Vampire Savior: Strats for all characters (Saturn version)


It’s about time we started a Vampire Savior strategy thread, nobody did it before. So now is the time to start one, so what ever strats you have for anyone would be cool. I wanna hear some shit about Lord Raptor, Lei-Lei, Pyron, and Huitzil.



Demitri (Hunter mode) midnight pleasure over and over and over.


Lei-Lei strats here. Lei-Lei is quite strong in VS in fact I believe she’s top tier in VS. She’s fast, she’s got good priorities, and her combos are damaging. She can be aggressive and defensive. Well enough of that…

Lei-Lei strats:

  1. Use her d+HK against jump-ins. Great priority and speed.
  2. Use her MP for air to air encounters and as a jump-in. Good speed and almost unbeatable in the air.
  3. If opponent is on the defensive teleport(dash) then command grab(forgot the motion… sorry). She has the most damaging command grab remember that.
  4. Pendulum cancel. How do you do that? Simple, just do her pendulum move(dp+P) then cancel it with a K. Pendulum cancel can be used as feint and surprise rush-in.
  5. Air dash. Even though she’s got a good jump-in move(MP than cancel to HP) don’t forget her air dash. You can air dash after the pendulum move.
  6. Her projectile is good. It has fast recovery and if she throws a dizzying projectile and it hits free combo. Free combos are good!
  7. Practice this combo: LP, LK, HK, then quickly press MP, MP, u. Lei-Lei’s death from above is an overhead move. It catches most people off guard.

  1. Is this better to use then f+FP, I personally like f+FP against jump ins.
  2. Would this be better to use then FP jump in?
  3. The motion for it is f,d,b+any punch, that’s the same for anyone that has a command grab.
  4. It’s also good against people that forget to block the right way when she goes back and forth.
  5. So then you would cancel the pendulum swing with kick and could then air dash correct?
  6. Is the dizzying one the d,f+2p version?
  7. Sounds like a good combo to me.

Here’s some more lei-lei stuff I found myself.
-Use her blade super to get some nice damage in. I can also use this against dashers.
-The pendulum swing is great for crossing up, as is it gives you multiple oppurtunities for cross up.
-Mix up her projectiles for confusion factor.
-I don’t think the bomb super is as bad as some people think it is. Also how do you get the timer to be shorter? I sometimes get a pink bomb, which has 6-7 seconds on it instead of 10 which is on the black one.
-Her ground dash is also very kick ass, helps her get in when used at the right time.
-I also like to use her FP against dashers. It’s helped me in battle several times.
-Are there any reliable combos into her drum move? Also can’t you do the es version and then go into a ground combo?


Does anyone have any good strats for Phobos? (or huitzil if you prefer)

  1. The problem with f+HP is it’s speed. d+HK is faster so I prefer using d+HK. And from what I remember you can’t air block d+HK.
  2. MP is a better jump-in. It has great priority and speed plus you can cancel HP after the MP.
  3. yeah thanks for the info.
  4. But it can be guard cancelled rather easily so I just use it for feint and surprise rush-in.
  5. Yes that is one. You can also cancel the pendulum in an angle that’ll she’ll fly towards opponent really fast.
  6. MP and HP has random chance of throwing dizzying projectile.
  7. It’s really good. I mean it’s an overhead combo and the damage is pretty impressive. You’ll need a super to perform this though it’s not much of a problem since Lei-Lei can build supers really fast.
  1. Blade Super is kinda slow. Anti-air only IMO.
  2. Yes her projectile is good… probably the best projectile in the game.
  3. I don’t know it myself and I don’t use this super but yeah this super is not useless… you can use this to scare your opponents and when they’re playing defensive command grab!
  4. teleport grab!
  5. Actually it’s b+HP.
  6. drum move? my memory is failing me… can you describe it and what’s the motion?


Does anybody have any strats for Lord Raptor? I know if Liqui Ted saw this he could probably elaborate a little more on him. How about Pyron? Anybody have anything on him?