Vampire Savior [Dark Stalkers]


As a fan of the series I must say, it’s very difficult to find events, streams, or people to play for Vampire Savior. I understand that the game may be pretty oldschool and not as accessible as many of the new fighters… But the meta game is deep and I always have a blast playing any dark stalkers. So why is this game not covered of played more? It doesn’t even at least have a section on srk.


These are the most active forum posts about VS on SRK:

(Every Saturday someone usually posts up a link to a weekly online VS ranbat a little while before it starts)

There is a forum dedicated to discussion of VS here:

Some of the reason why it isn’t more popular is probably because not many people even knew it existed in America in the 90’s when the games were release. I don’t remember but I guess it wasn’t very well advertised. I also remember hearing something about journalists calling it “SF with monsters”, which couldn’t have helped…

Any way hope this post helps


Thank you for pushing me in the right direction. I hope the community gives it a chance once darkstalkers resurrection drops. It’s not street fighter or marvel, but if the players show up to and organize events then things should be ok. The side tournament at evo was crazy.


There’s actually a surprising amount of DS fans in my area.

It’s a super fun game. I’m looking forward to resurrection coming out.

#5<br><br>We have ggpo tournaments every week. Offline activity is mostly in Cali, Cincinnati, or New York City.<br>