Vampire Savior: Lei Lei


I started to play the Darkstalkers series again, last time I played against good competition was around 5-4 years ago in Brazil…so I’m a bit rusty. Anyway, I got Chronicles for DC since my saturn died a while ago and I have been working on trying to master Lei Lei. Anyone got some strategies and combos? Here is what I got so far:

I. First of all her weapon throw move- Although it is a great keepway it is better used in Okizeme techniques.

Like: ground chain- knock down- qcf+fp:

Edit: I forgot to add that if they roll you can always use a tenraiha or dp+wp to cover up space.

Now if they block the weapon you can:

  1. HCB+P

  2. tiger knee with qcb+ PP->mp->tenraiha or ©mk-> another qcb+PP

  3. IAD with rk or fp and link another ground chain combo, try to adapt to your opponent reactions since you can always get a another knock down and start everything again.

II. Second of all, her pendullum move with dp+P- This is a move that shouldn’t be used out of the blue since the recovery time is really long. There are two ways to use this move:

  1. Wake up/cross up attack- It seems Vampire Savior main base for certain characters are wake up techniques and thats Lei Lei main weapon.

Use a chain combo such as: ©wk-©mp-©mk-©fp-opponent down- dp+wp (cross up)- k to cancel-another chain combo that ends with ©fp.

Now if the opponent blocks the ©fp you can cancel into a tenraiha or finish the combo with (s)rk and resume your rushdown. Another thing that I noticed is that the distance when you do the ©fp can’t be very close or sometimes you will miss the cross up in the end of the dp.

  1. Another way to use this move is if you have something that can cover your attacks such as the Knives super. If you are full screen and you want to cover up some distance to start the rushdown just:

HCF+KK- jump- dp+wp- cancel with k- air dash with fp- ground chain combo.

For anti air the best bet is the f+fp and be ready use a tenraiha anytime you see you can get a overhead.

III- Poke poke and poke, use small chain combos that you can recover quickly and test your opponents ability. You can always stop a small chain combo, dash through him and knock him down for your okizeme games.

IAD is also one of her main weapons so use wisely.

Well, thats what I got so far and I know a need a LOT of improvement but I’m getting there. I appreciate any help to improve my game. thanks.