Vampire Savior: Home of the elusive hitbox info

So here’s the deal basically: been tearing apart the rom memory on the CPS-2 version of the game using the Kawaks emulator and a memory hex viewer/editor named Artmoney, and to an extent can analyze the game’s data to minuscule parts. Amongst these values is a pointer value for the hitboxes, telling the game where to look on a table for them.

That’s the good news. The bad news is…I haven’t been able to find where the actual data it refers to is. My guess is one of two things:
-A: It goes directly to the table of values rather than bringing the current values into memory.
-B: The values are constantly shifting around in the game’s memory.

So pretty much without either figured out for sure, I’m at a loss after trying for several weeks now to comprehend what I’m doing wrong here. If anyone else is interested in taking a look however, here’s my table for artmoney: (right click, save as. The value is shown on the table as P1 Hitbox Pointer?)

And All About Vampire Savior scans, which have some pages showing what the hitboxes look like exactly:
Index of /conceptart/aac

Whatever the case I’ll keep at it myself, see if I can’t figure something out because this info is a must for my own project. Thanks for your time and patience folks.
you should consider posting in here

Post it in here where people will actually care:

you’re going to need a debugger/disasembler and some knowledge of asm. set breakpoints on write for throse addresses, and look through the code.

EDIT: more specifically: