Vampire Savior GGPO Player Listing


basically a thread listing the peeps who are on vsav ggpo regularly, what times they’re usually on, peak activity times, main characters, etc.

[S]gets really boring when there’s only a few players in the room and nearly all of them are AFK[/S]

I just want some more players to find, that’s all

new players and beginners like myself are more than welcome to stick around :tup: [S][/S]

Useful Links(New Players, Start Here):

Vampire Community Thread - Shoryuken
Vampire Savior - Mizuumi Wiki
Dustloop Forums - Vampire Savior General
Vampire Savior Tutorial #1: Defensive Techniques
Vampire Savior Tutorial #2: Mixup Techniques
Vampire Savior Tutorial #3: Tech Hit Techniques
Vampire Savior Tutorial #4: Beating Defensive Techniques


Guess I’ll start…

GGPO Handle: Nephinel
Main Character: Morrigan
Active Time: very late…usually after midnight but sometimes I’m on from 10 pm or so (Eastern Standard Time)


Roll Call? K

GT: Halfro
Typically on: Evenings 11:30pm - Till to tired to play (Central Time)
Main: Zabel
Alt: Bish


Use this.


GGPO: Gk00pa
Character: Jedah
Alt: lol alt
Time: Meh everyday at some point when i am not doing anything


I want to start playing but everyone playing on GGPO are already really good, so it’s intimidating.


Try not to worry about it too much. Just come in the lobby and ask for a game or two. Of course there’s gonna be some really good players in the room and you’ll probably get beaten really badly starting out, but that’s just how it goes with any game. I felt the same way when I first started playing on GGPO a few months ago.


GGPO: reikinou
Characters: Lei-Lei, Felicia, Bulleta
Time: 7PM-11PM EST; no specific day


Don’t take it too hard. Most everyone in the room has 4-5+ years of experience, so losing a ton is something you have to expect. I get whomped all the time but I have fun most of the time because I feel like I’m learning something or did one thing better in that set.


Every person that played with me was really polite with the fact that I’m a total noob(plays fish and can’t bubble loop)
But I won’t post my name because I’m away for the time and when diablo 3 comes out even less


GGPO Handle: Sanger_Zonvolt, PredaconRampage
Main Character:Lilith Alt: Jedah& Demitri
Time:Random, mostly 7pm-3am EDT


usually those VS players play sessions of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure as well. On Jojo I fare a little better than VS, which becomes way too fast for my abilities.
I use mainly Lei, beginner level. Usual hour I frequent:

20.00-21.00 Central European Time


I know 2 players who like this game, jion wansu n ultracombo, in case u want invite them


Is the GGPO Savior community more active than the XBL crowd? If so, I’ll masochistically happily sign on to begin learning Anakaris in a serious environment.
EDIT: Where am I supposed legally to get the rom for Savior at? Do I seriously need to hunt down an arcade board for it without violating the terms of service?


VS on GGPO is the only game where the majority of players are from USA. so you will not have trouble finding players.

If you have the game on XBL, Capcom wont mind if you get a ROM version as well.
But notice that the XBL and PSN version have different speed than the GGPO version.
So you might need to re-adjust your timing.


Hey, I remember this thread…

I haven’t been on GGPO in a while, but I’m betting the regular players are still there. I’ve even seen a few new players on GGPO recently. I’m available to play on XBL and GGPO, just send me a message (I’d much prefer playing on XBL though for stability).


Why don’t Darkstalkers players at least buy Darkstalkers Resurrection? Even PC gamers should have at least a PS3 or X360 to help support it and prove to Capcom there is interest when communities seriously take action through improving sales instead of talk.

The fighting community should all buy the Darkstalkers Resurrection version (PS3 or X360, or both), the GGPO on that is great too. And PSN and XBL could use a Darkstalkers community online. I still see some people doing ranked matches. If anything this holiday season, more people should buy and play Darkstalkers Resurrection, it may not be the perfect port w/ Darkstalkers 3 standard roster people are looking for (I mean let’s admit it, DS3 set the standard for the full roster, and maybe the Saturn version if you want to count that. People can say the arcade perfect versions are better for tournament play, but people praise flavors more than “arcade” standard competition.

