Vampire Savior Side Tournament- SuperGun CPS2

I will be running a Vampire Savior side tournament on my Supergun Saturday afternoon at Evo. Keep an eye out in the BYOC area, we’ll try to have it set up for casuals as much as possible throughout the weekend.

Saturday: 4pm
Format: 2/3 Double Elim
Entry: $10

I messaged Nekohashi and he will definitely be attending, Sako is still uncertain if he will be making it. Hope to see some of you guys out there! We’ve got a lot of Savior heads coming

come on all u darkstalkers hipsters
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Good luck to the entrants, I’ll be sitting out this time. If this starts and I’m not around someone text me.

RAWR. See you guys there :slight_smile:

Also, Kajuke…you should make a definite time so people can show up. I’ll have my cell so you could probably just call me or w/e…but it’d be nice for people to have a solid time so they can plan accordingly.

Can’t wait. I’ll probably be hanging out around the GG console for the most part.

Ray, depending on ST, I wanted to ask if it’d be OK to borrow a gun for ST for a small portion of the tournament. I think they are set on guns but I just want to ask. Best of luck with the Savior tourney. It’s so great to see the games that built the scene are still loved by so many players, and I’m def gonna do what I can to foster the OG love. See you this week!

We’ll have to play it by ear… Theres a lot of Vsav heads coming in and I’d really like people to get to practice and hang out as much as possible

I hate all of you. :V

lets get it