XX ES.C-R(hcf+2P)

-c.lp, c.lpXX ES C-R

-j.mpXX s.sxp[<-that?s the actual name of the move? its basically lightning legs],

-jaguar tooth, iad rk(*), +s.mkXXCocoon grab
*it might be mk

*there should be an optional iad(homing dash) lp/mk/lk before

-ES Delta A(Jaguar tooth), Bee Super

-DF, [f.lp,,f,, f.rk]xN
*shes suppose to be barely off the ground? make sure to hold forward while doing the combo
**also, it turns out, she’s low to the ground because you’re suppose to cancel the f.rk w/ a land,then fly again, and link another chain… the timings hard as fuck. practical? maybe


  • good basic chain combo. it’s Sasquatch so you know it does big damage.

  • s.lp this is good because a lot of people will randomly block high to try
    and guard Sasquatch’s dash overhead mixups. hits low 3 times, and you already know what a
    knockdown with Sasquatch means.

  • command grab, short hop mk, land xx ES dp 2k: his big grab damage combo, can be done

  • command grab, jump in mp mk, xx ES dp 2k OR chain combo: this is done in the corner,
    and it does heavy damage.

  •, +s.lp, +s.lp, xx ES dp 2k: this is really good if you can get the timing down,
    though it isn’t necessary but it’s a really good combo.

  • jump in mp mk: his best jump in combo, most damage as well.

  • jump in or neutral jump hk: if you neutral jump on their roll with hk, it will crossup and
    it’s sometimes ambiguous. very good to use.

  • c.hp: this is used to reset, it can surprise the opponent, and it puts you
    in good range to rape them with or other mixups.

-s.mpXX ES B typhoon / lp.B.blow

*dash links are always good to know… although, the japs use more, maybe dashing lk has more priority

-s.lp, s.lp, +s.mpXX ES.B.blow

s.lp,, +d.lp
*needs to be tested

DF combos (lights, mediums): activate, [dash, lp, lk, mp, mk*, rh]xN, mp XX ES. cloud thingy
*-the is optional in the first round of the combo

  • His DF(HP+HK) has a bunch of penguins follow him and explode, spiral style(lp to fling em)? is there any practical use?

-When cornering the opponent, knockdown, slippery ground super(hcf+2k)
I been using this? it seems unescapable if you do it at the right range(they roll into it) though I haven?t seen any of the japs use it, so it can?t be good[to be tested further?]

-has 4 different types of dashes(two long, two short)? all of them are incredibly useful

-a top tier sasquatch shorthops like no tomorrow


  • s.hp: his main chain combo. remember to press the buttons and not quick tap
    them to get the electricity from his medium and strong normals. you can mix up after the
    electric hp.

  •, +s.lp, s.hp: this one is pretty long and hard to get used to, but it’s
    very good and has a lot of options to go on. first if they GC the s.lp, the goes under
    at a distance and you can punish their GC. also avoids GC if they tried to GC a

  •, +s.lp xx ES spin punch: this is very good against Bishamon and another Victor since
    they crouch high and will get hit by the spin punch if they’re hit reguardless if they were
    crouching or standing. if it’s another character you’ll have to confirm if they were standing
    too. after the ES spin punch, you can also do a hp spin punch to combo afterwards. Timing is
    strict though.

  •, s.hp: this is good because you have time to confirm if you want to
    continue the chain, and avoid GC’s at the same time with a far

  • dash lk s.hp: be careful that short crouchers can crouch the dash lk. but
    this is a decent dash link.

  •, OR s.hp (tap for no electricity): this is more of a fun
    combo to use. usually after the, you would just confirm for a s.hp. but you can
    also make use of the long hitstun of electric if you want to be flashy.

  • ES knee, hp spin punch: you can get this from a GC, or normally.

  • jump in lp lk: 2 hitter jump in.

  • jump in mk: far distance jump in.

  • jump whiff lp, hp jump in: the hp has a lot of hit stun.

  • jump whiff lp, late lk: looks like you will empty jump in, but you hit them with a late lk.

  • jump whiff lp, land and chain: you empty jump in and punish their AG or GC.

-s.lpXX ES spinny punch, ES spinny punch
*victors bitchslap is top tier, and the 2nd spinny punch finishes the combo w/ 2 extra hits(7 total)*), +s.lpXX ESqcb2P
*make sure to hold the m#(increased hit stun), +c.lpXXES headbutt., +c.lp,, +c.lp, +c.lpXX ES Headbutt

  • This is the meat of the last combo of the skillsmith vol 1 vid. I couldn?t get it to work. I?m pretty sure the other character being in DF mode affects combos(probably increased hitstun)

d+3K=hop? prolly good for 360?s & stuff(decent for corps hopping, though remember the other guy controls where he gets up). You can?t do anything during this hop? who cares, its still good

*spinny punch absorbs projectiles(maybe only energy? needs to be checked)
*electrified normals do chip damage!

Throw setups(preceed to follow at your own risk… some I have made up…)

-punch throw(teched or unteched :badboy: ), nj/forward, throw(360 or electric squeeze)

-blocked knee uppercut->throw
–a.Setups for blocked knee
—blocked lp/lk->knee

-wiffed charge big fist(charge d->u+p)->throw
*this move recovers almost instantly… naturally. so, if the opponent isnt quick to punish, & is still on the ground, 360+p that shit.

-ground combo ended w/ electrified c.fierce->jumpin/dashing->throw


  • xx hell scream or death voltage: his basic damaging combo. from now on i’ll just
    put death voltage since it hits Q-bee low, but both can be used otherwise.

  •,, +c.lp, +f+lp xx death voltage: this is his far damaging combo. does not work
    on short crouchers.

  • basic chain combo to hit with up close. coming from an IAD hp, use instead.

  • f+lk f+mp f+mk f+hp OR f+hk: basic far chain combo, not to be used too often though, there
    are better things to do

  • xx hell scream: hell scream is better to do here in case you miss.

  • dash lk, c.lp, c.lp, xx death voltage: a good damaging dash combo.

  • jump in starters: down+mp, neutral mk; down+hp; down+mp from IAD; hk from IAD; lk meaty
    from reset or wakeup for unblockable; j. lk mk

Raptor’s Unblockable Jumping LK revolves around knocking your opponent down so they can’t roll, and landing a meaty jumping LK ->c.MK XX Evil Scream
*want specifics? I really dont have the answers for zabel just yet… :-\ hopefully liquited or b-izm will enlighten us.

-J.d+hp,, +s.lkXXdeathvoltage/evil scream, +s.mkXXevilscream

-J.d+mp, +d.lp, +s.lp, +s.lp, deathvoltage/evil scream

-J.d+mp,, s.mkXXevil scream

-J.d+mp, j.d+mk

-c.mkXXstab super

-s.F+lp, s.F+lpXXEX electric hurricane

-ES-Hellsting, c.lp, +c.lp,

iad.d+hp, [d.lp, +c.lp, +c.lp]x3, finisher?
*I?ve tested this out in parts, should work w/ proper tools(i.e. a stick, not keyboard :slight_smile: hp), /, ES skull punish
note this is a throw setup, the air dashing medium punch or hard punch are suppose to whiff.