A fighting games aren’t totally balanced, so DS3 could have gotten more people to get Darkstalkers Resurrection, but regardless, it does deserve more sales and fans. Capcom did put more effort into it than anything since the PS1/Saturn versions and Chaos Tower, so it does deserve more sales and support if Darkstalkers fans really want a Darkstalkers 4, it’s not too late since it’s still up on PSN and XBL, and the new gen consoles aren’t going to start going mainstream until 2015. So the entire fighting genre community for that matter, should prioritize support over entitlements. Just about every Darkstalkers fan is a Street Fighter fan, SF purists should support this game/bundle too. If we had SF4 series sales numbers for Darkstalkers Resurrection, that could really influence a Darkstalkers 4.

Yea people can argue Capcom made a mistake with how they delivered this edition, but people are also making a mistake being so picky how it’s served, that their inaction is causing DS4 to not be a priority. If everyone that signed petitions and even mild interest in a DS4, they would buy Darkstalkers Resurrection and prove to Capcom there is enough demand to promote this series with a big budget project and sequel.

Of course if people just doubt, then of course nothing gets off the ground. People can be stubborn, but they are their own worst enemy. If Darkstalkers community (and fighting game community in general that wants a DS4 that rivals SF4 series production values) really want DS4 to be priority, it’s still up in the PSN/XBL store. (another company like Konami would pull it off the market like I think they are doing with Skullgirls).

but yea if people set aside their entitlements and excuses already owning DS3, already owning ____ DS game, and buy this for themselves, for their friend, and everyone that signed petitions and all for a DS4, all buy Darkstalkers Resurrection, that could have a positive impact. and the bigger the sales, the more Capcom will realize how serious and how badly people want DS4. Words don’t reach companies like money does.

And total sales are not limited to launch window sales.
The best petition would be more than enough people buying Darkstalkers Resurrection instead of
just allowing Capcom to keep the series in a back corner somewhere.

Just like Resident Evil and Street Fighter fanbase is always faithful and buying every edition, DLC and resold milked edition/port keeping the series a priority, the fighting community can help do the same for Darkstalkers also.

but people have to actively buy and play Darkstalkers Resurrection (the learning curve isn’t friendly like modern games, but it’s still very playable) and keep it relevant within communities like and eventhubs as well. There is a lot of quality gaming in Darkstalkers Resurrection, and now is the best time for the community to make a comeback and show Capcom that Darkstalkers does matter and it’s worth investing in a DS4.

Capcom already stated they are upset about the sales, but it’s still on the market, any amount of people can buy it right now if they wanted to.

If 100,000+ people bought it on PSN/XBL (just like the hundreds of thousands of people bought Call of Duty Ghosts and other things in the digital market), we could really have Capcom take the Darkstalkers fans seriously to give the Darkstalkers 4 idea a second chance.

Not sure how much sales Capcom would need to convince them, but considering people throw money at $60 games that they play and shelf the same week, it wouldn’t hurt to donate support through buying Darkstalkers Resurrection, instead of just sitting there without faith.

And for only $15, even just the vanilla arcade ports are a steal at that price, especially considering the quality GGPO branded online, and other added features, if people think that’s too much, then
the industry is doomed, eventually people expect videogames to be free or the price of a donut, and the industry can’t survive and develop like that, there would be nothing but lame smartphone games.

Tons of money is dumped on kickstarter things that don’t even have the replay value and quality this offers. If the communities don’t unite with supporting Darkstalkers Resurrection, then they are basically proving Capcom “right”, that there is too little interest to make a DS4 matter. So is that what the fighting community wants? They prefer the market to remain stagnant with overused SF/ASW/Namco/Tecmo franchises while ignoring franchises like Darkstalkers that deserves to become mainstream as well?

The crossroads still have two paths.

Either communities really start buying and support Darkstalkers Resurrection, Capcom’s ultimatum to determine whether or not to make DS4,

or communities just give up on a franchise that deserves more attention and support.

Maybe people think there will be another case when Capcom might test the market again with Darkstalkers, but why wait then instead of letting them know now through sales how much the Darkstalkers franchise is loved?


better ask why doesnt Capcom release a Steam version of DS:R or 3S:OE.
because they did so with D&D: Shadow over Mystara


I’m always looking to play, I’m not the best but I do love playing Darkstalkers, if you want to play just let me know.


Moving this thread to the GGPO forum.