Vampire Savior or A3 in SoCal

just wondering if there are any active scenes of either of these 2 games?

I been looking for comp, and I want to practice up for CigarBobs EVO VS tourney~!

erm mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyybe james games
it has both games and i think ive seen a3 comp

i wish i knew where darkstalker comp was

I’m down to play either, FFA use to have A3 but got took down, I have yet to see an actual VS cab from most of the arcades I’ve been to. Well I have the Ps2 version of the game and Saturn version also. Maybe you or whoever can setup some type of gathering for it, that would be great.

I’m sure if more people show interest we can setup a small little get together.

More than anything I’d want to get into playing Savior. I have the cps2 board, but no more working cabs.

I’m wondering what would it take to get more interest in this game.

If FFA can get us just 1 cabinet, I’m sure it’ll attract some players, not mention make me a regular there :rofl:.

I could’ve sworn the crummy Tillt here in the Puente Hills mall has Alpha 2 and 3…:wonder:

has alpha one

ask the james games thread what game from the darkstalkers series they have…i think it was vampire savior

i have vampire chonicls for dc