DF: [, +d.rk]xN

***Jumps can be replaced by iad?s(for random iad?s, d+mp, or d+hp preffered[I like hp])


general random notes & basic rules:

Characters with useable wiff cancels(canceling moves into later moves to get rid of [or reduce] recovery)
edit: If your smart, you can take any dash, and make it go hella faster & safer… even victor’s

DF startup is invincible.(still needs to be looked into more)

Characters that have iad to their advantage:
Lei lei
(discussion needed on VS iad techniques)
*Air dashes take away air chains, the ability to block & do specials

-Jumping infinities-just one note for now, demitri?s height seems to be the cutoff height for jumping inf?s.

-If you use the wakeup roll, you can’t immediately throw when you fully stand up; there’s a 5 frame window where you can’t use normal throws. Special/EX throws are an exception to this rule however.

Things changed in VS2
-otg timing is stricter
-darkforces are generic
–characters gained enhanced ES and EX moves in df mode
-unique VS1 character df’s are now command moves
-air chains are replaced with strict 2-hit airchains that must go from a light(jab or short) attack to any other normal attack.

Things changed in Vampire chronicles:

Characters which lose their dash links:
Breakdown of wakeup frame data
Jedah - 50 - 35 - 50
Bulleta - 42 - 44 - 42
Q-Bee - 58 - 26 - 51
Lilith - 58 - 38 - 58
Demitri - 37 - 39 - 37
Morrigan - 58 - 38 - 58
Anakaris - 57 - 38 - 57
Victor - 41 - 41 - 41
Zabel - 49 - 33 - 49
Lei-Lei - 40 - 41 - 40
Gallon - 42 - 40 - 42
Felicia - 66 - 40 - 66
Aulbath - 44 - 39 - 44
Sasquatch - 58 - 34 - 58
Bishamon - 41 - 34 - 41

Reference Book, courtesy of KungFuMan


could someone explain this? and what’s iad?

  • with Lei Lei, is it possible to do a low ground chain (chain that has to be blocked low) while the HP projectile hits so that it’s a “true” unblockable?


IAD= instant air dash.


Important techniques & shit:

the breakdown of teching(pushblocking)
~courtesy of magnetomaniac

hmm…well i think i went into detail two different times but i’ll explain myself as much as possible to get this question out of the way for future references.

to perform AG (advance guard), you must press 3-6 buttons during a 12 frame blockstun (single hit). 12 frames is the minimal any move hits in the game. when a move says +3, that is the advantage given to _____ character AFTER all the frames it took for it to come out, hit, and retract. so do not get confused by this.

depending on when it decides to actually perform the AG is random. there is a percentage you can do to increase it, and if you do the hardest you can ensure that it will come out. but i only know one person in japan that can actually use 6, so it is extremely hard. not to mention, on GGPO it makes it even harder (trust me, it makes a HUGE difference). the average player on GGPO only goes to 4. at the arcade, japanese players go up to 5.

now with some of that explained, here are the ratio percentages.

3 = 25%
4 = 50%
5 = 75%
6 = 100%

now, the strength of the button it decides to land on (IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THE LAST BUTTON YOU PRESS, IT CAN BE IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR SEQUENCE) is how far the opponent will get pushed back. weak punch and kick only push the opponent about 1 and 1/2 character spaces in front of you. strong is around mid screen with your corner backed to the wall, and the strong versions push them around 3/4 of the screen.

the most typical way of performing AG’s and preferred by most stick players is this. LK LP MP HP (HK). the HK is in parenthesis because it is not typical to go to 5 buttons online, but it is optional if you are at that level. i know this will definitely feel weird drumming the reverse way, coming from 3s i usually drum right to left. but, this is fact very very useful. if you are downblocking, you will get a short if they did nothing. you can also tech throws with this method of AG. and if they try and jump, the average short will recover enough until you can block again. personally, i do this by thumb on lk, index on lp, middle on mp, and ring on HP and slide to HK.

another method is scraping across left to right, then right to left once. this is best done with a glove, and if not you can use your knuckle closest to your fingertips. pretty self explanatory. 3 hits across, 3 hits back. you have to be good and this way is pretty energy-consuming.

another is LK MP HP HK. the problem with this is that it only goes to 4. but 4 isn’t a bad number at all, it is very good if you can get 4. so with that said if this way works best for you, by all means use it. flick your wrist in a clockwise motion for the best effect. from LK MP HP then slide from HP to HK. personally, i do index on LK, middle on MP, ring for HP and slide to HK.

the last method that i know of is using MP MK HP HK. first, straighten your index and middle finger out. the middle knuckle of both fingers will be pressing MK and HK. the tip of your fingers will be pressing MP and HP. start with your index, slide with your knuckle to MK. then do the same with your middle finger. if you want more inputs for tech block, you can use your index finger to go back up from MK to MP again for a full 6 inputs. the only drawback to using this method is that if you whiff, you will whiff a MP. that can be good or not good depending on your character.

chicken guard

most pple here know chicken guard is jumping at the opponent, and blocking. in VS, the jumps are quite flexible, so you can chicken guard an attack, and if theres sufficient space between that first hit you blocked and the next one coming(i.e. lei lei’s j.hp, which doesnt give you much time as opposed to random air chain by qbee) you can cancel the (air)block stun, and hit them w/ something… OR, if they’ve stopped all together(i.e. air blocking victors bigass head), characters w/ an air dash coughqbeecough STILL have the option to airdash & retaliate. VERY handy. Countered by being thrown of course, and fast airchain I think.

empty air chaining

empty air chaining… I really dont know what to call it, so I’m gunna call it this till some1 gives me a proper term. I dont see many other fighters that can use it the way this game does. Its basically, jumping and doing an early move i.e. talbain’s as the ends(even if you wiff), you throw a j.hp/j.rk on. So essentially, you have some attack out for most of your jump. Also, if the second hit hits, its more than likely going to be a deep hit; allowing for a followed up ground combo. for some characters, this becomes a useful added method for them to build meter when not much is happening(i.e. aubath)

**I cant stress enough how important empty chaining is.

instant air dashing
Instant air dashing (iad) is just as it says, dashing so that you’re skirting the ground. Tho, not all characters have an air dash to utilized(i.e. felicia, lilith), and not all of the ones who do can utilize it(mainly jedah).

How to iad:
a dash is inputted by two consectutive forward motions.


this is the most obvious shortcut. very efficient when done correctly consistently… what sux tho, is that its hard as fuck to iad on an american stick… The vampire engine is really bitchy w/ the “forward” inputs. Doing the inputs quickly is going against what seems to be a natural habit/motion of the hands(from what i’ve seen). b-izm remedies this with an up/toward->down/toward motion.(vid to be accessible soon). tho, this is still more jap-stick based… this is all i can give as far as iading goes… if none of these methods work, stick with up, toward, toward. ghetto, and not nearly as fast as iading

characters with effective iad’s:
lei lei, zabel, qbee, jedah*

*jedah’s iad is useful via iad->fireball, significantly cutting the recovery on the blade… otherwise, dont be too reliant on it for rtsd.

offensive ground dashing
Theres two different types of offensive ground dashing(ogd’s…i’m makin acronyms up on the fly): ground ogd’s, and air ogd’s.

just about all ground dashes add to the momentum of your rtsd(rushing that shit down)[there are a couple of exemptions]. Implementing them is character specific of course, but just about every character looks to either
a. apply pressure
b. connect a ground combo off of a dashed hit

its so simpo(<–stolen, I just forgot where from)

There are exceptions though:

-Leilei’s teleport ground dash has a somewhat obvious & significant startup. Going into dash->throw is viable, but leilei maintains more momentum with an iad or just simple walking.
-Demitri’s dash is much like lei lei’s(a teleport)… But, since(from the assorted vids I’ve watched) demitri wasnt designed for the rtsd shit that other characters were capable of, his dash serves more as a means of use for running away, horizontal uppercut setups/combos(ya, its comboable), random unblockable super setups(risky imo tho… but doable).

-Victor. I’m still somewhat unsure of whether or not he fits the “out of the ordinary” category. b/c he’s the cast’s main grappler(:stuck_out_tongue: to sasquatch), his dash allows for throw setups in addition to getting in the opponents face.

Many of the characters w/ ground ogd’s can just use normals(w/ little recovery) and rtsd.

Following characters with ground ogd’s:
-bishamon(forward dash)
-lei lei

*not really from vampire savior but still applicable(ya, I know they’re in the home versions).

Air ogd’s will actually propel the character into the air, giving the character the ability too add quick overheads to their rtds mixup. this leads to some crazy shit from some characters(i.e. sas). Theres also two types of air ogd characters. most of them do a hop that propels them, Jedah and Morrigan outright fly(ya, common knowledge to all of you likely, but w/e… i might as well sight(cite?) every tidbit)
Air ogd characters:
-Bishamon(backward dash)

  • a nice thing to remember w/ these characters is not to dash for too long. they both lose the ability to block once they get too high, they’re likely just a flying target(think xism) Also, a unique property about each of them is that jedah can air dash once he’s airborn, & morrigan has 4 different versions of her ground dash(forward, back, upforward, & backforward).

Another thing to note about the hopping characters(except bishamon) is that they each have a shortened dash by simply pressing back after the [forward, forward] command.

fly-dashing aircombo note:

-The rule for non-chained air attacks is that you cannot use the same move twice in one jump. If you’ve done an air chain, however, only the first hit counts toward this rule. It’s possible to do forward, chain into fierce, then fierce, but not forward, chain into fierce, then forward.

chain/unchain state
this is kinda obvious, but odd w/ some characters. so simpo… but worth taking note for pple trying to do shit but are saying wtf. when you jump, or walk, you’re in a chain comboing state. you can start a combo(provided the hit connects/is blocked) and chain away. any form of dashing takes that ability away… also, you lose the ability to block, which may or may not be a fair tradeoff, depending on how well your offensive game is.

an oddity is with leilei, relative to the other air dashers(qbee, zabel, jedah… i cant think of the others…). after an air dash, leilei for some unknown reason or another cant do special moves… minor, but jedah’s blade/command throw, qbee’s jaguar kick, or zabel’s down-up move(i’m so bad w/ names -_-) are viable for use after an airdash. leilei would’ve taken great use out of airdashXXgong… but i guess its a shoulda woulda coulda
thing on the part of capcom

Building meter
Like many other games, its more advantageous of you to be building meter at the other side of the screen, if you and your opponent are being asses, and arent rushing down. so, here are my best suggestions w/ each character for building meter:
Aubath:>j.hp, & lp waves/dusts
anakaris: j.D+hk(you should be rushing down thogh)
Bishamon: s.rk
BB hood: light missles, &>
Demitri: ham and fried eggs!.. just fireball -_-(boring fucker)
Felicia: manual charge(in pulses… or as I like to call cookieeee), or, j.rk(which is safer)
Jedah: wheels,
Gallon(talbain):, j.rk
leilei(hsien Ko): tk gong
Lilith: tk soul flash
Victor: lp spins
Zabel: j.hp-> j.rk

a note: I have to test it more, but apparently, you dont get meter from doing normals during a flying dash… I halfto check if its w/ normal dashes too

Working the system
Theres various shit about the game engine, I know or at least kinda know about… but theres sooo much different stuff, Its really just a big jumble of information. Which I’ll throw here

-Savior works like a3, where any normal move you do while your feet touch the ground makes that move unblockable to an opponent whos in the air
exception-ALL(just about) special, ES(beefy special), & EX(supers) are blockable in the air.

-Also, as stated before, when you block a move while in the air, you can cancel you blockstun and retaliate whenever(works on the ground too)

-Chain combos cannot be canceled into specials or supers
exception-command supers can cancel ANY chain you do due to their nature(i.e. Anakaris curse supers, morrigan/lilith DI’s, donovan/demitri demon transformations… etc)

-characters lose the ability to chain during ANY dash(air or ground).

-when jumping, theres an unknown number of frames that you can’t block( somewhere in the startup)… its really gayed me out at times.

-ES moves seem to alter the juggling system. allowing you to add an extra hit w/ another special/super, provided the opportunity is available.
-apparently, there are cases where you can make the ES move juggle AFTER a normal/special.




Special Moves

Spinning Scythe: d, df, f + P (useable in mid-air)

Sphere Scythe: d, db, b + P

Sickle Slam: In mid-air, f, df, d, db, b + K

Sickle Spin: In mid-air, f, df, d, db, b + K, then press P

Blood Pump: When close to the opponent, f, df, d, db, b + K

Blood Blast: When blocking, f, d, df + P

ES Moves

ES Spinning Scythe: d, df, f + 2P (useable in mid-air)

