Vampire Savior Collection

Does anyone know how the Vampire Savior Collection stacks up with the Arcade Version?

And I guess this isnt comming to the states. Is it even worth forking over the money for the import?

I don’t know, I think VS on the saturn might be the best version to get, as it has all the characters in it anyways. As for the system I can’t comment.

That’s the worst picture of Morrigan I’ve ever seen.

Aside from a few very minor issues (very random and inconsequential things like not letting Felicia’s EX Rolling Buckler send the opponent into orbit when trading hits anymore), the collection includes accurate representations of all of the original arcade releases, as well as additional modes with all characters enabled and the ability to play by the “classic” rules (two actual separate rounds, no recoverable damage). Many of the glitches (unblockables and such) of the arcade releases can be switched on or off. It’s easily one of the best ports available.

Is this coming to the states?

Haven’t heard anything implying such, so I wouldn’t count on it.

If you mean the Darkstalkres Collection for the JP PS2, then it’s just a collection of all 100% original arcade versions of the Darkstalker games with a Gallery mode and the option to play as all the characters in VS, VS2 & VH2.