Vampire Savior: Jedah strats

I don’t know a whole lot about this game, but I’ve been playing more of it as of late. I know Jedah isn’t high tier or any of that, but how should I play him?

I’ve been using the spinning wheel for zoning and canceling out of air dashes with stuff, HK, or LP LK that makes him float a little in the air(useless I guess), or the wheel. I noticed if HK hits, even when guarded, it can lead to another air attack.

I’m sorry if this sounds retarded, I’ve never even really played this game seriously at all,

So how should I be using him?

Hot, new dude going to psu plays vampire.

i’ll teach you what you need to know… lemme sleep, its 4am est, and i feel like shit.

I don’t know what psu means, but any help would be nice.

ehh, i got u confused w/ another “parry XXXX” person handle.(i thought u were going to penn state, but i think its parryall :sweat: )

neways tho,

jedah’s played rushdown(tho, i try to play all characters rushdown)/zoning.

unless you’re going at the opponent from a high airdash, always ground-dash in pulses(enough to just hop into the air & do an attack) going high into the air with a groundash sacrifices your ability to block[which isnt good].

from afar, these are the best options to get in on the opponent(imo):
-a hopped hp, or mp
-fwd, fwd, fwd, air normal/blade(this’ll have jedah grounddash, then do a low airdash, hold the 2nd forard for a bit to graze over fireballs)
-groundash back, ad forward, empty linked normals(tho, this is one of the more obvious ways of getting in imo.)
-normal jump, lp/mp blade, airdash in(also unsafe, & very obvious)

once you get in close, mix up w/ hi/lo shit.

for up close, your best options are:
-pulsed groundash,
-jump straight up, airdash, immediate rk, into empty linked normals for annoying possible crossup.[i’ll generally do ad.rk,,>land]

jedah’s supers have low utility (they’re both unblockable which is their saving grace imo)

i dunno if i said this in the main vampire thread, but his ES blade(qcf+PP) is where you’ll likely get the most utility out of his meter.
its useless only if the opponents behind you and the blade (or across the screen while midscreen).

it allows for free mixup, provided they hadnt had time to hit you early ( & canceling it out… a late hit will still have the ES blade out).

the ES blade hits I think, 5 times. but any normal projectile can cancel it out, if i recall properly.

w/ the opponent in the air, if they block the ES blade, they’ll always fly toward you, giving you a free claw throw(qcb+P). you’ll notice, if they air-block a normal blade, they’ll fly away from you after the block.

theres more thats good to know (even w/ my poor jedah execution skillz), but i’m tight on time as of now.[calc4 hwk :-]

Good shit, I’ve been using his ES Wheel instead of supers, they seem tons more useful, sometimes I use his down down super, for surprise.

i find his underground super MUCH less ambiguous(as far as active frames go) than zabel’s dunk super(which I STILL dont get)

I’ve been debating on writing more, b/c of what someone(i think arturo) said,“good people never post.”… but then i thought again, I’m not good[especially not w/ jedah], just knowledgable[or so I think], so its all good.

both supers are good for wakeup. i know, w/ cfe, people bitch and bitch w/ the DS and warzard characters ruining their wakeup game.

while jedah only has 1 normal way of knockdown(airdash…), you can use that, and the claw+ his various normal/special throw to set shit up.

unlike morrigan(who’s down/up groundash “homes in” on the opponent), if you decide to dash w/ your opponent while they move on the ground, you’ll rely moreso on intuition[than laziness]

you can time the underground super to grab them meaty on wakeup.
i think you can dash back, and do the contract super on wakeup, but i’ll halfta test it later.

also, you could opt for a light- air command throw, if you know you’re gunna get on top’ve em on wakeup(or even just dashing in). opponents tend to spend a bit of time thinking/blocking an attack that never came out.

so your wakeup options are:
-dash toward enemy & attack for hi/lo
-dash/airdash then airthrow
-blade on wakeup
-meaty super

theres likely more, but these 4 come to mind immediately, and generalize most of the options well

the only characters you wanna watch out for as far as wakeups go are anak[who has his anti-pursuit move], and demitri(lilith too maybe)[who’s got the high priority(not invincible) uppercut]. I’m pretty sure you can counter both by chicken guarding in, but again, thats countered by ground normals -_-

thoughts on matchups’ll be next