ES Sphere Scythe: d, db, b + 2P

ES Sickle Slam: In mid-air, f, df, d, db, b + 2K

ES Sickle Spin: In mid-air, f, df, d, db, b + 2K, then press P

ES Blood Blast: When blocking, f, d, df + 2P

EX Moves

Finale: d, d, + 2P

Signed in Blood: b, db, d, df, f + 2K, then press K

Crap I got some good combo’s here

Killer Combo’s

Jumping deep LP, Standing close LP, MP, HP

Jumping deep LP,Standing close LP, LK, MK

Spinning Scythe, Jumping deep LP, Standing LP, MP, HP

ES Spinning Scythe, Jumping deep LP, Standing LP, MP, HP

ES Spinning Scythe, Standing HK, Pursuit Attack

ES Spinning Scythe, Standing HK, ES Pursuit Attack

Finale, Pursuit Attack

Finale, ES Pursuit Attack

Jedah is an agreessive powerhouse who is fast but a large target. His unblockable supers make him a threat for any opponent, espcially defensive characters. They can be snuffed but not very easily. His dash is also one of the best with Demitri’s and Morrigan’s. It has excellent speed and range. Plus, his air dash is great get inside to set-up your attack. Use alot of LP’s to rely on pokin’ strategies due to its speed and range. It’s both a useful and a annoying tool. The standing MP and HP also got just as good as priority. HP got incredile range, do amazing damage and hit multiple times as well. This 3 attacks make up as the best, easiest adn useful chain combo.He’s not much for projectile wars with his Spinning Scythe though. It should still be used though, on both the ground and in mid-air. Never use it close. Use it about half a character away or so. This projectile also comes handy with Jedah’s LP poking pattern’s into his LP, MP, HP chain. The Sphere Spike is not a completley great attack. Use it in close perimeters and to get outta corner traps. Although, since it moves Jedah back at the same and uses his HK attack it gives him some good defense. Just don’t abuse this technique. Try to mix this move up with his LP poke. His Sickle Slam is a great suprise move and there is basically no escape from it. In addition with it, you can mix it up with the Sickle Spin and you somewhat control the distance and not attack the opponent with it. On the other hand this just leaves you quite open though. The Blood Blast is another awesome attack which only works good as a Guard Cancel like it does in Vampire Savior unlike in Savior 2. The Blood Pump is an ok move that should be used sparingly since it can only be executed at close range. Yet one downfall is Jedah’s lack of knockdown moves. The standing HK is one but is very low priority. it has slow wind up time, cant’ be linked, and leaves Jedah open. Although, it works well as a overhead attack and as a anti-air attack if you time it right. While the Finale is his only other knockdown, yet you must be quick to react for this one for pursuit attacks. The Finale is Jedah’s best EX attack for it has a great suprise like ability and cant hardly be escape. In addition it comes from the ground and does tremndous damage. Signed in Blood is good but has less priority, for it is a bit easier to escape and must timed correctly to grab the opponent. Jedah’s dark force, which enables him to fly, will it’s nothing great. With it you can play a defensive game or refer to corner poking trap games.


good work


Other shit i found for u Darkstalkers fans


Jumping LP, LK, Standing close LP, (ES) Blood Blast, (ES) Pursuit Attack

Standing close, (ES) Spinning Scythe, Standing close LP, crouching LP, (ES) Blood Blast, (ES) Pursuit Attack

Dark Force, Flying close LP, LK, MP, HP


Jumping LK, LP, Standing close HP, (ES) Chaos Flare [V, H]

Jumping LK, LP, Crouching LP, Demon Cradle, (ES) Pursuit Attack [V, H]

ES Bat Spin, (ES) Demon Cradle, (ES) Pursuit Attack - my favorite combo

Midnight Pleasure, (ES) Pursuit Attack

Demon Blast, (ES) Pursuit Attack

Jumping LP, LK, Standing close HP, (ES) Chaos Flare [S, S2]

Jumping LP, LK, crouching LP, Demon Cradle, (ES) Pursuit Attack [S, S2]

Jumping LP, LK, Standing close LP, MP, HP [S, S2]

Jumping LP, LK, Standing close HP, ES Chaos Flare, Standing close MP, (ES) Demon Cradle, (ES) Pursuit Attack [S, S2]

Jumping LP, LK, Standing close MP, ES Chaos Flare, Crouching LK, MK, HK, (ES) Pursuit Attack [S, S2]


Does anybody else have problems IADing to the right in this game? I can’t do it for shit. I was gonna learn Zabel, but I guess I’ll stick to Lilith… maybe Sasquatch.


i dunno… i usually just tap uf, f and it works nicely.

gbursine: thanks. so that’s what it’s called. and thanks for the strats. sad thing is i don’t have players who know how to guard cancel to worry about :stuck_out_tongue:


I can safely say, these are my personal specialties which I’ll be sure of trying to guide people with:
lei lei

Aubath(the fishie)

Noteworthy normals - your linking move from a dash to ground chain combo(, c.lp both link after the… Its definitly worth using for pressure or just getting in.

Its BIGGEST disadvantage though, is the amount of time the other guy has to gc your ass… ya dont wanna go losing your rhythm…

d.lp/lk- the other alternate to the lp or lk make great pressure… you can c.lp/lk them after the dash into either another c.lp/lk or a short dust cloud(fwd cloud if they pushblock)
The 2 hr umehara vid has an aubath that does a looped lp/lk pressure string to an anakaris for most of the match… and essentially rapes him w/ just that…crazy:eek:(if some1 can teach me how to split up weird vid formats into individual matches; pm me)

d.rk- a nice fast sweep from across the screen. good for when you hit w/ a cloud while across the screen, and have no super(or dont want to use one)… I’ve had MANY cases though where either:

a. the poison(pseudo dizzy?) wears off of them in time
b. even when I do rk. at the peek of the dash, I dont reach them, and end up wiffing.

in either case, you’re likely to eat something… I believe you’re more prone to it against the smaller characters(bbhood, qbee)
though medium-wide characters should be easy targets once ya got the gass I honestly think this move makes a decent AA… all of aubaths grounded mp’s are weird… basically has his arms out in front of him spazzing for a bit… more research shall be done…

s.lp,, s.hp - aubath’s 3 other different forms of basic [normal] anti airs. s.hp seems to be the most useful; the priority is there but its not like “maD” crazy., and s.rk have the hit boxes to do it too I think… though (I’ll be honest…) In most of the matches I play, I’m always thinking too fast to try this out in particular… - crazy range… is the equivalent of lei lei’s, and maybe talbains the hit boxes are angled and seem kinda picky…

always follow up w/ j.hp… whether you hit or miss

j.hp - think liliths j.hp with a little less priority…, j.hp - japs do it, and I too have picked it up. just jumping and doing this does a great job of building meter; just dont be an idiot and know when to stop., d.rk - what I think is aubaths IOH(instant overhead) combo… useful, even when you arent going for the ioh

j.rk(neutral) - when all A2As(rarely); j.rk solves your problems

*Optimized chain combo- I’m pretty sure this is necessary…
what do I mean by this? all the different chains that every character has… theres of course one route through all those chains that each character has that does the most damage.
I’m pretty sure this is aubaths(I’m gunna check tonight…heh) cuz I see the japs doing it during the bubble trap.

(jumpin),,,, c.rk

Bufferable normals:
standing/crouching: lp, lk
… aubath’s got no air moves, so theres nothing to buffer his normals off of.


Sonic wave-(charge b-f+p) - The sonic wave is much like its sister move; Both have something of an AA and anti rushdown purpose. just at different ranges and whatnot. I use mainly lp soni-wav; tho I use fierce just as much for its added range after a c.lp/lk pressure string(If I think the other guy is gunna jump at me) provided you do hit them w/ the wave, I normally follow w/ a j.hp(tho if they’re REALLY far away/high up, just dash in to get in their face)

the ES version of this move is utter crap imo… its basically a big one hit projectile that goes full screen. HUGE… but 1 lvl of meter on something that does no chip(excluding the white), and can just as easily be blocked isnt worth it. I’ll do it sometimes when trying to do his tidal wave super(hcf+PP)(on pad & kbd)… ES utiliy is explained later below

poison cloud - (chrg b-f+k) - Like the sonic wave, I use the lp cloud after a string( fwd cloud during a pushblock)… aside from that, and hod juggles, the [normal] cloud is just one of those pain in the ass moves that you use when the other guy is jumping in. once you get them into poison state, either go for
-jumpin->ground combo-> sweep
-d.rk>ground combo->sweep

ES Cloud - It has pretty much the same utility as sasquatch’s ES Ice towers. a bigass cloud takes majority of the screen in front of aubath(same height mind you)… like ES towers, its EASY to catch them while their doing shit(off guard). Easily one of his most useful moves when not bubble trapping/pseudo infinitying

Uppercut-(dp+k, or B,B+k) - I feel like this is Aubaths last stand AA… its got a queerass angle, though what makes it so unreliable is the startup…:bluu: The bitchass hopps back before he goes attacks. of course, its good when the enemy gets predictable(i.e. the computer’s jedah… dumbest AI ever)

BUT I’ve found one of its uses for beginner Aubath players(or players in panic) its good for initial stages of learning the bubble trap

The interesting thing about the move is the option of using it between a dp motion, or off of a back dash… I dont think theres any difference(like the difference between mai’s two air dive commandsthe name escapes me…)

ES upper - hod juggles… to be explained later. not really useable otherwise

note… I’ll put the move commands in if people need it

The bubbledp+PP- imo, its aubath’s most important move. basically, his ahvb. he makes a big bubble that has a bit of startup. you can use it much like qbee uses her honeycomb super to pressure the other guy, but the unblockablility adds to it. After properly distancing yourself from the enemy in the corner upon knockdown, use the bubble. You’ll know your distance/timing is correct, because they won’t be able to get up without being threatened by being encased by the bubble. upon knockdown, they have two choices:

  1. to not move, and wake up, to try and sj out, or hit aubath.
    -in this case, you will half to pressure them, or just scare them w/ you being there till the bubble catches them.

  2. to move forward, hoping that you’ve bubbled too late, or too close.

following this, do a lp/mp gas, and jump in for another knockdown into bubble. If you get ancy, use his dp to go straight to the knockdown.

water jail(hod)[fwd->dwn+PP/KK]- Think black heart’s heart of darkness. the KK one is controllable(I’m pretty sure its the kk one…). You can juggle on and off doing things like sonic wave, water jail, ES sonic wave, water jail, ES dp… etc. flashy isnt it?.. but then, look at all the meter you’re using up to look pretty. His bubble loop gives more potential damage per super bar.

wave super[hcf+PP]- Its probably what felicia’s sandsplash super in mvc2 came from(unless she has it in Vampire hunter… I’ll halfta check). Aubath does a pre pose(so this isnt instant), and waves go across the ground. Nice punishing super… also nice for the bitches that like to chip to death near the end. :devil:

c.hp super[d,d+PPP](hits HIGH, lvl 3, original 2 colors only)- It looks so… like c.hp. only it hits high, and costs 3 levels. useless? probably not, but not practical at all… you’re better off using j.lkXXj.d+hp for an instant overhead combo.

Aubath Querks

Aubath’s dash goes under “normal” projectiles(morrigan, demitri type)

he hopps back 3x.

you can follow up his hod super as soon as you see the guy falling back down(I dont think you can hit him if he gets too close to the ground)

the enemy has frame advantage after you connect his d.hp :xeye:

I started playing aubath b/c 1. i thought he was cool, 2. ssbomberman said top tier aubath couldnt be done. Where do I believe he stands after learning him? mid top. this fool’s got alot going for him… explaining what I do is the hardest part(mainly b/c this is my first attempt in trying to guide people).

What makes teh fish tick… First off is bubble trap. its your queen so to speak. When playing aubath, the bubble trap is always going to be the heart of what you want to do… but as things happen more often than not, you’re going to be landing damage plenty of other ways. The home of the bubble trap: the corner. it is where aubath shines(when the opponent is in the corner that is).

Aubath’s got two tools right off the bat which make him a pain in the ass: sonic wave, poison gas. if you’ve got a lvl of meter(not hard to get…) and manage to sonic someone jumping in, you can land 68 pts of damage(roughly a quarter of the bar… I’ll half to check). that’s its best use imo. against all the priority jumping whores, the wave beats them all(i.e. lilith, qbee, bishamon…etc).

poison gas shoots closer w/ the weaker kicks. with the range it comes at, you’re generally looking for them to be jumping/dashing/walking/doing random shit into this. effective… ESPECIALLY the ES one which basically takes up the whole bottom of the screen. AND, you can of course walk forward for the slightest of seconds after a charge, and then press teh buttons. which, if doing an ES, will reach the very far ends of the screen. poisoning them within close proximity nets you a free combo->knockdown. should you landing distant poisoning, go for a dashing rk(as i said above earlier be careful).

I forgot to mention this earlier, but for aubath, knockdown is a key game. Not like other characters, where you can jump up and down or walk back and forth playing mind games. aubath’s got the bubble. UNBLOCKABLABLE!!1!!!1 so. taking this a step further, if you know where your opponent’s going to roll upon knockdown, you could easily get them in the bubble at midscreen! and of course, knockdown in the corner gives you the bubble loop/trap/pseudo infinite(w/e you’d like to call it, it does all of those.)

//------------------------<-everything I’ve learned in c++:lol:---------------------------------
Lei Lei(lay lay)/hsien ko

Hsien ko is BEST played rtsd/zoner.

her best jump ins are mp, mk, hp, rk. maybe lp.
mp out prioritizes most moves in the game, stays out long, and during a jumpin, you have the option to chain to any of her higher moves if it connects(or doesnt). puts hella lota hitstun.

Lei Lei’s has 2 dominant* ways of getting in on the opponent.
1- pendulum swing in

  • If timed right, you can swing her pendulum to go fucking fast across the screen… crossup or not, it does a damn good job of getting in the other guy’s face.
    2- IAD- Instant air dash. IMO its ALOT more bitch to pull out in VS than other games. It allows lei lei to control when she wants to land.
    she has 4 different options to pull out when iading.
    -mp- it what genearlly should be used for jumpins and air2air…as said be4, it outprioritized almost everything. Her best air move hands down
    -rk- its got different hitboxes, so use it when crossing up the opponent.
    -mk- alot**** of frame advantage. I’m gunna test it more, cuz it gives so much…
    -lk- when mp doesn’t cut it for air to air confrontations, more than likely, these will out prioritize.

I almost never [ground]dash in to do a chain combo. I don’t ever recall seeing the japs dash in. imo the only things its good for are:
-spectral slicer(command throw…coolest name)
-rk- lei lei’s better recovering far hitting normal

k… now for her footsie game.
Lei lei has so many ranged moves, its good to know which to, and not to use.
The good:
F+mp- her farthest reaching poke. she swings a mace ball thingy out. The hit boxes go to the very edge of the ball. Very useful, tho make sure they at block it(so you can chain to rk)
s.rk- This move, is sooo necessary for her game. It has incredible range, comes out fast, and recovers fast as hell. end all chains in this.
s.lp/ have alot of priority. they’re a bit more defensive in that you’re expecting to hit your opponent outa whatever the hell hes doing.then maybe(or likely) go for the chain(though you’re likely to be a distance away) its her low ranged poke… good as hell, and has distant horizontal range.

The most abusive normal: Standing roundhouse
this is her best move overall handsdown. when doing any sort of ground chain combo, its best to end it with s.rh. Why??? you’re safe doing a ranged poke(s.hp, rk… or F+mp, rk)… or, if you’re doing a ground chain, wiff canceling the s.rk allows you to:
-iad forward/back
-scythe-> semi immediate cancel(for crossup… or no crossup)

Anti-air normals I’m putting this in late… mainly cuz i just rememberd it. use it like chun’s j.u+rk
s.lp/lk- either or, they’re for hittin opponents landing more in front of you. just good at outprioritizing junk. and I think the knife is like… not an extension… I dunno how to explain it…

   Back+mp-  here, she throws out her claw above her head.  its only a decent AA in VS... it works much better in VS2 if the enemy is about one character away, and you anticipate them jumping, throw this out.  the popping up claws have surprising vertical range.   too frekin good... and of course, should they not block, you have s.rk to protect yourself.

   s.rk- a distance AA.  Works decently, trades most of the time
   c.rk- I find this move annoying as hell...  She does an angled handstand.  the hitboxes are annoying as fuck, and it comes out somewhat delayed.    When I first played her  I thought this move was good.   it doesn't hit behind her surprisingly, and I wouldn't recomend relying on it so much.It seems like I get a guaranteed pursuit, cuz I seem to recover early... (my friend always bitches that he can't roll)... tho I'll halfta test that more
   F+fp - good **if** you can anticipate them.   tho from what H-king says, they can hit you out of it.   I personally don't like it..I rarely ever use it.   I think it has too much recovery.... but the japs use it, so it must be good

how to use teh Specials:
=gong(QCB+P): three uses:
-tk gong-(lp, or ES) AA, and anti rush down… this shits too good
-psychic gong(lp gong)- it comes out fast as hell. if you’re jumping in, and you see a projectile, psychic gong that shit. lp comes out fast, and all you need is a bit of practice, and it’ll be like, second nature.
-zoning(ES)- its much like lilith’s soul flash, only it can reflect moves, and if timed right, you can combo it into the knife super.

=spinny scythe(DP+P, cancelable w/ kick)- I thought initially, this move was a pos… boy was I wrong… Its priority is random, I’m pretty sure this is how it works… lei lei’s [best*]hitboxes are constantly circling around her… so the enemy has to time it if they really wanna hit… it has 4 uses:
-faking… use it, and fake it in the beginning of your arch downward
-crossup… self explanitory… VERY good… if you can master this shit, she’ll fly so fucking fast, that when she goes at the opponent, they need mvc2 reflexes to see whether or not a high hit will come out before you land, and do a quick low one
-runnaway bitch- jump, scythe at the highest point, kick cancel on your way up(this is her double jump basically)… proceed to go across the screen with a dash, or do a hp scythe to stay uptop.
-baiting. A lei lei that can pendulum cancel well can use this move freely. so, you can swing->cancel->block->free combo… of course if they go for a ground normal, you’ll likely get hit by something.

…another thing I’ve seen japs do, is a scythe in the middle of the screen, canceled out into another scythe, to crossup… Its just a fake/crossup variation

*after either the first or 2nd pendulum cancel, you STILL have the option to air dash
*she has hitboxes all around her… tho I think at that main point(where the blade is) is where it has the most priority.

=random object projectiles:
lp- its another poke… tho it doesn’t allow for dizzy projectiles. its still good in cycleing to a dizzy one though. goes 5/6ths of the screen.
mp- most useful zoning tool imo. arcs across the screen. allows you to ad/iad forward.
hp- should be used after a heaven spike super to set up for an anji type unblockable.
*note1: the biggest drawback of all her projectiles is that she stays on the ground so goddamn long… so while it may seem like a good idea to throw a mp projectile against jedah, you risk getting put into his underworld grab super
*note2: the 2nd projectile after the shruinken(or the one after the akuma statue) is always a dizzy projectile…

=DF mode: How to use it.
Knockdown/dizzy, activate, rush in, oodles of s.lps and walking forward.
its always good to cancel out of it before it actually ends… especilally lei lei’s since hers depends on how far away you are from lin lin.
-lei lei has super armor:evil: don’t be afraid
-I often go into df off of a dizzy proj. Make sure you dont hesitate. they can come out of the dizzy if you waste too much time running/dashing to them and activating.
-her df counters anyone else’s df.

Lei leiQuerks

*heaven spikes super(the ones that come fron the air)… heaven spikes sets up for an unblockable hp projectile.
-teh BALLS otg… the big block thingy does too I think…
-the block thingy that falls initially is an overhead

-=Things you should/can do during a match=-
-jumping mp(kinda like chun’s straight up rk)>groundchain
-random ground pokes and close are buffereable… kinda hard to set up imo, but should you manage to land em(doable off the lowest iad)…combo that shit

-knife super makes for a decent AA if you can anticipate them attacking you from afar when they jump in. …follow up w/ iad to otg heaven spikes.
-knife super is the F U to alot of DF’s.
-no bombs, unless you’re japanese
-anji type unblockable setups are doable in the corner… unless you’re up against a good gcer

more to come after my spring break
Thanx satome for inadvetently making me want to write this



gbursine: thats his iad
gbursine: ya
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: but i mean does he have easy enough traps and tricks?
gbursine: yo
gbursine: his tricks are
gbursine: priority
gbursine: and damage
gbursine: lol
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: reliable pressure ideas?
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: hehehe
gbursine: reliable pressure
gbursine: shorthops
gbursine: lol
gbursine: i cant do it consistently all the time
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: into what? into what?
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: if i just keep hoping i die
gbursine: if it hits
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: totally safe vs daigo?
gbursine: groundchain_>knockdown
gbursine: its safe
gbursine: i forget to do shorthop lk/mk
gbursine: that shits good too
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: what am i mixing that hop w/?
gbursine: low hits
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: clk cmk chk?
gbursine: ya
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: and command throw
gbursine: w/e
gbursine: ya
gbursine: both throws
gbursine: tho preferablly the swallow one
gbursine: since you can combo after
gbursine: tho i suck at that one
gbursine: i think the other one’s faster
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: how do u do it?
gbursine: hcb+k i think
gbursine: iono
gbursine: its too fucking early
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: whats the point of blowing the little puff?
gbursine: build meter
gbursine: average AA
gbursine: nice recovery
gbursine: and startup
gbursine: not necessarily safe tho
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: good jump ins, assuming you use regular jumps among dashes?
gbursine: j.hp
gbursine: on wakeup
gbursine: j.rk
gbursine: his j.rk is a 2 hit ass attack
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: air to air?
gbursine: good for hops
gbursine: essentially the same animation
gbursine: w/ different frames of shit
gbursine: his df
gbursine: isnt worth it imo
gbursine: unless you’ve got a good setup
gbursine: & alota free time
gbursine: good only for invincibility
gbursine: tho
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: agreed
gbursine: i’m a sas scrub
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: use meter for big ice beam? lol
DoMeAFavorAndGFY: and ice shield
gbursine: i use ice towers and ES dp+k
gbursine: the most
gbursine: and the occasional hcf+kk
gbursine: slippery ice super


Couldn’t of said it any better, amen


**Jedah: **the basic rundown

Noteworthy normals**

–mp - jedah?s mp(fingernails) similar in all forms all versions come out relatively fast, and stay out long enough to get well enough in the way - useful in keeping the opponent on the ground in the corner - from afar, his dashing mp makes for a great instant overhead, comes out fast and you get the benefit of advancing at the opponent ? looks like a good AA doesn?t it?.. well use instead

–fierce- One of jedah?s more memorable moves that people who play against jedah are familiar with. scrubs will just spam this move. All of them have quite good priority(j.fierce beats out qbee?s normal air shit). The problem with this move lies in where the prime hitboxes are placed(a character and a half away from his body mainly), and the fact that if you wiff(which you shouldn?t be) you?ll likely get punished. Hp should be used when rushing from afar, or in a chaincombo of some sort.

– ? makes for a great anti air(from a character away)
–j.rk ? another move that people are becoming all too familiar with. j.rk completely removes jedah?s momentum w/ whatever he?s doing in the air. Crosses up, and more often than not you can squeeze a or before you land to throw them off while rushing down
– ? mix up a pulsed when you?re near the opponent and rushing down?. Its got a really perfect angle made for rtsd.

–airdash ? its here, b/c it hits and shit. You can chicken guard into it, and throw your momentum and direction left and right. It causes empty chained normals that are done after it to track the opponent, so should be use in your rtsd.
~knocks down, and thus give him his primary way of using a pursuit.

Specials(dubbed by quick nicknames, b/c those Italian names confuse me)

–wheel(qcf+p, doable in the air-1 hit): everyone can use the wheel, but it takes proper anticipation to us it correctly. the 3 wheels spin in different positions, depending on the strength of the punch used. The lp wheel will be in the lowest position, when standing, and the highest position when jumping. The hp wheel works opposite to the lp wheel. Of course, their most obvious asset is to zone and pin the opponent down, while you run the fuck away, or rush down. An airblocked wheel will have the opponent land with a momentum that goes away from you.
-ES wheel (approximately 5 hits)- the ES wheel is where majority of your meter should be going. It takes up 2/3rds worth of the height of the screen, and allows for you to dash in for mixup, or throw a super at them(provided you pin them properly). If the wheel is behind them, you can still poke them back into the wheel. Should they rush YOU down, you can tech(pushblock) them into the wheel.
–~hittind jedah cancels the wheel
~An airblocked ES wheel will have the opponent fly at you. Which gives you a free claw.
~ES wheel will be nullified by basic projectiles(soulflash, missles, fireballs)-so in that aspect, it only allows for 1 hit worth of a trade.
~hitting jedah early cancels the wheel. if hes hit, and the ES wheel?s developed, it will stay there.

–claw(qcb+p) ?jedah?s 3rd throw? he claws at the air, and leaves claw marks… doesn?t hit low, but I think it may get a crouching victor(I halfto test it later). If the opponent touches the claw marks, they get put in a blood bubble and shit. Works as an AA IF you can anticipate ahead of time. is definitely safer though.

–air command throw(hcb+k, optional punch extension) - I really like using this without the punch extension on wakeup, or just to change momentum of rushdown, but a player w/ quick reactions will bat you out of the sky.
~the ES version goes extra far(and doesn?t track, as some might wish/hope). Use it if you need to grab?. extra far.

–ground command throw(hcb+k) jedah?s 3rd command throw? mix up accordingly.
~ has no ES

–guardcancel(dp+p) ? he decapitates his head, and blood splurts, and hits the opponent. The hit boxes are in a nice enough place for this to be a reliable gc.
~The ES gc is special case? make sure all the hits hit, b/c if they get hit by the 1st of iono how many hits of ES gc, then they fall and roll under you, ggpo.


Supers & DF**
-jedah’s supers have low utility (they’re both unblockable which is their saving grace imo)

–hell super(down, down+PP) ? unblockable super, that grabs from beneath the opponent. Stays out for quite a while. But if you miss, you?re fucked.

contract super(hcf+K, k after to grab) ? slow, sends a wave of blood that, upon command will grab the opponent.

~~both supers are best used with a wheel or ES wheel to keep them grounded.

Df: he flies? I can?t say much, because I haven?t found effective utility in using it.


jedah’s played rushdown(tho, i try to play all characters rushdown)/zoning.

unless you’re going at the opponent from a high airdash, always ground-dash in pulses(enough to just hop into the air & do an attack) going high into the air with a groundash sacrifices your ability to block[which isnt good].

Rushing down: choices and options(oh so fun…)

from afar, these are the best options to get in on the opponent(imo):
-a hopped hp, or mp
-fwd, fwd, fwd, air normal/blade(this’ll have jedah grounddash, then do a low airdash,)
__~an additional benefit; once hes dashed, he naturally grazes over fireballs

-groundash back, ad forward, empty linked normals(tho, this is one of the more obvious ways of getting in imo.)
-normal jump, lp/mp blade, airdash in(also unsafe, & very obvious)

once you get in close, mix up w/ hi/lo shit.

for up close, your best options are:
-pulsed groundash,
-jump straight up, airdash, immediate rk, into empty linked normals for annoying possible crossup.[i’ll generally do ad.rk,,;land]

wakeup options:
-dash toward enemy & attack for hi/lo
-dash/airdash then airthrow
-blade on wakeup
-meaty super

also, you could opt for a light- air command throw, if you know you’re gunna get on top’ve em on wakeup(or even just dashing in). opponents tend to spend a bit of time thinking/blocking an attack that never came out.

Misc. Info**

If you wiff normals during his ground dash, jedah DOESN?T build meter

unlike morrigan(who’s down/up groundash “homes in” on the opponent), if you decide to dash w/ your opponent while they move on the ground, you’ll rely moreso on intuition[than laziness]

the primary characters you wanna watch out for as far as wakeups go are anak[who has his anti-pursuit move], and demitri(lilith too maybe)[who’s got the high priority(not invincible) uppercut]. I’m pretty sure you can counter both by chicken guarding in, but again, thats countered by ground normals -_-


*a note: j/d is brief notation for “jumping or dashing”

**note 2: shorthops(forward, forward, back+XX)… are sasquatch’s ground dash significantly shortened. the state is abreviated “sh” and is used in the same manner as jump, crouch, and standing states.(i.e. a shorthopped roundhouse is “sh.rk” )


Sas is one of what seems to be the 3(or 4) defined top tier in Vampire Savior. While, I’m no expertly expert on sasquatch, I’ve aquired a good deal enough about him to at least give insight on the basics of his game, and why he’s so slutty(while feeling comfortable enough to know that i’m not giving misinformation).

DoMeAFavor: should i pick up sasquach?
DoMeAFavor: he easy?
gbursine: shorthop

(the important ones)

–s.lp: the flick… everyone says its good… I think its overrated, theres better stuff you could be doing… but it does have the priority that people talk about.
– the hand!!! s. strong is infamous for its priority, and is bufferable!!
–s.fierce: an upward hitting punch, think ryu’s close fierce, except his arm/hitbox is much MUCH bigger -_-

–c.fierce: I call it the pancake flipper… relatively safe(provided they block it of course). the priority is decent(neither shitty nor outstanding)

I’ve had many experiences with princess chibiabobo(ya, i think its a corny name too…) spamming c.fierce on me in the corner on wakeup. you can either trade with it(which is waht majority of moves do), or block and pushblock it. jumping will get you hit… theres likely more to this move, but thats all I have on it for now…

–j/d.lp/mp: Both normals have a down-forward(approx 45’s down from forward) hitbox. the j/d.lp will empty link easily into the mp, so if you dont hit with the lp(dashing or jumping) you should be able to throw that mp in. on a regular jump, you might be able to do a late j.lp, if you start with a, though may be a better option

for shorthops, you really have time for one normal attack. both of these moves excel at hitting grounded opponents. If you can though, the is

–j.fierce: I forgot where, but somewhere in I think one of buktooth’s logs, he said either daigo or bas stated that this was one of the moves that makes sasquatch top tier.

Sasquatch (hammer?) swings his arms approximately 270’s(maybe a little less) around his body. the hit boxes go from behind his head, to a little behind his ass. There is a shitload of priority, and instant knockdown. of course, its only one hit… so if you bank on just jumping around doing j.fierce, you’ll eventually get chicken guarded at some point, so chaining to j.rk may be wise.


– sas does a little russian hop. this move is in no ways fast. infact, I should take the opportunity at this point to state, sasquatch has no fast low hitting moves. imo, using is about as good as using c.forward. this move is bufferable I think… tho yeah… i dont want to say dont use it, b/c its mixupable with the shorthop. but you can’t rapid cancel it, like c.lp; so do the smart thing…::brief mental fart::

– a low hitting ass attack(he slides it along somewhat reminiscent of a dog with itchy ass) bufferable. well mixed up with a bunch of shorthops.

–c.rk:crazy ranged sweep… i think its at least 1/3rd of the screen. nuff said.

–j/ the animation for these moves appear to be exactly the same… though there are slight differences. these are great to shorthop with; I didn realize it till recently. the hit boxes are awesome. shorthopping in on a grounded opponent with a lessens their safety in jumping. priority is good too.

empty jump> is most exceptionally useful, or> to cover all grounds(if they end up doing nothing)

–j.rk: 2 hit ass attack. decent priority. its the 2 hits that throws people off. whether it be a sh.rk, or a j.rk on wakeup, if done properly, the opponent wont know whether to block low at the correct time. in many situatitions, you’ll have them block prematurely, which leads to some sort of groundcombo->knockdown.

I believe all his moves are ES-able… this section really isnt necessary… but I guess its worth an opinion while I’m writing shit up.

-**the puff(qcf+p): sas does a quick puff of ice something into the air. its small, and quick… important too. because this is the move he has, thats relatively safe to spam to build meter. it makes a decent(barely tho) AA, there may be additional ES properties, that I’ll look into, but none that I know of currently. use it mainly, when the opponents on the other side of the screen being a bitch.

-**big blow(dp+p): sas’s chargeable swing punch. why it’s chargeable I dont know. I rarely use it. I think the japs rarely use it. you can combo the strong version(mp for the pple of lesser knowledge) into it off of a s.strong, likely too. tho sometimes it doesnt connect for some reason or another.

-**big typhoon(dp+k): this doubles as sas’s guard cancel. he does some weird shit where he spins his leg in some sort of awkward way… awkward enough to give a large area of hitboxes -_-. Tho it may be his gc, it is no shoryuken. from afar, its only one hit, and you can chicken guard it from the air.

I see this used in its ES version mainly in combos off of off of a shorthop. so simpo. does crazy damage

-**Ice tower(down, down+p): this move is splooged almost as much and fast as mike tyson did with his money. everyone uses the ES version of this move… I think even megaman xcopied it in some of his incarnations.

well, the motion is quite simple(and unsusual for a capcom game… since i’m taking note of these things…) sas assumes the “about to take a shit” position, and long towers of ice pop out. much like blanka’s RC electricity, there is recovery where you can retaliate, despite sasquatch still being surrounded in icicles(i hope the cvs2 players can at least understand the blanka reference)

as I said earlier, the ES version is splooged alot… which is much’a problem with new players, who take every opportunity to use it as soon as they get meter. used sparingly, you can catch the opponent off guard plenty of times tho.

-**big swing(360+k): :to honestly say, I’m not at liberty to judge this move, mainly because I dont use it much. I’m too one minded w/ rtsd. tho in the same token, I see this move used rarely(more than the big punch/blow… its a 360 throw… thus unblockable, use at your own discresion i guess):

-**swallow(hcb+mp or hp): much like the big swing, I dont feel confident in my judging it. BUT, it has great utility if you can set it up. the swallow has great utility in that he spits out his opponent in an ice form of sorts. BUT, is still in a comboable state. so, provided you know this(which you do now), you can dash in and combo his ass, or do something from afar.

I reject the names of sasquatches supers!.. maybe one day I’ll put it back properly

Sled Super(720+KK): oh snaps, a double motion, double button press!.. its like combining cvs2 and marvel together!.. I am still working on setups for this super… any input is welcomed.

Thin Ice super(hcf+KK): unblockable if the opponent is in that vicinity. I like to do it on wakeup near the corner… of course, with ground movement while knocked down you must use proper positioning/intuition to get the hit.

Ice beam!(hcf+PP): I think this is the first super that people find out about. sas does a big slowass beam that covers little less than the bottom half of the screen, fullscreen. nuff said.

Banana peel(lvl 3 only, hcf+start): figures red beret gives a top tier character a top tier lvl 3 taunt super -_-. sas eats a banana, and throws the peel on the ground in front of him. whether or not its unblockable escapes me. but I know it does little-no damage(i’m leaning toward no damage). you can follow with a pursuit.

I cant stress how important it is to be able to do shorthops+attacks consistently. its importance is as much as magneto trijumping.

of course, you’ll kill yourself if thats your only tactic; but that should be the primary one.

make use of sas’s empty jumps, and don’t be afraid to priority whore.

this section needs expanding, but above is my general strategy. it works most of the time.

misc whatnot:

bnb:, +s.mpXXES dp+KK

his gc has quite some utility, though there are a select few moves that just plainly beat it out, despite a successful gc.


this thread is just what i needed. vampire has always been my fav fighting series, but aside from my two friends i have no to play competitively. thus i have no real concept of competitive vampire play like i do with third strike. so now i can learn how this game is supposed to play. i also got a vs2 machine in walking distance of my house. one thing i need help with though. i can guard cancel multi hitting moves well enough, but one hit moves i cant do as well. any tips? although i did get to vs at the texas showdown and broke even with a q-bee player. so again thanks for the thread. if i get a good controller i might hook up on kawaks or mame.



awesome combo listings… linking things that i had no idea it was possible …

i would add on combo into the morrigan/lilith (they have similar normals and most of their basic combos work the same) list though… i’m not sure how advanced they are but it takes some practice to get right and even more to land it.

s/, s/, DI
<2nd variation> s/, s/, cr.sp, DI
<3rd variation> s/, s/, s/, DI
<4th variation> s/, s/, s/, cr.sp
, DI
<5th varition>, cr.sp, DI
it seems simple but its really useful in almost any situation because it normally starts with a normally i start with a cross up, air chain sp, then cr.lp and start combo. i’ve seen it used in a lot of VS tourny videos too. For a poking variation use 5th.

dark force (liliths second dark force mimics morrigans), s/cr.lp, s/, s/, s/, ->>
if morrigan cr.sp, DI
if lilith merryturn, DI
probably not as effective as morrigans dark force mad d.lp mashing into DI combo but its a lot prettier if you want to finish a match in style. right now i’m trying to experiment with lilith comboing a last cr.sp before merry turn and DI. i mix up high and low for the first 4 attacks that why they can be done either standing or crouching. most effective way i have of getting in would be again to crossup and air chain after dark force.

edited after i realized my scrub-ass misread original listing lol


Here’s a good combo for Lilith

Jumping deep MP, HP, standing close HK, Luminous Illusion

and this isn’t a combo but its fun to pull off ES Arrow, Gloomy Puppet Show.


Check out every now and then. Though, it’s for Vampire Chronicles, it should do some good. Only problem is that there’s only a trailer for now, so eventually an actual vid will be put up.